Co-orporate organizations use advertising as a strong persuasive force to maintain market share of their brand in highly competitive markets

 Influences/stimulates consumer buy (why, what, where, how) behavior.  Develop consumer confidence and value in their Brands

Creates Brand Awareness Communicates Attributes and Benefits Reminds and Refreshes Awareness of Brand in Consumer Mind Generates Repeat Purchase Contributes to Loyalty and the Franchise of a Brand

shampoos etc. Meri Jaan. they started calling Champi as Shampoo Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)  FMCG refers to consumer non-durable goods required for daily or frequent use.Shampoo Evolution  Did you know. in India have low per capita consumptions as well as low penetration level.. but the potential for growth is huge. toiletries. .  The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest in the economy and has a market size of US$13. a consumer buys these goods at least once a month. soap.1 billion. Teil Maalish . Sunday Ke Sunday. that the word Shampoo is derived from the Hindi word 'Champi'  Remember Johnny Walker's famous song .  Most of the product categories like jams.Meri Jaan. toothpaste.  Typically. skin care.Champi Teil Maalish  The British loved the message so much.

.  Shampoo sachet makes up to 40% of the total shampoo sale. herbal and anti dandruff). with the penetration level at 13% only.  In India.  The market is expected to increase due to lower excise duties and aggressive marketing by shampoo brand players.000 crore.  In most mature markets.  The hair conditioner market is estimated at around Rs 200 crore and is growing at about 40 to 50% a year. the share of hair conditioners is merely one-fifteenth of the shampoo market.The Indian Shampoo Market  The shampoo market in India is estimated at over Rs 3.  The shampoo market in India is categorized according to the benefits they provide (cosmetic. the share of hair conditioners is about one-third.

 Producer of the top three most sought after brands Sunsilk.  Earns almost 17% of its revenue from the sale of shampoos.1% Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL)  HUL leads the shampoo market in India  Holds a 44% market share in the Indian shampoo industry.86% 6.7% 11.  Earns almost 8% of its revenue from the sale of these products.6% . has captured large shampoo market in India.5 to 2% 4. Dove and Clinic Plus. Brand HUL Shampoo (Sep 2011) 46.34% 1.  Holds a 25% market share in the Indian shampoo industry.Major Shampoo Brand Players Proctor and Gamble (P & G)  P & G is the second best shampoo brand in India. P&G Dabur CavinKare ITC L’Oreal 23.  Brands Pantene. Head & Shoulders and Rejoice.

world's largest selling anti-dandruff shampoo  Rejoice .  P&G Home Products Limited is a 100% subsidiary of The Procter & Gamble Company.  It was developed by Swiss drug company Hoffman-LaRoche in 1940.Asia's No. in 1995.  P&G ventured into the Hair Care Category business with the launch of Pantene Pro-V. 1 shampoo Fabric Care: Tide and Ariel Baby Care: Pampers . USA.  Brand Portfolio Hair Care:  Pantene world's No. 1 beauty shampoo  Head & Shoulders .About P & G  P&G Home Products Limited (P&G) is one of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company in India.

3 for a 7.  Makes hair ten times stronger against Pro-V Complex (five variants) damage  Pantene Smooth & Silky Is priced at  Volume & Fullness  Rs. 51 for a 100ml. leading Bollywood actor and Pantene Brand Ambassador Lara Dutta. tyrosine and histidine  Deposits back essential Aminos that hair loses due to daily weathering.lysine. Bottle  Hair Fall Control  Rs. 98 for a 200ml.  Micro-Vita technology ensures optimized conditioning to suit Indian hair care need to give smoother. . Bottle  Long Black  Rs.  Lively Clean New Pantene Shampoo with Goodness of Coconut Oil  New Pantene with the Goodness of Coconut Oil was launched by Former Miss Universe.Pantene Shampoo (Benefits)  Blend of Pro-Vitamins and three of the essential Aminos .5ml sachet. shinier and stronger hair.

P&G re-launched the Pantene brand around the world with local advertising executions meeting local needs depending on the country. each communicating a different piece of strategy and execution. thanks to a carefully researched creative strategy and the persuasive power of advertising.  Two years later it was still leading in 78 countries and by 1998.  The advertising theme was developed around the health positioning with the tag line "Hair So Healthy It Shines.  By 1994.Pantene First Advertising theme  Procter & Gamble (P&G) launched the first small premium Pantene Shampoo brand around the world in 1990. Pantene was the #1 hair care brand around the world. Volume. France.  Based on strategic market research conducted globally for premium-priced two-in-one shampoo/conditioner. Curls. Color) . less than four years following its launch in 55 countries.  By the end of the '90s. and United Kingdom). it was the leading shampoo in 90 countries with worldwide sales of well over $1 billion."  The ad campaign was designed for four lead countries (United States. Taiwan.  Pantene experienced nearly 10% growth globally that year via a new endbenefit product line-up touting:  "Achieve the look you want with new customized collections" (Smooth.

Confusion among past customers due to poor product launch. Opportunity to tap anti-dandruff shampoo in US . Completion from Thermasilk other brands Suave marketing efforts to lure the 'price conscious' consumer. Hispanic-American market with 30% loyalty to specific brand of shampoo. Teenagers influence on purchasing. All products are Ph balanced. Economic downturn /cheaper brand. More expensive than supermarket brands.   Products are tested on animals.SWOT Analysis Strengths   Weaknesses      Global hair care brand since World War II. Pantethine and vitamin B5. Increase sales through shampoo + conditioner benefit. Political unrest in Pakistan could affect the sales. Distribute in 72 countries. 30% market share across Europe and Asia Patented formula of Panthenol. . Opportunities       Threats      Increase spending power of consumer. Low levels of loyalty from people. Low priced Suave (save money) eat away their market share. Untapped Israel's Shampoo market estimated at $100 million.

Reliance Pantene and Head & Shoulders 7.More. directed consumers to Secrettogreathair. Lahore. drug stores. September 22.5ml Fresh. and wide sachets from Rs. 3/-. with no change in its superior product-quality or variety of Kirana stores.RPG group. improving affordability to a large membership club stores spread all over number of Indian consumers.Promotional Strategies (Push/Pull) Pantene hosted Pantene World Teen Queen Contest in Goa (2002). P&G reduced the prices of Pantene retails through Spencers. 4/. and packaging. the country. P&G launched a teaser campaign mid-November 2010. Held Style360 Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2011 at Pearl Continental and sampling inserts inside major Sunday newspapers to achieve the brand's latest positioning. hosted Pantene’s Woman of the Year for 2010 Award at the newly launched and exclusive Randlord’s Penthouse in Braamfontein Johannesburg. Pantene shampoo brand is endorsed by Bollywood and Hollywood celebs In January 2003. .to Rs.

. Dove is the No.''  ''There is no mystery.Brand Rivalry  The try & decide campaign: a case of brand sabotage  “You Try.1 shampoo'‘  P&G cuts shampoo rates. You Decide”  “Tried & Tested. HUL may have a bad hair day  Competitors eat away HUL market share. 1 Shampoo of Pakistan”  Pantene shampoo ad: HUL drags P&G to court  A mystery shampoo which ''80% women say is better than anything else. The No.

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