He works for 8 hours… earns X (no matter how he gets promoted. I = Investor: when he reaches B. he has a ceiling he can’t cross. E B S I E = employee. S = Small Business owner: he has a small company. public speaker. self help writer known for a series of books including “RICH DAD POOR DAD” and “WHY WE WANT YOU TO BE RICH” The theory states that there are 4 cash quadrants or ways of earning money. he even starts to invest in big projects. Works 12 hours earns XX… he cant disappear or else his biz will collapse.CASH QUADRANTS THEORY It is called ESBI… by ROBERT KIYOSAKI (2003) Robert kiyosaki is an American investor. If he decides to disappear for a month he gets fired. .. B = Big Business owner: like bill gates… he has 1000 employees. each works for 8 hours… his working day= 8000 hours… he ears xxxx no need to be present all the time.

Only 3% are in the B & I.Real estate. E B Robert Kiyosaki stated it takes 30-50 years to move to B & I Think of ways to get you there in 2 years. yet it requires risk 2. yet it requires an investment/capital The business we are discussing today is a 4 th means of getting you to B & I in 3-5 years as well… yet it requires no risk.What you need to know is that Robert Kiyosaki stated that 97% of the world is in the E & S. capital… It requires TIME & EFFORT S I .Stock market. 1.

go home… at the end of the month. start network marketing on the side till it becomes stable enough for you. V . Dug a pipeline till water reached him 24/7. Every day we go to work. What this man did is worked in parallel with his job.. one day. This story is like our life. Go to the river. we get paid. he will dig a part of a pipeline… time passed till the pipeline connected the river to his house… water reached him 24/7… everyone did the same. fill it with water and go back home to live.. a man had a VISION… he said he will go with his neighbors every day and while he is on his way back. But we have a hole in our bucket called expenses. this is what network marketing offers you.TO BRING IT CLOSER… AN ANALOGY In ancient times. people used to settle around rivers. You can continue to become an employee. every morning they take their bucket.

that’s why it only has 18 offices around the world to handle technical support and financial support and in the last period they became 19 and it’s located in Egypt stars capital 2 . It relies 100% on e-commerce. Our mission statement is: RYTHM which stands for RAISE YOURSELF TO HELP MANKIND . FIFA… QNET sponsored brazil before WORLD CUP 2006 and still sponsoring the AFC (Asian Football Cup). It is the largest NM company in ASIA and fastest growing NM company in the world. Our company doesn't do advertising. Formula one… QNET sponsored virgin racing team VR1.M COMPANIES… TODAY WE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT Q.THERE ARE ENDLESS N. It has around 7 M employees (IR) around the world.NET Qnet was established in 1998 in Hong Kong. It does sponsorships… most famous ones are: UN… as 7% of one of QNET companies profit goes to the FAO.

specialized in watches and diamonds. Watches machines are Swiss made.QVI: a travel agency in Singapore that has access to 2000 resorts around the world… you can visit xchangeworld. 5-Swiss e learning institute: courses online (Marketing.QICOM: a telecommunications company in UK… provides you with a mobile application known as INVOICE… it gives u up to an 80 to 90 % discount on international calls… and if the person you are calling has the same application.. Special edition. 4.QNET HAS SEVERAL COMPANIES 1. 2.Home pure: water filtration system .BERNARD H Mayer: a German company. hand made. 3.com to explore them.AMEZCUA: German company. project management. presentation & communication skills) 6. you talk for free. career building. parts are handmade and some have diamonds. Specialized in energy and wellness products. Most popular products are the bio disc and chi pendant.

listen and do nothing 2.WHEN YOU BUY A PRODUCT YOU GET: A product value… this is why you buy the product… QNET offers you something extra… a business value… which means getting into the business and making money. After listening to the presentation you have 3 options: 1. buy a product and do nothing 3.listen. buy a product and start a business I will assume you chose option 3 to continue… .listen.

or know from a friend? WORD OF MOUTH (Qnet decided to spend their budgets on word of mouth instead of advertising campaigns.000 today.000 tom etc. 2. 4 cents after tom…etc.whom would you believe more? If I recommend DOMINOS PIZZA or if you see an ad in a magazine. . for a month What would you choose? (most of the people of would choose option 1) option one results in 3 MILLION DOLLARS by day 30… option 2 results in 5.QNET IS BASED UPON 2 MAIN ENGINES 1. Qnet disable the 65& ads to be 100& word of mouth. $100. 65% companies are spending on ads.4 M dollars by day 30… due to POWER OF DUPLICATION (which Einstein considered to be the 8 th wonder of the world). for a month… If I tell you I will give you 1 cent today. in the form of commissions to their employees upon spreading word of mouth. 35%in word of mouth.if I tell you I will give you $100. 2 cents tom.

(in addition to other reasons such as fraud and more) . When your friend recommends it to his friend and he comes to eat… your friend will take 40 dollars… and you will take 30 dollars… coz you are the one who initiated this and so on… what do u think of that model? (most people would say its good) Continue the plan… get 4 more people. TMLM(Traditional Multi Level Marketing) 98% of network marketing companies collapse in 4 years because of this… DECREASING COMMISSION. make him come to eat… and get 40 dollars. recommend dominos to your friend. You will find that your commission keeps decreasing till it reaches ZERO… you go 2 dominos and complain they tell you calm down… eat again and the chain starts all over again… you get angry and stop working… why do you have to go spend more money and eat again?????? those below you hear your word of mouth and stop as well… so dominos collapses..WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS MODEL? DOMINOS PIZZA offered you a job… eat once in dominos.

