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S Environment, Health & Safety

Industrial Hygiene & Safety Dangerous Goods Management Waste Management Occupational Health Product Safety

Industrial Hygiene and Safety

With this SAP component you can organize industrial hygiene and safety in your enterprise and manage the agents that are present. You can process events with or without injury to persons and create reports such as standard operating procedures or accident reports


Work Area Exposure Management Risk Management Accident Management


Dangerous Goods Management

With this SAP component, you can manage dangerous goods master records, run dangerous goods checks, and create dangerous goods documents.
Basic Data Checks Documents



Waste Management
Manage waste disposal processes, create the reports necessary for transportation and disposal of waste, and distribute the resulting costs proportionally among the cost centers in the enterprise that generated the waste
Master Data Disposal of Goods and Services Disposal of Documents Reporting
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Occupational Health
You can plan and perform health surveillance protocols in your enterprise, and create and manage occupational health questionnaires
Basic Data Schedule planning Medical Service Health Centers



Product Safety
You can manage specifications for different SAP EH&S objects (substances, dangerous goods classifications, agents, waste codes, and packaging's) and create reports.
Specifications Phrase Management Report Management Report Generation Report Management System
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Integration of EHS
Materials Management Sales and Distribution Quality Management Document Management Systems