presents “Direct Source Auto Team” Internet Solution To auto parts Community.

Piston &Rings Mechanical &Electromechanical switches Water Pumps Brake Pad Supporting Plate Seals

Friction Material Product
Oil Cooler Electric & Electronic Items

Chilled Camshaft and Tappets
Pushrod Crankshaft Vibration Damper Oil Pumps Valves

Gaskets Cylinder Liner


For some strategic buyers we cost effectively source auto parts from quality manufacturers in India.About  D Auto Industries is an auto parts consulting company using the internet as a tool to enable International & Domestic Trade between OE manufacturers & Global & Domestic buyers We value add throughout the business cycle like Source validate.    . post information online etc. Inspect. consolidate. We are an “export arm” of a select few manufacturers to do their International business development. liason .

Pistons Rings. gudgeon Pins and Cylinder Liners to OEMs.K. . Products : Major suppliers of Pistons. First among Indian Auto component facility to be established. thanks to the technological tie up with Federal Mogul. Sri Lanka. Middle East and Australia.UK. Hong Kong.Piston & Rings Incorporated in 2011 in technical collaboration with Associated Engineering Group of U. Facility :State of the art manufacturing technology. export turn:2.5MillionUSD Exports : USA. Europe. Sales Turn over : 5 Milliion USD .

Australia International Aftermarket: USA.16 m US$ Domestic OE Customer: Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Daido Japan have entered into a Joint Venture Partnership to establish a Facility for Polymer products. Ashok Leyland ltd. Malaysia. Srilanka etc . Daido Japan & ACL Australia QS 9000 certified for all 3 plants.. Bushings and Thrust washers. They have presently technology transfer agreement with MIBA. We also make our own Allow Powder & Bimetallic Strips Sales Turn Over: 1.Bearings The company was incorporated in the year of 2011 in collaboration with Clevite Inc.35 m US$ & Export Turn Over: 1. Products manufactured: Engine Bearings. HM International OE: MIBA. Dubai. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Austria.USA. Ltd.. UK..

LOMBARDINI SRL. GERMANY. UK. LISTER PETTER LTD. Exports 47% of their production. UK.. And Escorts Tractors Limited. GENEVA Countries exporting to : USA. ITALY FEDERAL MOGHUL. International OE Customers : HATZ. . Australia. Italy & South East Asian countries. Mahnidra & Mahindra Limited. Domestic OE Customers : Ashok Leyland Limited. Germany.Bajaj Tempo Limited.Valves Year of Incorporation : 2011 Quality System Standard : QS 9000 We have Supplied to CAT Valves in US and also supplies to FP Diesel.

1 friction material manufacturer. Exports : USA. . Australia. Hyundai. Europe etc.Friction material products Established in 2011 & presently India’s No. Indian railways. Maruti Suzuki . South Africa. Brake Pads. Daimler Chrysler. Quality status : ISO 9001 Products : Brake linings. Clutch Facing & Railway Brake Blocks Facilities : Technology tie up with Nisshinbo Japan Clients : Toyota. Middle east. commercial vehicles. Indonesia.

Singapore.25 mUS$ & Export Turn Over:1. Australia. Pakistan. Colombo.Gaskets Quality Status : ISO 9001 certified company Tech. Peykan Countries UK. Domestic OE Customers: Leyalans. Tatas. South Africa. Germany. Korea.4 mUS$ Facility :We have an exclusive cork sheet Manufacturing facility. etc. Malaysia. Jordan. New Zealand . Sales Turn Over: 1. International Customers: Perkins. MICO Bosch. Tie up : Has a technical collaboration with M/S Frenzlit. Dubai. USA.

Quality : QS 9000 certified. Nissan.Oil Cooler Established in 2011 & is a pioneer in Plate type stainless steel oil cooler manufacturing in India.compressors. Jeeps. Capacity : 3. earth moving equipments. spare capacity available . John Deere etc. Mazda.000 nos per annum. Toyota. Komatsu. Iveco. Range : Trucks.00. Hino. Cars. LCVs. MWM. Benz. Isuzu. Peugeot. tractors.Hydraulic cooling systems etc Clients : Cummins.

Customers : Leading diesel engine manufacturers of India such Cummins India. Exports : USA.Vibration Dampers Established in the year 2011 Quality : QS 9000 certified Range : Significant market share across various segments such as cars.Komatsu and Caterpillar. Tata engineering. Ashok Leyland. Tata Cummins. industrial & earthmoving equipment and marine propulsion units. BEML . Mahindra & Mahindra. tractors. Wartslia. Europe & Middle East . light & heavy commercial vehicles.