. So that whenever you get someone and then the chain grows… your commission stays to be 40 dollars no matter what (it doesn't decrease) 2. This system ensures fairness… coz it would have been very simple to recruit a sociable person below u… then stop working and rely on that sociable person. Also. he gets paid more than you do.purchase once… no one will ever force you to buy again The company’s rule is 3R + 3L = 250 DOLLARS… so that you have to gather 3 on ur right. 3 on ur left to earn 250 dollars. However. this system dictates that you being in the network first does not at all guarantee that you earn more… simply coz if someone below you balances his arms and you don’t.QNET HAS A DIFFERENT BUSINESS MODEL IT’S CALLED BINARY SYSTEM… It is based on 1. this model makes it simple for you… you don’t have to make all the effort… you need to get your closest two…and teach them very well… then each one gets his closest 2 as well… and so on… X . Also. the company encourages you to work… you need to work on both arms and balance them in order to get your money.constant commission.

HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE YOU TO GET THE CLOSEST 2? LET’S SAY A WEEK. . YOU GET 3 RIGHT & 3 LEFT EACH ONE GETS 2. WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 YOU GET 1 RIGHT & 1 LEFT EACH ONE GETS 2. YOU EARN $250 YOU EARN ZERO YOU GET 6 RIGHT & 6 LEFT EACH ONE GETS 2 YOU GET 8 RIGHT & 8 LEFT REMAINING FROM LAST WEEK) YOU EARN $250 YOU EARN $750 (8 +1 It keeps duplicating till it reaches 3000 DOLLARS A DAY… and the company will push you and help you reach this number… because any extra income you get goes to the company as net profit.

3000 DOLLARS? SOME THINK THEY ARE ENOUGH..Hard Worker 2. Lets see the difference in profit .. SOME THINK THEY MIGHT NOT BE ENOUGH IN A COUPLE OF YEARS… That’s why the company specified several levels of investment 1.Smart Worker X X1 100 100 X2 X3 50 50 50 50 Let’s assume the hard worker and the smart one got 200 people in 1 month.

Hard Worker 2.3000 DOLLARS? SOME THINK THEY ARE ENOUGH. SOME THINK THEY MIGHT NOT BE ENOUGH IN A COUPLE OF YEARS… That’s why the company specified several levels of investment 1.Smart Worker X X1 100 100x40=4000 100 X2 X3 100x40=4000 50 50 50 50 Hard gets 8000 dollars X2 has 100 people= 4000 X3 has 100 people= 4000 X1 has 200 people= 8000 Total = 16000 ..

Smart Worker X Investment= 700 dollars Maximum is 3000 dollars per day 100 X2 X1 Investment= 1400 dollars Maximum is 9000 dollars per day X3 100 100x40=4000 100x40=4000 50 50 50 50 Hard gets 8000 dollars X2 has 100 people= 4000 X3 has 100 people= 4000 X1 has 200 people= 8000 Total = 16000 ..3000 DOLLARS? SOME THINK THEY ARE ENOUGH. SOME THINK THEY MIGHT NOT BE ENOUGH IN A COUPLE OF YEARS… That’s why the company specified several levels of investment 1.Hard Worker 2.

were very happy with the travel agency… told them you wanna do the same for 30 years… cost would be 5600 x 30= $168. Would it make u happy? QNET gives you this package for 14.000 dollars.. it gives you 21 business heads!!! .000 dollars.000 They give you a discount it becomes 50. Wow! In addition.A third level of investment… an average double room in Europe would cost 200 dollars Lets say you went with your friend to Spain… (200 dollars a day) Took 2 of your friends with you (400 dollars a day) Stayed for a week (400 x 7= 2800 dollars) Decided to extend for another week (2800 x 2= 5600 dollars) Went back..

the levels of investment are as follows: Pay 13000 dollars get 21 heads Pay 4000 dollars get 7 heads Pay 1400 dollars get 3 heads Pay 700 dollars get 1 head .LEVELS OF INVESTMENT To recap.

the late person doesn’t lose 4 x 40= 160 dollars… he loses much more… coz each of those 4 has his other arm as well. no money.COST OF DELAY… For those inside the business.RISKS 1..no time. They shouldn’t delay contacting people or else they will be taken by then. no effort. For those outside the business… they should act immediately and join… coz if they don’t they lose the several people who joined before them… (if they were 4 people for instance. 2. .


WORST CASE SCENARIO At the beginning of the presentation. we stated that you will get your closest two in a week… let’s say a month… Month 1= 2 persons Month 2= 4 persons (as each of the 2 will get 2 in a month) Month 3= 8 persons Month 12= 2 to the power 12= 4096 persons (which is more than 163.5% failure .000 dollars) Too optimistic you think? (remember… that’s based on getting the first 2 in one month!!! But okay… lets call this the BEST CASE SCENARIO not the worst case scenario… Give it a percentage to fail… 99.

..000 as agreed before.. If you take 40 dollars for each person then 40 x 20= 800 dollars first year (you paid 700… so your product is for free… and you got an extra 100 dollars.000 dollars (you only take 780.5 PERCENT SUCCESS 0.000 dollars Year 4: 2000 persons x 10 people= 20000 people x 40 dollars= 800.THIS MEANS 0. (so you don’t get 20 you get 10) 20 persons x 10 people= 200 persons.) Remember… u started off with 700 dollars. Year 2 (lets be more pessimistic… 0.5%x4096= 20 persons in the first year. X 40 dollars= 8000 dollars Year 3: 200 persons x 10 people= 2000 people… x 40 dollars= 80.25% success only.

.FINALLY WHO GETS TIRED FIRST? A marathon runner? Who keeps running and running? Or a relay runner who runs for a lap… then another one continues the journey and so on… It’s your decision to make.

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