DFID support in the justice and security sector

• To improve safety, security and access to justice DFID is supporting Kano State Government through J4A • J4A builds on the achievements of an earlier DFID programme in the area of safety, security, access to justice and growth (SJG)

How J4A will Improve safety, security and access to justice (I)
1. Modeling effective and accountable policing at the divisional level 2. Making justice more accessible to ordinary people through development of model lower courts and extending the reach of the mediation centres

How J4A will Improve safety, security and access to justice (II) 3. Enhancing the effectiveness of the justice system through improved linkage, planning and coordination among the justice sector institutions (JSRT) 4. Strengthening the mechanisms for peaceful settlement of disputes and maintenance of communal harmony by improving the capacity of the traditional justice system

How J4A will Improve safety, security and access to justice (III)
5. Addressing the problem of prison congestion and ATPs by improving case tracking and case management 6. Facilitating quicker resolution of commercial disputes by improving the effectiveness of the fast-track commercial courts and Multi-Door court House

The Government’s Role
1. Government is the leading partner and should play its leadership role effectively 2. Sustain reform momentum – continued support through the JSRT in such areas as review and reform of laws, dissemination of successful pilots, resources for replication,

The Government’s Role
3. Undertaking independent and complimentary initiatives such as: • Further developing its own reform plan and agenda through the JSRT • Developing a state-wide crime and conflict prevention strategy – recognize and coordinate the multiple providers

Policing & Security

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