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Role and Work of an Indian Monitoring Agency

Oil Industry Safety Directorate

by H.C.Taneja
OGP- Standards Workshop 27th April, New Delhi


OISD A Technical Directorate

under MoP&NG, Govt. Of India; established in 1986. - Nodal Agency for HSE Matters in Oil & Gas Industry




Exploration & Production

Refining & Gas Processing

Marketing Installations

Engineering & Pipelines


Finance & Administration

Steering Committee


Safety Council
Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas - Chairman

Members Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas Chief Executives from Oil & Gas Industry Heads of Statutory Bodies OISD

Steering Committee
Senior technical personnel (Principal Panelist) nominated by Safety Council Members to review the activities periodically.
Link between Industry and OISD


Funding & Manpower

Funded by Govt. of India through Oil Industry Development Board
Manpower : Technical Officers : 20 Location : Delhi



To formulate and standardise procedures and guidelines in the areas of design, operations and maintenance as also the creation of new assets with a view to achieve the highest safety standards in a cost effective manner.


Major Roles
Development of Standards / Guidelines for Oil & Gas Industry Safety Audits

Safety Performance Evaluation

Training Incident Investigations & Analysis

Dissemination of Information


OISD Standards
Areas Covered

Design and Layout of Facilities Construction, Operation, Maintenance & Inspection Procedures Work Permit System Safety Audit Procedures/ Guidelines Training Use of Personal Protection Equipment OISD

OISD Standards
Areas contd.

Occupational Health Monitoring Fire Protection & Fire-Fighting Facilities Environment Protection, Oil Spill Emergency Preparedness Safety Management System


OISD Standards Implementation

By Oil & Gas Industry Regulatory Basis.



Few Standards are part of Statutory Regulations for compliance. - Petroleum Rules, 2002 - Gas Cylinder Rules, 2003


Monitoring Activities
Review Meetings with Industry Heads chaired by Chairman Safety Council-Secretary MoP&NG Quarterly Incident Reports Knowledge Sharing Thru seminars Safety Performance Evaluation


Monitoring Activities
HSE Audits: Verify implementation of SMS Project Pre-commissioning audits Implementations of Audit Recommendations - Quarterly progress reports - Site Visits(Surprise Audits) - Review meetings with Steering committee


HSE Audits
Methodology OISD Standards/Best Practices are the basis for Audit. Comprehensive updated Checklist covering HSE elements. Team formation
Highly experienced multi-disciplinary team drawn from oil & gas industry carries out the industry safety audits, OISD representative supervises, coordinates & participates in the Audit


HSE Audits
Methodology Site Audit - Brief presentation by the Industry on facilities, layouts, SMS - Documents review - Interactions with Officials - Physical tours of the Complex


Focus Areas During Audits

Leadership and management commitment Risk identification

Risk management
Environment management Review and monitoring

Leadership and Management Commitment

HSE Policy
HSE Committees and Employee Participation

Compliance to statutory regulations / codes / standards


Risk Identification
Process & Safety Information
Process Hazard Analysis

Occupational Health Hazard Identification

Risk Assessment of Facility


Risk Management
Operating procedures and safe work practices

Inbuilt Safety
Training & Competence

Emergency Preparedness
Mechanical integrity, inspection, maintenance and testing system


Operating Procedures and Safe Work Practices

Work Permit System

Practices on Oil Storage and Handling, Storage, Transportation of Bulk Petroleum Products, LPG
Safety Practices During Construction Recommended Practices on Static Electricity Well Control, Cementing Operations Derrick Floor Operations (Onshore) Safe Procedures & Guidelines for Workover and Well Stimulation Operations Guidelines for Gas Lift Operations and Maint. Safe handling of air hydrocarbon mixtures and pyrophoric substances


Inbuilt Safety
Process design and operating philosophies on pressure relief and disposal system Process design and operating philosophies on fired process furnace Layouts for Oil and Gas Installations Design and Construction requirements for cross country hydrocarbon pipelines Safety instrumentation for process system in hydrocarbon industry Design and Safety Requirements for LPG Mounded Storage Facility Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Bottling Plant Design Philosophies

Design aspects for safety in electrical systems

Process Control Room Safety


Mechanical Integrity & Inspection

Inspection of Pumps,Compressors Predictive Maintenance Practices Inspection of storage tanks, pressure relieving devices, fired heaters, cross country pipelines Inspection of pipelines Offshore & Corrosion monitoring Of Offshore & Onshore Pipelines Inspection of fire fighting equipments and systems Inspection & safe practices during electrical installations Inspection of Drilling and Workover Rig Mast / Substructure Guidelines on Field Inspection, Handling and Testing of Casing Pipe & Tubing


Fire Protection System

Fire Proofing in Oil & Gas Industry Fire Protection System for Electrical Installations Fire Protection facilities for Petroleum Refineries and Oil/Gas Processing Plants Fire Protection Facilities for Petroleum Depots and Terminals and Pipelines Installations Guidelines on Fire Fighting, Equipment and Appliances in Petroleum Industry Fire Protection Facilities for Port Oil Terminals


Environment Management
Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment Recommended Practices for Environment Protection in Upstream Petroleum Sector (Onland Facilities) Formulation Of Environment Management Plan For Drilling Operations Guidelines on Environmental Audit (Internal) in upstream (onland) & Downstream Petroleum Sector Guidelines For Preparation Of Oil Spill Response Contingency Plan


Review & Monitoring

Incident Reporting and Investigation Incident Analysis Audits/Checks & Compliance Status Review by Management


Challenges Ahead
Development of Regulations Offshore Safety

Development of Technical & HSE standards under Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board Development of Standards on Mined Cavern Storage of Petroleum