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ICI produces Concepts from Client Requirements. ICI delivers Functional Prototype Hardware from Concepts. ICI has delivered prototype hardware solutions for 30 Years to Industry and Government.
David K. Aberizk, PE ● 548 I Avenue, San Diego, CA 92118 ● T. 619-884-8191 ● 1

619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. San 2 .com ● www. Aberizk. PE ● 548 I Avenue.End-to-End Professional Engineering Services David K.integratedconsultants. CA 92118 ● T.

What Solutions Can ICI Provide to the DoD Customer?  ICI designs. San Diego. create models. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. CA 92118 ● T. PE ● 548 I Avenue. Aberizk. evaluate processes and rapid prototype hardware and ● www. to speed the development process and rapidly transition new technology to the warfighter in the field.  David K. 3 . tests and develops prototype technology for subsystems and components of Unmanned & Autonomous Systems product development projects.integratedconsultants. ICI works with government organizations and industry teams to evaluate and troubleshoot designs.

David 4   . 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. and offers 8A Program designation in addition to commercial and State professional certificates. PE ● 548 I Avenue. Builds on a 30-year history of customer ● www. San Diego.How Does ICI Add Value to Products for Customers?  Leverages ICI design and integration experience of engineered high technology devices for military and regulated commercial industry. CA 92118 ● T. then integrates artisans that can support computer-aided manufacturing. Supplements fabrication design experience with computeraided design and analysis productivity tools. Aberizk. Offers a Development Tool Kit of capabilities to enhance Client capability.integratedconsultants.   Establishes the ICI Laboratory as part of the foundation for conceptual development of Innovation Environment for Unmanned Systems.

Aberizk. Cryogenics. San Diego. CA 92118 ● 5 . Pressure Vessels.Company History – Evolved from federally regulated industry sectors: Nuclear Power. Waste Water Treatment. PE ● 548 I Avenue. David ● www. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc.

integratedconsultants. PE ● 548 I ● www. David K. CA 92118 ● T. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. San Diego. Aberizk.Core Capabilities – Develop producible concepts from requirements. and deliver functional prototype hardware from these 6 . 7 . Concepts evolve from personal experiences. CA 92118 ● T. Instruments.integratedconsultants. Aberizk. San Diego. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. Personal Life Training Personal Interests Employee Experience Knowledge Work Ethic Punctuality Mindset David K. ● www. Hardware.Core Resources – People. PE ● 548 I Avenue.

San Diego. PE ● 548 I Avenue. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. Aberizk.JAUS Conversion Interface Module .STANAG Operator Control Unit HIM New Control Unit David K.integratedconsultants. CA 92118 ● T.Core Software Partnerships .Offers Rapid Integration Collaboration of Multiple Independent Software and Hardware Systems Robot 1 with Camera Robot 2 with GPS Facial Recognition Software Simulator Other Range Resources / Systems Software Agent HIM HIM Software Agent Software Agent Conversion Interface Module .com 8 .com ● www.

com ● www.  Mechanical design validation skills  Conceptualization: Electronic logic diagram – printed circuit substrate David K. Aberizk.Unique Skills – Leverage computer-aided design and manufacturing productivity tool set to enhance conceptualization. mechanical design validation and prototype fabrication.integratedconsultants. PE ● 548 I Avenue. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. San Diego. CA 92118 ● 9 .

com 10 .com ● www. PE ● 548 I Avenue. resulting in a ‘best value’ solution for both Commercial and DoD requirements. San Diego. Aberizk. CA 92118 ● T.integratedconsultants. the selection of component task processors is optimized.Lean Collaborations – Through the utilization of an established vendor base of uniquely skilled artisans. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. David K.

CA 92118 ● T.  Reverse Engineering  3D Printer – Additive Rapid Prototyping  Finite Element Analysis  3D Milling – Subtractive Rapid Prototyping  Component Testing David K.integratedconsultants. San ● www. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc.Strong Shop-Floor Assets – Equipment to transition designs into and out of the virtual medium. PE ● 548 I Avenue. for testing and evaluating 11 . Aberizk.

Aberizk. PE ● 548 I Avenue.Our business model is to fully embrace a customer’s end-to-end needs in the course of best value product ● www.integratedconsultants.  Product development is embedded in process David 12 . San Diego. CA 92118 ● T. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc.

durability. • Rapid engagement allowed on-time. blueprints. Aberizk. PE ● 548 I Avenue. plus multiple patents. programmers and producibility engineers. drafters. Need Extensive and integrated product development staff of computer design engineers. • Physical prototypes were made utilizing ICI’s state-of-the-art labs and our solution partner network. firmware. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. (electrical and mechanical. renderings. CA 92118 ● T. animations et al.ICI Success Stories Electronic Lock for Shipping Container Commercial project Problem Client wanted a ruggedized version of a commercial product concept. David K. and firmware). its manufacturability. capable of utilizing CAD/CAM software and rapid prototyping tools. plus a Product Data Management organized database of CAD files. Both virtual (FEA) and physical (R&D) analysis aided the process to a first article prototype device. San 13 . • Final deliverables included first articles. with added features. and cost. ● www. on-budget deliveries of at-risk tasks.integratedconsultants.. Solutions and Deliverables • Virtual concepts and simulations were created and alternate solutions proposed that would ultimately enhance the final product design.

