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The Kingfisher Airlines family will consistently deliver a safe, value-based and enjoyable travel experience to all our guests


Kingfisher Airlines is an airline based in Bangalore, India. It is a major Indian luxury airline operating an extensive network to 34 destinations, with plans for regional and long-haul international services. Its main bases are Bangalore International Airport, Bangalore Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai and Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, with a hub at Sardar Vallabhbhai 3 Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad.

following the lease of 4 Airbus A320 aircraft. Kingfisher Airlines' main "luxury" component is its In-Flight Entertainment System. 4 . a first among Indian airlines.History The airline started operations on 9 May 2005. The airline promises to suit the needs of air travelers and to provide reasonable air fares. The airline is owned by the UB Group under the leadership of Vijay Mallya.

and to continue. A 380 arrived on 6 may 2007 in New Delhi and in Mumbai on 8th May as part of Kingfisher's second anniversary celebrations 5 . to operate with all new aircraft.  On 18 February 2005 Kingfisher Airlines signed a contract with Airbus for three Airbus A319 aircraft.  Kingfisher was also the first Indian airline to bring the latest super jumbo Airbus 380 to India. complementing the A320s on routes to smaller cities in India.Facts  The airline was the first in India to initially. adding to the 10 Airbus A320 aircraft ordered in January 2005. The first of the A319s will be delivered in December 2005.

accompanied with refreshments and music 6 .Ground Services  Your Personal Valet at the airport to assist you at every step of the way. from baggage handling to boarding  Exclusive lounges with your private space.

 Let's talk about your safety They have done everything possible to ensure it. As well as with a highly trained and skilled team of pilots and cabin crew who operate in completely state-of-theart paperless environments.10 channels of chartbusting music from across the globe.both in the air and on the ground. 7 .Services Services  In-flight entertainment to take-off with Personalized video screens and headphones broadcasting video channels of the trendy FUN TV and the exclusive Kingfisher Radio . With the most sophisticated communication. navigation and security systems .

In-Flight entertainment .


 Bon appétit A special selection of food and beverages is available on board with an individual Menu Card for every guest to enable you to choose from the finest on offer. Indulgently wide. Feeling comfortable. 10 . with the seats we've got in store for you. now? You will. plenty of legroom and adjustable headrests. Our superbly groomed flight attendants will ensure that you're well taken care of.

1 Airline in customer satisfaction" .AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS  "India's No.Business World  "Rated amongst India’s 25 Innovative Companies" .Survey conducted by Planman Media  Economic Times Avaya Award 2006 for Excellence in “Customer Responsiveness”- 11 .

The Good Times 12 .

upper middle. lower upper segment  Positioning  Lifestyle  Benefits  Quality 13 .STP Analysis  Segmentation     Geographic Region Density Social Classes Income Level  Targeting  Kingfisher First  company executives  Kingfisher Class  lower middle.

Kingfisher Airlines.  Weakness Unable to generate expected returns on the investments overspending of funds Loads are lesser than that of its competitor Jet Airways - .SWOT Analysis  Strengths Operating in a niche market: domestic luxury segment “Kingfisher” itself is a well established brand The customer service provided is extremely exceptional for a domestic airline Highly trained and attractive staff.

SWOT Analysis  Opportunities .Growth in the disposable income  Threats .Kingfisher Airlines.Cost cutting is become a prime need in the aviation industry .Major rise in fuel prices .Fierce competition .Aviation industry is a growing industry .Large number of domestic untapped routes .


Product Core • Transportation Supplementary • Check in • Food on board • Connecting flight • Complementary gifts • In-flight entertainment • Frequent flier programs Augmented • Online booking • Variety of meal options • Pick up and drop service • Mobile ticketing .

Price Based on  Class of travel  Load factors  Date of travel  Day of travel  Profit margins  Competitors pricing .

make my trip.PLACE • “Vijay Mallya” himself is a brand and the brand “Kingfisher” has also established a remarkable standing in the market place • Kingfisher has a wide distribution channel that gives easy access to it’s customers • Tickets can be booked through various channels     Consolidation Tour Operator/ Travel Agency (Clear Affiliated with companies Direct through home leased system • Kingfisher has a plush corporate office in Andheri. well equipped with trained employees & has a spread of offices across India .

Promotion: advertisements & publicity Hoardings Brand Ambassador Calendar Tagline .

