Writing a CV (Curriculum Vitae

Nada Vukadinović

What is a CV?  selling tool  outlines your skills and experience  opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light .

worth considering  Make the CV short & easy to read  ! do not oversell yourself .How to present myself?  Highlight your experience  Show personal attributes and achievements  Show your education and related training  Make yourself attractive. interesting.

health list of publications . height.Which elements are approprite for a CV?              work history DOB education skills references a photo political affiliation your existing salary number of children negative experience hobbies & interests weight.

with the most recent events first. work experience.. . etc. Skills based Skills necessary for the job are highlighted.Types of CV Chronological Information included under general headings: education.

what am I selling? List down: technical knowledge.. etc.. IT.  personal strengths & interests Example: Bad: Sold books to clients located in Slovenia Good: Increased sales by 17% . languages. menagerial skills.How to start? EVALUATE YOUR SKILLS  What do I have to offer? .

Sequence of headings Objective Personal information Work experience Education Personal characteristics Interests .

and technical skills are required. preferably within Database Management“.Objective (Profile) Phrase a realistic objective or leave blank:  Examples:  "An executive creative position where extensive marketing. secretarial or clerical area.  “Desire a position in the office management. management. Prefer a position requiring responisbility and a variety of tasks”. writing. design. .

No. E-mail .Personal information your age nationality Address Tel.

weight.Not to include           Age Ethnic identity Political affiliation Religious preference Hobbies Marital status Sexual orientation Place of birth Photographs Height. health There are exceptions to some of these items ! .

Education listed with the most recent first. including results professional development courses. again listed with the most recent first .

Example: Education: MEd University of Manchester 2002 BA University of Ljubljana 1973 Training courses: On-line course management The E-Consultants Teaching ESP Universtiy of Essex Report Writing The British Council 2004 1997 1995 .

Work epxerience: Reverse chronological order! Include relevant experience and results Grants (honors) awarded .

Work Experience -example:  1989 – to date Quality Assurance Technician  Created computer applications with the help of a programmer to monitor the factory environment.  Examined equipment in the factory to check that it met the company standards.  Analysed the quality assurance system and made recommendations for improvements.  Investigated new equipment installed in the factory to make sure that it would comply with quality assurance procedures . These were incorporated into the current quality assurance system.

producing. inspecting. managing. .Words describing responsibilities: Responsible for . providing.. directing. training.. negotiating..: Planning.. developing. facilitating. executing. coordinating.. reviewing. implementing. informing. evaluating.

technology and other technical skills) .Skills Languages (fluency) Specific skills (techniques and equipment. computer programs.

like to work in one place. enjoy challenging experience. persistance to work underpressure. having a desire to learn . well versed in. willing to take initiative. firsthand knowledge of. efficient.... systematic. hard worker. prefer to act... proficient.Words describing personal abilities: Creative..

Interests & Activities Optional Outside responsibilities and interests .

Useful web pages: http://www.alec.htm http://www.uk/ .co.handsoncv.co.uk/index.

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