Customer Relationship Management

Presented By : Dr. Garima Malik Marketing & Sales
Date : 5/12/2011

Teaching Pedagogy • Class Room Teaching ( Total 5 Modules consist 27 sessions and 5 sessions for presentations on CRM Projects) • Case Studies ( Each module consist 2 case studies ) • Research Papers ( Published in refereed journal of management related to CRM) • CRM Project Live Project .

Evaluation Criteria for CRM • Mid Term = 10 Marks • CRM Project = 10 Marks • Class Participation =5 Marks • Class Attendance = 5 Marks .

Biztantra Publication . Relationship Marketing. The CRM Hand book.Books Text Books • G Shainesh & Jagdish N Sheth. Reference Books • S. New Delhi • Jill Dyche (2006). • Alok Kumar. Customer Relationship Management-A Strategic Approach. (2006). Chhabi Sinha. Rakesh Sharma (2009).Shajahan (2009). Tata McGraw Hill. Macmillan India. Pearson Education . Customer Relationship Management – Concepts and Application.

Objective of the Course •To understand the concept and practice of CRM • To understanding of various strategic and tactical approaches. tools and support systems that companies are implementing to develop effective relationship with key customers .

• Cases: IBM E-CRM Initatives ICICI Bank CRM Initative Research Paper: Customization : Getting to the Customer. Benefits of CRM. • E-CRM. • Types of CRM. Different perspective of CRM. ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management.Module I Session: 4 • Introduction to CRM • Difference between transaction and CRM • Database Marketing • Relationship Marketing • Experiential Marketing • Framework of CRM and its Evolution • Elements of CRM. Vol.IV Feb 2005 .

• Key Principles of Relationship marketing • Relationship marketing and Value chain. 23 Iss: 7. Journal of Consumer Marketing . Industrial age. Customer Value: Concept and characteristics. Service Economy age.379 . • Customer privacy. • Customer Touch points. Cases:Lessons in Customer Service From Wal-Mart.381 .Vol. • Key Account Management. pp. Knowledge Economy Age).Module II Session: 4 • Introduction (Pre Industrial age. • Research Paper: “Using customer equity models to improve loyalty and profits”. • Managing the customer as an asset.

Planning Phase. 2006 .Module III Session: 6 • CRM cycle (Assessment Phase. 1 No. 1. The Executive Phase ) • Customer Acquisition Strategies • Customer Retention Strategies • Customer Loyalty • Cases: “Building Johnson & Johnson's 'Camp Baby': Great Customer Relationship Management or Public Relations Fiasco • Research Paper: relationship with customers by using technological solutions in commercial banks of Latvia” Baltic Journal of Management Vol.

Telecom Industry and Product Markets. Retail. Aviation.Module IV Session: 8 • • • • Service Customer Classification (Service Marketing Mix ) Service Recovery Key Account Management CRM practices and Application Banking. Pharmaceutical Industry. Hospitality. Presented in the conference at IIM. • Cases:Customer Service at Singapore Airlines BSNL Service Recovery Research Paper: “Service Failure and Complaining Behavior in Indian Banking Industry: A Factor Analytic Study “. Indore 25-28th September 2010 .

SAP. Contact. Seibel. Study of Different Software. Smiles. Lead and Knowledge Management. People soft. Oracle. . Saleslogix. Data Mining. Activity. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).Module V Session 4 • e CRM and Portal • eCRM Feature • eCRM Software Implementation Sales Force Automation .Sales Data Warehouse.

. European and Mediterranean Conference on Information System 2009. evaluating customer retention plan.Module VI Session: 4 • CRM Implementation Road Map Service Recovery • CRM Roadblocks (Phased development. learning from customer defections. Emerging trends in CRM ) • Defining success factors. preparing a business plan requirements • Cases: CRM Implementation Failure at Cigna Corporation Research Paper: “A FRAMEWORK FOR SUCCESSFUL CRM IMPLEMENTATION”.

You are to submit the company’s name to the undersigned by 22nd December’11. Evaluated on 10 Marks Submission Date: 5th Feb 2012 GO . “ Study the Customer Relationship Programme running in the Organization.Live Project (Assignment) You are instructed to select a company of your choice from the sector of your choice from the sector given.” Banking Telecom Retail Hospitality Aviation Pharmaceutical Note: Care to be taken that no two people have the same company.

List of Sectors • • • • • • • • • I.T FMCG Automobiles Retail Healthcare Food & Beverages Tourism Airlines Banks .

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