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till date only 12 bio pesticides have been registered Bacillus Trichoderma Pseudomonas Beauveria NPV Neem based pesticides . plant or animal compounds is known as bio pesticide In India.e.. pheromones.INTRODUCTION   A pesticide that is of biological origin i. bacteria. viruses.

pesticide resistance. faster rate of product development as well as flexible registration process  . pesticide residue.SCOPE OF BIO PESTICIDES Negative effects of Synthetic chemicals on nature and natural resources like pollution.  Bio pesticides as a component of Integrated Pest Management  low research expenditure.

BUSINESS PLAN Requires analysis of  Current production situation of bio-pesticide industry  Summary of production & manufacturers  Current production situation of major bio-pesticides  Problems existing in bio-pesticide industry  Policies and regulations and their influence  The trade of bio-pesticides  Export and import situations of bio-pesticides  Use and consumption of bio-pesticides .

as well as the world. through various rules.INDIA SCENARIO         Consumption of bio pesticides has increased from 219 metric tons to 683 metric tons 85% of the bio pesticides used are neem based products The Indian government is promoting research. are increasing . policies and schemes ICAR NATP Bio control production facilities NCIPM State Bio Control labs (SBLS) INSECTICIDE ACT 1968 Simplified registration process National Farmer Policy 2007 Recommended the promotion Research publications in bio pesticides from India. regulations. registration and adoption of bio pesticides with open hands. production.

 Business Type : Exporter / Service Provider / Manufacturer / Supplier / Trading Company  Products:  Raw Material: Bio fertilizers Bio pesticides Bio fungicides Bio insecticides Bio nematodes Plant growth regulators Special products Bacteria Fungi Cereal Proteins Humus Enzymes Nutrients .RAJINI BIO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INDIA PVT LTD.

India. Quality Certification ISO 9001-2000 Registration of Bio-Pesticides from Central Insecticide Board. Ajay Bio-tech Ltd    . Technology Tie up Indian Council of Agriculture Research Agriculture University National Chemical Laboratories Research tie-ups with leading three research institutes & Universities Team microbiologists entomologists plant pathologists bio-technologists scientists and other professionals well versed in their respective fields Clientele Coromandal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

000  Credit Agency : State Bank of India : Andhra Bank  Production line: 1  Export Market : world wide  Monthly production :300mt  .00.Machinery : Bio reactors Fermentors  Capital : 80.