SVN and Outlook

Le Tra Vinh Phu Bach Quang Bao Toan

SVN and Outlook

- the version control system, control the changes of files and directories. Outlook: Most popular email client, support a lot of working tool

 Microsoft

SVN server - Subversion
WHY USE SUBVERSION ?  Most CVS features, designed to be better CVS.  Popular  Free - opensource software  Easy to use and manage.

SVN server - Subversion
 Structure

|-- hien |-- phu `-- repos

SVN server - Subversion

[hien:/] phultv = r hiencv = rw [phu:/] phultv = rw hiencv = r [repos:/] phultv = rw These configuration are applied realtime, no need restart service.

SVN Client – Tortoise SVN
 Svn

client for Subversion server.  Full intergrattion with Windows Explorer.  Also support command mode.  All subversion protocol are support Http, https Svn, svn+ssh ..etc

SVN Client – Tortoise SVN
  Intergrate

with Windows Exporer

SVN Client – Tortoise SVN
 All

action as update, commit, checkout will execute in pop op menu

SVN Client – Tortoise SVN
Cool features Tracking issue Show log Lock files / directories For more:

MS Outlook
 One

of MS Office, most popular email client.  Work well and integrate with Word, Excel  Many useful tool

MS Outlook
 Planning

Your Day with Outlook’s Today

Options  AutoArchive & Stop AutoArchive for a Message  Notes  Tasks  Calendar  How to speed up Outlook 2003/2007

1. Click the Mail command in the Navigation Pane. Your Inbox list appears. 2. Click Personal Folders in the All Mail Folders list. Outlook Today opens

MS Outlook - AutoArchive
 Use

Tools/Options/Other to view AutoArchive settings

MS Outlook - Stop AutoArchive for a Message
You can prevent a message from being automatically archived by indicating such  Open the message  Click on File/Properties  A dialogue box will open

MS Outlook - Notes

MS Outlook – Notes (cont.)

MS Outlook – Calendar

MS Outlook – Calendar (cont.)

MS Outlook – Calendar (cont.)

MS Outlook – How to speed up Outlook 2003/2007
 Turn

off your anti-virus email scans  Decrease your email folder size  Disable un-used outlook add-ins  Turn off rss feeds for outlook 2007 Ref: how to speed up outlook 2003 & 2007.pdf

MS Outlook – Tips and tricks
 Get

Yahoo! Mail in Outlook  Get Gmail Mail in Outlook  Get Zing Mail in Outlook

MS Outlook – References




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