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Collabor: Work 2.


Online Community Platform for Enterprises
Version: Sept, 2007

Corporate Overview
• Collabor was formed in Sept 2004 • Collabor builds social communities for
enterprises − leveraging the convergence of TIME (Telecom, Internet, Media & Entertainment)

Examples of TIME:
 Convergence of Products
   

E-mail via handheld PC Telephone/Skype Internet on TV & TV on Internet

Collabor is headquartered in the Boston Area (Natick, MA) Collabor's first Work 2.0 implementation

 Convergence of Networks

– Web Portal in India : BIRBAL (

 VoIP/Internet telephony  Data via mobile networks Online banking Contact Centers Google Ads Verizon vCast

 Solutions
   

New paradigms for corporate positioning

GenY is entering the workforce and are becoming your employees and customers Being on the Web is not enough anymore
− − −

Email Newsletter are so passé Advertising on the web is not enough anymore Consumers are expecting more interaction with corporate

Corporates have an opportunity to use TIME to their advantage
− − − −

Use Web 2.0 tools and technologies for better stakeholder management Enhance and integrate the web and multi-modal presence Use a secure and uniform model across the corporate and different groups Extend the life of millions spent of creating and maintaining

Your employees, customers & stakeholders are using....

Forums, Blogs & Wikis Real Time Connections - Instant Messaging/Chatrooms/Web Conferences Upload of Photos, Videos Audiocasts(Podcasts)/Videocasts Tagging and Bookmarking Reviews and Ratings

Are you there yet?

Work 2.0 Schematic
● ●

Work 2.0 is a platform Work 2.0 brings the social networking concepts to the enterprise Work 2.0 ties all the networking features together in an enterprise class, secure and strategic manner

Moderator / Admin

Access Web MultiLanguages Login Authenticat ion for comments Extend to mobile and blackberry

Blogs Forums Videocasts Audio/Podcasts Wikis Tagging

Work 2.0
Executive Management Regular Columns & Authors Subject Matter Experts Sr/P&L Management Guest Columns (Customers, Partners, Distributors, etc) Marketing



Use our custom platform or tools like drupal, wordpress, etc Authentication & moderation for comments Multi-blogger, multicategory and tightly coupled with forums Great for Sr Management and SMEs Also great to use for product launches, PR management, etc

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and Reviews are feedback formats which are structured to provide specific information on pre-determined criteria Great for eliciting response to exisiting or new products and services

Birbal Reviews incl. ratings


Use our Forums Building blocks or use opensource/license tools Login/Authentication protected Great for Tech support, Customer Care and Product and issues discussions

● ●

Birbal Forum

IM, Videocasts, Podcasts

Use Videocasts and Podcasts to convey messages to your audience Could include News/Press Releases Corporate Presentations done by Sr Management at conferences, etc Marketing messages and advertisements
Video/Pod casts Financial Results webcasts

● ●

Also, use for audio

could be standalone (as blogging or within shown) Blogs

Wikis, Tagging/Bookmarking

Wikis help you define your products and services and parts of your operation better. They help retain the positioning in your control You can let users edit the wikis wherever applicable Taggings helps maintain categorization and linkages across the Work 2.0 product landscape

e.g You can pull up one tag and find all blogs, wikis, forums, podcasts associated with it
Wikis let users create the glossary, while tagging creates linkages between different parts of the content

SMS, Handheld Browsers, etc

Work 2.0 works with multiple access modes
− − −

User does not have to be in front of a PC to access or contribute information SMS, Handheld Browser Enabling Secure login and authentication New posts, comments, etc can be setup as periodic alerts

Alerts and Mobile RSS

Implementation Cycle
Needs User Experience Content Integration Support Discovery Classification Business Impact Analysis Design Baseline

UI and Ux design Integration

Custom Code Features and Functionality Plug-ins

Customer Education Ongoing admin & Moderation, Tech Support and Maintenance Data Management & Reports

Third-party Partners: Technology, Distribution, Service

1-2-3 TimeCycle

We employ a simple 1-2-3 timecycle from requirements gathering to delivering your solution
− − −

1x to Gather Requirements 2x to design the site 3x to code, test and deliver the solution

Most projects are completed in a 8 week calendar – including review and approval times


A platform license fee based on your usage needs

A perpetual license model unlike a SaaS (Software as a service) solution Work 2.0 integrates with existing J2EE, dotNET, open source web tools and your existing web presence Ongoing Moderation/Site Admin ● We will appoint a moderator/administrator to keep the site active and your contributors excited and to manage and moderate comments and spam, Maintenance & Support service, including:
● ●

Customization Cost

A Managed Community option

technical helpdesk manage any tool upgrades, bug fixes and minor enhancements