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• Entrepreneur in English is a term applied to a person who is willing to help launch a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome.• An entrepreneur is an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. 2 . • Entrepreneurship can be defined as "one who undertakes innovations. finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods".

Qualities of Entrepreneur 3 .

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• Idealist The idealist entrepreneur is the most common type of entrepreneur shown above in graph. He/She likes innovation and enjoys working on something new or creative or something personally meaningful. 6 . • Optimizers The optimizer entrepreneur comes in a close second and is content with the personal satisfaction of simply being a business owner. Everyone would have some sort of satisfaction being a business owner but if that’s what mostly feels important then you fall as optimizer.

7 . They are usually people with lots of energy and exist on the pressure of meeting deadlines. paying bills and of course making payroll.• Hard Workers The hard workers entrepreneur category includes persons who enjoy putting in long hours to build a larger more profitable business. They like the challenge it presents and of course reap the most rewards if the business turns out to be a multi-million dollar enterprise. • Jugglers The juggler entrepreneur likes the concept that the business gives them a chance to handle everything themselves.

No big hopes and dreams of a multinational corporation or interviews on “The Big Idea” .• Sustainers The sustainers entrepreneur category consists of people who like the thought of balancing work and a personal life. These guys just need enough to survive. 8 . Most often they do not wish the business to grow too large where it will cut into their personal life too much.

Family Challenges Social Challenges Technological Challenges Financial Challenges Policy Challenges Team-ing Challenges Motivation and dedication 9 . 6.7 Biggest Entrepreneurship Challenges – An Indian’s Perspective 1. 7. 5. 2. 4. 3.

Benefits Of Entrepreneurship • Opportunity to get control. 10 . • Offers a chance to make a difference • To reap high Profits • Helps people work to their full potential • Offers a chance to pursue their interests.

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