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Please tell me about yourself?/ Can you introduce yourself? Thank you, Id like to introduce myself, Im I Kd.

. Juli Purwantara, you can call me Juli. I m still studying at Monarch Cruise line and hospitality training center. I have experience as a a public attendant for 2 years now. Im hard working, motivated , and able to work in team. Where are you from? What is interesting there? Are there any tourism objects there? Fish pond I come from Ubud, I live with my parents. My address is at at Jl. Bomb Basket. No. 8 Ubud, Gianyar. My Village is famous by the art, traditional market and the panorama is very wonderful and also we produce (make) handicrafts, such as: Wooden statue and Stone Statue with many kinds of styles and shapes. Do you have a watch? What time is it? Yes I do. It is 9: 30 a.m. sir/mom. (It is half past nine.)

Where do you work at the moment? (Are you still working at the moments? What do you do at the moment? Tell me about your job at the moment?) Now, Im working at Four Season Hotel as a cleaner. Ive been at Four Season for more than 1 year. Have you ever work as a cleaner before? Yes, I have sir. Ive one year experience as a cleaner. Tell me about your work experience. Firstly, I worked at ___(hotel)___ from _(year)___ to ___(year)_ as _____. Then I move to ___(hotel)___ in ___year___. I worked there for ___(duration)___. Now Im working at _______. As a public attendant I keep the cleanliness and maintenance general public area, such as lobby, corridor, outlet, public toilet, meeting room, locker, and offices. What is the main responsibility of a cleaner? The main responsibility is to keep the cleanliness and maintenance general public area, such as lobby, corridor, outlet, public toilet, meeting room, locker, and offices.

Hows the weather outside? It is sunny sir/madam. (windy, cloudy, rainy) How did you come here? I came here by motorbike. How far is your house from here? Its about (around)________ km How long does it take from your house to this place? Its about (around) _________ minutes. Can you tell me about your family? There are _____ people in my family. Theyre _______________. My father is a_______, my mother is a ______, my brother is _______, and my sister is a________. Whats your motivation to work on board? Id like to have great experience and good career in your company, Id also like to travel to some countries. And more importantly Id like to make to support my family life.

How many sections in Housekeeping do you know? There are room section, public area section, linen and uniform section, and laundry section. How many cleaning techniques do you know? There are Dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, shampooing, brushing, squeezing, scrubbing. How many cleaning equipment do you know? There are manual and machinery equipment. Manual equipment such as Machinery equipment such as How many cleaning chemical do you know? There are some cleaning chemicals such as

What will do if there is a guest comes to the toilet that you are still cleaning? First, I will suggest the guest to use the other restrooms. If the guest disagree I will let the guest use the toilet, then I will wait the guest until he finishes. What is housekeeping department? Tell me room supplies that you know? There are some room supplies, like bed, pillow, sofa, Tell me the procedure of cleaning the corridor? Tell me the procedure of mopping the floor? Tell me the procedure of dusting? Can you mention the kinds of linens that you use in a room?

First we have to prepare the cleaning equipment, like dusting cloth, and the chemical, like furniture polish . The procedure is we put enough chemical into the dusting cloth then we dust (rub) the wood ( furniture) in the clockwise direction. There are some linens that we have in the room, such as bed sheet, pillow case, blanket, duvet cover, duvet insert, curtain, bed runner. In the bathroom we have bath towel, face towel, hand towel, bath mat, shower curtain.