HP308 Group Presentation

BYOD is becoming an unstoppable trend
Business Times, 26 January 2012
| Huan Su Minn Amanda | Melissa Jade Kong Jin Jin | Samantha Lim | | Amina Maisara Binte Musa | Jonathan Xie |

Contents  Overview of Article  Link to I/O Psychology  Effects on New Entrants to Workforce  Effects on Companies  Discussion and Questions .

Overview of Article  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon  Singapore workplace to consist of personal devices in 4 years  Global average: 12 years  Problems with BYOD  Data security  Employees’ responsibilities – social media use  Increasing trend  Reason: Enhances productivity and resourcefulness  Being allowed to use own devices contribute significantly to job satisfaction  Owing to increased flexibility and freedom .

expected quick response time  stress. anxiety  Technological Change  Loss of Group Cohesiveness  Traditional lines of communication disrupted  Loss of nonverbal cues  Perils of ‘device addiction’  Addicted to social media .Link to I/O Psychology Concepts  Stress in the Workplace  Devices can improve productivity  Caveat: 24/7 availability.

Link to I/O Psychology But research into BYOD suggests otherwise…  Being able to use own devices  more comfortable  increase in productivity and job satisfaction  Company-issued devices unfamiliar and complicated Concepts  Job Satisfaction  BYOD  Increase in Job Control  Increase in Job Involvement  On-The-Job Behaviour  Increased productivity  Able to work even while physically absent .

hard to manage  Small organisations – expensive to implement.Effects on New Entrants to Workplace  More companies adopting BYOD policies  No clear demarcation between personal and work life/time  ‘On-call’ 24/7  May lead to physiological and psychological ailments Caveat…  May not be effective for all industries  Big organisations – cheaper to implement. easy to manage .

enhances communication/cooperation with other departments  Bad: Intrusive (monitoring) . enable monitoring of employees.Effects on Companies Assuming you become an entrepreneur or a manager in the future…  Opportunity to reduce costs  Shifts responsibility for device maintenance  Issues with data security  Proprietary data loss when employee leaves or loses device  Some companies issue iPads to employees  Good: All up-to-date.

Discussion and Questions  Are you in favor of BYOD policies? Why / Why not?  In your opinion. do BYOD policies bring about more good or harm to the employee? .

g.Discussion and Questions  Adoption of BYOD policies open up a new can of worms (e. What are some of the policies that companies can introduce to address these issues? . social media misuse). Security. stress.

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