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Region VII Blood Center


Blood is not for SALE…

Lisod kaayo mangita ug dugo

Function Transport medium for carrying all its different components to the different organs of the body.

1. SAVE LIVES. 2. Personal health check. • Blood type • Blood pressure • Physical examination by physician 3. Boosts self-worth. • Do something for the community • Recognition 4. Ensure SAFER blood supply. 5. Maintain ADEQUATE blood supply.

Who are qualified to donate?
AGE : 16– 65 years old
(<18 with written parental consent)


90/60 - 140/90 at least 50 kgs. 125 g/L

Giving of blood is a privilege. Only healthy donors can give. She/ he can give every three (3) months. Share your blood now and help save lives!

1.Donor screening and selection. 2. Actual blood extraction. 3. Post donation procedures.


What to do after donating blood?
1. Rest for about 5 to 10 minutes. 2. Drink plenty of 3.water. pressure on Apply the punctured site if necessary. 4. Avoid strenuous

Be a Regular blood Donor (blood donation can be done at most 4 times a year / 3 months after every donation)

1. “It w ill m ake me weak. ”
*** After a short rest and some snacks, you will be able to resume your normal activities.

2. “Bu t I’ m scared of getti ng HI V/A ID S!”
*** You do not get HIV by donating blood, only sterile disposable needles and syringes are

3. “I n eed b eer a nd ba lot i n order to r ecover”
*** Just increase your water intake, it is enough for you to recover. No need for

4. “Th e t rait of the b lo od do nor w ill be tr ansfer red to th e p atien t”
*** It is not the blood but by genes that traits are transferred from one person to another.

1. Nob od y ha s ever a sked me to do Consider yourself invited. *** nate . 2. Y ou do n’ t nee d my do nation , I’ m j ust a c ommon ty pe “O”.
*** Of course we do!, we are constantly in need of all blood types. “O” = 44% “B” = 26% “A” = 24%

3. Bu t I ’ve j us t re covere d from a n ill The Blood Bank physician will *** ness. 4. I’ m anemi Blood Bank tests for *** The c.
anemia before donation. determine whether you are fit to donate or not.

5. I’ ve ha d he If titis *** pa your .blood is tested negative
one year after you recover from Hepatitis A, then you are acceptable

6. I’ m to o o ld.
*** The Blood Bank physician will determine whether you are fit to 7. donate o sma ll. I’ m to or not.

8. I ha te n ee dle s.

*** Not if you weigh 50 kilograms or more. *** You’ll hardly feel it, it will just sting a bit. average of 30 minutes.

9. I’ m to o b usy, it’ s to o inc on ve nient. *** Donating blood only takes an

REGION VII BLOOD CENTER (RBC) • Started in 199 8. • Locat ed a t D OH co mpo und, Osm ena A ve., Ceb u Cit y. • Ta sk ed wi th c ol lec tio n o f bl ood f rom vo lunt ary do no rs a nd t he pr ov isi on of sa fe b lood , t o th e p op ulatio n o f Regio n 7. • Ot her f un cti on s i nc lude the p rep aration and di st ribu tion of b loo d c omp onent s fo r hosp it als w it hin t he r egio n, resea rch , a nd

cedures in giving blood volunt

1. Fill up a form

2. Interview and PE

. Hgb test - 125 4. Donating blood

5. 10 to 20 minutes rest 6. snacks

7. Donor is advised

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