Rapid engagement allowed on-time. • An RF-protected USB port was added to allow data logging of all raw and solution data. The GPS features were incomplete and time/financial constraints put the project in an ‘at risk’ category. redesign had to accommodate “keep out” designation of certain areas of the circuit board. not waterproof. PE ● 548 I Avenue. However. on-budget deliveries of at-risk tasks.ICI Success Stories GPS Device Military project Problem Existing GPS device was too large to be easily carried by a person.integratedconsultants. from its mechanical packaging to its internal electronics. CA 92118 ● 14 . 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. The final product was delivered on time and budget. San Diego. and offered features two generations ahead of schedule. and its processor would often run too hot resulting in a system shutdown. Aberizk. David K. Solutions and Deliverables • The main circuit board was redesigned to add dual GPS receivers and reduce ● www. • Thermal issues were solved by the addition of a custom heat sink. • First articles were made. Need Redesign of the entire device.

and employee moral faltered.g. With the project’s increased disorganization. personnel conflicts arose which led to terminations. 15 . e. strength and durability which prompted costly (and avoidable) re-designs. New problems emerged such as thermal. environmentally sealed containers and mount them in various vehicles with the requirement that they be easily removable and configurable (modular).integratedconsultants. CA 92118 ● T. placing the project ‘at risk’.com ● www. bracket designs. additional solutions were provided via animations and renderings. David K. purchasing long lead items became increasingly difficult. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. Need The customer needed department leadership as well as additional electro/mechanical designers and workstations to work ‘on site’. Solutions and Deliverables • Conceptual CAD models were created to provide the engineers a starting point in which to begin solving urgent critical issues. • A Product Data Management software package was utilized to store the CAD data and an MRP system was developed to unify all departments. The project had to package electronic components into ruggedized. constraint envelopes etc..ICI Success Stories Battlefield Communications . eliminate redundancy and speed the flow of information. • Processes were documented and training offered. Aberizk. component mounting locations. organizing and sharing data needed to be developed in order to reduce bottlenecks. • Assembly models were finalized and drawings delivered.Mobile Modular Command and Control (M2C2) Military project Problem The M2C2 project experienced technical deficiencies causing critical cost and schedule issues. on-budget deliveries of at-risk tasks. and electrical engineers busy specifying components and designing interconnects weren’t provided necessary mechanical data on. PE ● 548 I Avenue. Mechanical blueprints and bill of materials were scant. A process of storing. • Rapid engagement allowed on-time. interference detection. But the mechanical and electrical designs became misaligned. San Diego.

such as manufacturing robots. contractors. San Diego. The option to use this simulation for demonstration purposes to prospective clients would be an added benefit. Since the product had the potential to be used in extreme and complex environments. UAVs. What the customer really needed was some sort of specialized ‘stand alone’ interfacing hardware or infrastructure in order to couple their virtual software with the electronics of prospective equipment. however there was a ● www. CNC machine etc. regardless of their operating systems or manufacturers.ICI Success Stories Hardware Integration Module (HIM) and Robots Military project Problem A developer invented a new type of software based communications tool that would allow different electronically controlled devices. and although it could potentially run on a PC. etc. programmers etc). The software needed hardware to run on. David K. portable devices. • A large tent with a wooden stage were constructed for testing. rapid prototype. An additional support network of consultants. Need The customer needed extensive resources involving staff (engineers drafters. to quickly and easily communicate with each other. CAM etc) and offsite support facilities. The software had the potential to be revolutionary for military and commercial applications. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. the need for testing was crucial to its success. autonomous vehicles. A communications link utilizing webcams and conferencing hardware would be used to hold virtual meetings and observe demonstrations with the customer’s Canada based facilities. Solutions and Deliverables • Several Hardware Interface Modules and demo robots were built. it would be too costly and inefficient to be a practical solution for use in equipment where issues such as weight and power use are critical ( 16 . software. equipment (PC’s. CA 92118 ● T. was available on call to provide ‘as needed’ temporary support. robots etc) . cell phones. In order to accomplish this.g. a real world simulation would be required to replicate the necessary conditions. Aberizk. PE ● 548 I Avenue.

SPAWARSYSCEN-PACIFIC 71030 Hudson (cliff. San Diego. CA 92118 ●  SeaPort Enhanced Multiple Award N00178-05-D-4380. Technical. and Prototyping Services for Unmanned Systems. Active to 9/30/2013 Subcontract: SI08009000  Prime ARINC Engineering/ SSC-Pacific N66001-08-R-0042 CODE 552 RF Communications David ● www. Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ). Aberizk. 2013 Sub Contracts  Prime Epsilon Systems Solution/SSC-Pacific N66001-08-D-0074 Technical Support for Tactical Data Link. Multiple Award Active to April 1.hudson@navy. Active to 3/25/2014 POC .Integrated Consultants. 619-884-8191 DAberizk@icpoc. Engineering. PE ● 548 I Avenue.integratedconsultants. 17 . DoD Contract Vehicles Prime Contracts  SPAWAR Systems Center-Pacific N66001-09-D-0029 Development.

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