Lone Star College – Cypress Introduction to petroleum (PTRT 1301) Instructor: Christopher Paulk 03/08/2011

Students: Arnaldo J. Madera Chris Lamport Chris Sees

Rotary table 21. Kelly drive 20. Drill floor 25.There are two types of Rotating Systems: The Kelly System Components: •Swivel and Swivel Bail •The Kelly •Kelly Bushing •Rotary table •Master bushing Legend: 14. Swivel (On newer rigs this may be replaced by a top drive) 19. Drill bit . Derrick 18. Drill string 26.

Components of the Kelly System: Swivel •Hangs below the traveling block and supports the drill stem system. . •The swivel does not rotate but it (allows) the equipment below it to rotate. Swivel Bail •A curved steel rod on top of the swivel that resembles the handle.

. It has a hexagonal (6 sides) or square shape. •The Kelly is not round.Components of the Kelly System: The Kelly •It is a special section of pipe that is attached to the bottom of the swivel by threading. •They comes in 40ft and 54ft lengths. (4 sides).

Components of the Kelly System: Kelly Bushing and Master Bushing. •The "Kelly bushing" then fits into "The Master bushing" which is mounted on the rotary table. •The Kelly fit into a device called "The Kelly bushing“. .

•It is used in both the Kelly system and Top Drive system. •The rotary table is the primary component in the rotating system. The Slips. . •Additional equipment transmits torque from the rotary table to the bit. It is a gripping device used to hold up the drill string during connections process.Components of the Kelly System: The Rotary Table. •The rotary table is located on the floor of the rig and it is capable of producing a strong rotating force called "TORQUE".

•A powered gear located inside the rotary table turns the master bushing. •This system of operation is similar to a wrench turning the head of a bolt. •The square or hexagonal opening in the Kelly Bushing fits against the flat sides of the Kelly itself and causes it to spin. •The Kelly slides up and down freely inside the opening in the Kelly Bushing allowing it to move down as the bit drills into the hole. of drill pipe that transmits drilling fluid (via the mud pumps) and torque (via the kelly drive or top drive) to the drill bit. •The drill stem and bit are turned by the Kelly.Components of the Kelly System: Kelly Bushing and Master Bushing. or string. NOTE: A drill string on a drilling rig is a column. . •The master bushing turns the Kelly bushing.

com/watch?v=K9x4atwaCvs .youtube.The Kelly System Video http://www.

Top Drive System .

•It is comprised of one or more electric or hydraulic motors •These are connected to the drill string by a short section of pipe called the “Quill” •The top drive is able to move up and down the derrick .Top Drive System •The Top Drive System hangs below the traveling block and has its own heavy duty motor.

Kelly Bushing. or master Bushing •It does utilize the Rotary Table •The Rotary Table is primarily used as a place for thee crew to hold the drill stem in place .Top Drive System •The Top Drive System does not use a Kelly.

Top Drive System • A top drive is able to drill with three joints stands •Decreases the frequency of pipe getting stuck •Allows drillers to quickly engage and disengage pumps while removing or restringing the pipe •Top drives are preferable for use in challenging extended-reach and directional wells •Top drives remove much of the manual labor involved with drilling •The top drive is completely automated •Top drives can be used in all types of environments .

Top Drive System Video

Drill Pipe •Drill pipe: Drill Pipe forms the upper part of the drill string. Each section of pipe is called a joint with a box (female) and pin (male) located on the ends. . •Drill pipe is threaded together or assembled in sections and put into the hole as the bit turns. •Drill pipe is hollow and allows fluid or transmitting wires to pass through.

They add weight to the bit and make the bit's cutter's bite into the rock. •Drill Collars: A pipe with thick walls that are attached to the bottom of the drill string. Normally multiple drill collars are used to add weight. •Transition pipe: is used as a transition between the limber drill pipe and the collars. .Drill Pipe Components: •Spindle Adapter: Called a saver sub which threads into the rotary head and drill pipe.

Drill Pipe Components: •Crossover subs: A crossover sub is used between the drill string and drill collars. . •Manufacturers design these to join parts of the drill string that have different thread designs.

aspx .The Drill Bit •Drill Bit: It is Located at the bottom end of the drill string and make contact with the subsurface •http://www. and drilling through them.nov.

youtube.Drilling pipe and Bit Video .

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