Social Media Marketing 101

Mike Moran
May, 2007

© 2007 IBM Corporation

and public relations before that  Social media marketing is any way you can get attention for your message using people connected to the Internet People + message + Internet = social media marketing 2 © 2007 IBM Corporation .com What is social media marketing anyway?  Growing out of search The types of social media 3 © 2005 IBM Corporation © 2007 IBM Corporation .

podcasts Content sites  Or bookmarks to the content  Feeds viral marketing Bookmarking sites 4 © 2007 IBM Corporation Content-based social media marketing  Focuses on the content to be posted and passed around: blogs. news stories. videos. photos.

but may not be the best marketing for IT companies  IT consultants create professional profiles 5 © 2007 IBM Corporation .com Personality-based social media marketing  Consumer companies create character

ibm. too 6 © 2007 IBM Corporation .com Interest-based social media marketing  Communities form around topics of interest. such as message boards and specialty search engines  IT marketers must get into these conversations  Maybe social bookmarking sites fit into this category.

and other companies already play  Kids have their worlds. IBM. allow fantasy lives that marketers wish to be part of—Apple. too. inhabited by but IT marketers can safely ignore them 7 © 2007 IBM Corporation .com Fantasy-based social media marketing  Virtual worlds. Social media marketing can be planned  Choose interesting topics for your stories—just like good old public relations  Use good titles and descriptions—just like search marketing  Make it easy to bookmark. unless you think that’s cheesy 8 <title> © 2007 IBM Corporation .

and more © 2007 IBM Corporation Orientation Area and Map of part of IBM’s presence in Second Life 9 . client meetings.000 employees who participate in over 30 Virtual Worlds  IBM has more than 30 virtual islands in Second Life for developer Even virtual worlds get marketing plans  IBM has over

com Except when it can’t be planned Sometimes you just need to react to your good fortune 10 © 2007 IBM Corporation .ibm. Why is This So Tough? 11 © 2005 IBM Corporation © 2007 IBM Corporation .

com Marketers have to give up control  We don’t control the message  The message is changed. they are key voices to us  We must modify what we say in response  Every day 12 © 2007 IBM Corporation . rebutted. parodied. and misconstrued by our audience  Even if our audience is Social media marketing can be a big challenge  Companies must coordinate these techniques  But they usually can’t centralize them There can’t be any blogging department Every Web page must be written for link baiting Every employee can represent your company © 2007 IBM Corporation Any employee can troll a message board 13 .

 All bloggers must be approved by their managers before publishing their first How do you coordinate across your company Evangelism. training.  Blogs may not contain any advertising. 14 © 2007 IBM Corporation .ibm. and policies Employee Blogging Policy  Blogs may not contain any company confidential information.

You must answer your customers. Admit your The Three Rs of Marketing 2. You must have what they want. You can’t interrupt people anymore. Marketing is no longer a monologue.0  Real  Relevant  Responsive No more of the old marketing hype. 15 © 2007 IBM Corporation . Tell the

ibm. and then fix it  Let the market tell you what works and what doesn’t  And then quickly do it better Do it wrong quickly and then fix it  Instead of killing ourselves to plan exactly the right thing that we can execute in every country for the next two years…  …Do it wrong quickly. and adjust 16 © 2007 IBM Corporation . learn.

Search Engine Watch  “Indispensable guide” --Kirkus Reports  Updated every printing Coming in September For more information about the books. and for the free Biznology newsletter and blog: 17 Internet Marketing © 2007 IBM Corporation .ibm.” --Chris Read all about it The search marketing best seller  “Buy this book. read it.mikemoran. and then read it again.

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