Travel Agencies Front line staff Kingfisher Red Offers King Club 5 Star Privileges SALES PROMOTION PERSONAL SELLING .

At Kingfisher Airlines. the front line staff play a critical role in ensuring that the service is delivered to the customers as promised     . the travel agent who plays a very important role in creating the service exchange but is not a part of the service. Mallya handpicks the air hostesses for his Airlines as they is expected to possess a pleasing personality with polite service handling Whereas the cock pit crew at Kingfisher Airlines require to possess high analytical and technical skills Also at Kingfisher. there is the ancillary service personnel. and motivation of employees The airhostesses at Kingfisher come in contact with the customers in the process of providing the service. while the cock-pit crew are employees who contribute to the service product but do not come in direct contact with the customers.PEOPLE    At Kingfisher Airlines. training. ‘people’ are the most important ‘p’ People provide most services that is the selection. Dr.

adapt and be flexible in delivering what individual customers need  Some of the employees at Kingfisher Airlines are sent on a 21 day training programme to the US and Frankfurt which motivates them to stay on with Kingfisher.  They are also provided with offers such as one-month bonus or some incentives. This ensures some amount of reliability. and this in turn affects the degree of responsiveness sought from customers.  The quality of service that the front-lone staff of Kingfisher Airlines provides is highly dependent on his/her ability to communicate their credibility  The front line staff need to possess ‘empathy’ which implies that these personnel listen. on the achievement of the sales targets. .

 All these facilities go a long way in increasing passenger convenience.  The process begins at the time of reservation goes on to the confirmation of seats. front line staff.  By giving details of where to book and how to book Kingfisher airlines help in providing quality services to the customers. offices of the tour operators or so form where the services flow & reach to the ultimate users.g. travel agency offices.PROCESS  The process of Kingfisher airlines’ service lays emphasis on the involvement of channels.  They also offer concession.: Computer reservation system of Kingfisher Airlines enables any reservation request from anywhere in the world to be auctioned in minutes. The reservation facility is accessible through all-major computerized reservation system of the world. For e. by not charging any cancellation charges and also giving them the option to make a change in the reservation status if they request. .

also helps in delivering quality service and making travel a pleasure. the baggage handling. reading material. flight information.  All these procedures form a part of the total process designed to deliver quality service at Kingfisher Airlines.  In the aircraft. Facilities at the airport. in-flight entertainment.  Kingfisher Airlines is making every effort to constantly redefine service procedures to enhance service satisfaction levels. enable the travelers to have an enjoyable and convenient travel. the meal service. . etc. etc. in-flight amenities.

Flower of Services .KINGFISHER AIRLINES Information Order Taking Consultation TRANSPORT Hospitality & Caretaking Safekeeping Billing & Payment Exceptions .

. and the in-flight food provided would make up the physical evidence in this service. Kingfisher Airlines has introduced new sleeper seats with electric controls for reclining lumbar support. the seating configuration which is meant to be comfortable and spacious. the aircraft by itself.  At Kingfisher Airlines. expanded seat back height for a more insulated environment.  Boeing & Airbus are the 2 best commercial aircraft makers and almost all airline industries make use of one of these airlines. a wide selection of meals is offered to the passengers. The seating is such that it is comfortable and there is enough leg space. important aspect. Passengers are requested to indicate their reference at the time of reservation itself. thus providing highly comfortable seating.PHYSICAL EVIDENCE  Physical Evidence refers to the environment in which the service is delivered and where the service industry and customer interact.  The in-flight food is another. leg rest extension.

. Booking offices and ticket counters at Kingfisher Airlines are extremely spacious and well designed with good looks. Further the aircrafts are given excellent exteriors and are maintained well.  Domestic lounges are enhanced with good interiors and basic amenities which make it an ideal place to conduct business. entertain or relax.  The aircrafts at Kingfisher Airlines have elegant interiors well designed seats with more leg room especially in the business class.

Porter’s 5 Force Analysis for Kingfisher Airlines .

Competitor Analysis Attributes Price KINGFISHER 25% higher than Jet Airways and Indian JET AIRWAYS Lower than Kingfisher Airlines SPICE JET Extremely low Permission to fly to US Permission to fly to UK IPO No Yes Floated Yes Yes Floated NA NA Not Yet Targeted Customers Positioning Both ends of customers Premium Domestic Segment Both ends of customers Premium Domestic and International Segment Lower end of customers Lowest fares and no frills .

THE END 31 .

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