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Industrial Search Light

Vision Mission Objectives Methodology and Approach Guidelines for Industry Presentation Key Resources and Networking Research Quotient and bring in originality to the programme Presentation Technique Handling Q&A Sessions Evaluation Criteria Research and Publication Documentation and Archives Extension of efforts to projects and industrial network and placements Teams and Responsibilities of team members

To expose the students of MBA to insights leading to sound knowledge of various sectors

To provide platform to the students to develop Conceptual skill, Analytical skill, Presentation skill and Industry Awareness.

Have Insight Into Industry Characteristics, Its Contribution To GDP, Learn To Do Industry Analysis, Should Be Able To Understand The Life Cycle Of The Industry Visionaries Of The Industry And Their Vision Global Developments in the Industry.

Methodology and Approach

Porters Five Force Model

Guidelines for Industry Presentation

History of the industry in brief. Key players in the industry, their product portfolio, market share and other relevant information. Manufacturing process with photos/ pictures / video Industrys participation in the economic development of the country facts and figures. Major consumers / customer profile and consumption pattern. Ancillary and auxiliary industries a snapshot. Government Regulation and International Regulations

Guidelines for Industry Presentation contd..

Mergers and Acquisitions / restructuring of the industry. Major personalities/ leaders in the said Industry and their notable contribution to the industry. SME scenario for the said industry. Import and Exports Problems and Prospects of the Industry. Opportunities and Challenges for MBA what the Captains of the industry talk?

Key Resource and Networking

Internet Journals from the library, Annual reports of the company, Prowess, Company websites, RBI reports, Government of India Reports on Indian Economy.

Research Quotient and Novelty

SWOT analysis of the industry Leaders of the industry and their contribution to the industry or their impact on the industry or how they changed the industry. The road ahead for the industry. Statistical analysis Indias Industrial policy and its impact on the industry. Impact of the recent budget, if any.

Presentation Techniques
PPT Presentation The group leader should divide the industry presentation into various sub-topics and allot it to the members of the group The leader of the group should manage the presentation time, sub-topics and flow of the presentation. Include appropriate pictures, short films, statistics etc. Along with the group leader, a group should have a research co-coordinator. Research co-coordinators responsibility is to guide group members to get information and document the presentation. He/she is also responsible to convert the presentation into article.

Handling Q&A Sessions

Question hour would be at the end of the presentation. The presentation on Industry is divided into sub topics. Whenever questions are asked the leader would assign the question to the member of the group who is able to take the question. Question hour is monitored by the group leader.

Evaluation Criteria
R1 Use of facts and figures History of the Industry, Industrys contribution to economic growth, import and export R2 Insight into Industry Value Chain, SWOT Analysis for the Industry R3 Ability to identify corporate / industrial problems. R4 Mergers and Acquisition in the industry. R5 Industry leaders National and Global and their contribution to the industry.

Evaluation Criteria Contd

R6 World Class Practices for the Industry, Benchmarking Best Practices, application of six sigma, International Accreditation eg. ISO etc. R7 Problems and Prospect of the Industry, SME, MSME Government Regulations R8 Presentation skill of the group, sequencing of the topics R9 Quality of PPTs, Research content and prospects for MBA students. R10 Team work Note: Each criteria carries 10 marks each and total will be out of 100 marks.

Research and Publication Documentation and Archives Extension of efforts to projects and industrial network and placements

Teams and Responsibilities of team members

The leader of the group is responsible for :
Assigning the sub-topics to the members Monitor the progress Combine all these sub-presentations into one whole presentation. Manage the presentation Motivate team members