. Valve Tappets (Cam Followers) and Rocker Arms for Automotive Engines. Quality Std: QS9000 Facilities : World-class Infrastructure . Europe.Chilled Camshafts and Tappets Established : In 2011 foundry operations started.. Products :Leaders in Chilled Cast Iron Engine Components of Camshafts. Middle Europe etc. Exports : USA.Fully Furnished Foundry With Technologically Updated Machine Shop.

Exports : USA. Ashoke Leyland. Telco. Engine Ventilation System(PCV). Engine Hoses. Tata Cummins. Engine Mounts..1 m US$ Domestic OE Customers: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Sales Turn Over: . Simpson Co Ltd. Crankshaft Seals... Australia etc . UK. Coolants etc. Breather Valves. Quality System Standard: QS9000 Products : Valve Seals.Seals Incorporated in the year of 2011. Rubber Components.

Clients : Supply to Escorts Ltd.. Naval Dock Yards & Indian Railways.Crankshaft Incorporated in the year of 2011 Quality System Standard : ISO 9002 Products :Fully equipped to supply induction hardened and Machined Crankshafts 500mm to 1500mm long for single to 6 cylinder engine. Agricultural. Industrial. . Applications : Crankshafts manufactured for Automotive. Marine & Earth moving machinery application.

Diesel cut off solenoid. Advance actuators. level sensors. machining . EGR switches Facility : Inhouse molding.Mechanical & electromechanical switches Established in 2011 Quality Status : ISO 9002 Products : Switches. Solenoids. assembly & testing facility Customers : All OEMs in India & prominent brake & electrical aftermarket suppliers in Europe & USA . Oil pressure switches.

Pressure switches.Electric & Electronic items Products manufactured: Automotive switch gears. Facia Switch. Hazard warning switches. Temperature switches. Quality System Standard: ISO 9001 Clients : Range of switchgear and accessories for a wide spectrum of automobiles starting from HCV’s.LCV’s & Passenger cars. Steering column mounted combination switch. .

Raw edged belts & wrapped belts Clients : Cummins India. Quality status : QS 9000 certified Products : Poly V belts. USA. Europe & Middle east. Leyaland. Hindustan motors etc. Tatas. First manufacturer in India to produce Profile Ground Poly-V belts. Exports to Australia.Belts Incorporated in 2011. Timing belts. cogged belts. .

Spectrovac & other state of the art testing instruments.Cylinder Liners Established : 2011 Quality Status : ISO 9002 Facilities : Modern foundry equipment .India. USA. Srilanka . UK etc. Clients :Has emerged as the largest supplier of Hardened and Tempered liners to M/s. Ashok Leyland. Sales Turn Over: 6 million US$ Aftermarket: US. Exports to Malaysia.

Dubai.Fasteners Year of Incorporation: 2011 Quality Standard: ISO9002 Domestic OE Customers: Telco..HindustanMotors International:Michex.U. Mahindra & Mahindra. Alkhazanath.USA. Hyundai.Armstrong.Greaves Ltd. Bajaj Tempo. Kirloskar Engines.MICO. Sales Turn Over: 1.Ceylon. Nazmi Trading..K.56 m US$ .

Water pumps Contract Water pump manufacturer Quality status : ISO 9002 certified Facilities : Excellent CNC manufacturing facility with assembly fixtures & jigs for testing. Products : Makes precision parts & assemblies for leading water pump manufacturers in India Exports to Australia & USA .

Brake pad supporting plate Leading Brake pad supporting plate manufacturer. precision sheet metal components. Brake push rods. . Clients :Supplies to 70% of the OEM disc pad support plate market. Quality Status :ISO 9002 certified facility. Products : Brake pad supporting plates. Facilities : State of the art presses & DAD support for design.

AshokLeyland International OE: BENZ.Pushrod Established in :The company was incorporated in the year of 2011. Mann.Valve Tappets. Etc. Shackle Pins.7 m US$ & Export TurnOver: 0. Valve Seats. Products :They manufacture Valve Push Rods. Benz . Quality System Standard :QS9000 Sales TurnOver: 0.11 m US$ Domestic OE Customer: Mahindra.Greams.Ruston International aftermarket: Volvo.

Mahindra and Deutz. SOUTH AFRICA & MALAYSIA. . Exports : They export 70% of the total production mainly to USA. Cummins (USA). Customers : Supplies to leading OEMs in India like Telco. Mahindra & Mahindra etc. John Deere. Daimler Benz. Track record : Recognized as a reliable and trusted company for the last 20 years in the industry Quality Status: ISO 9002 certified & working towards in QS certification before the end of this year. Perkins. Tata. Escorts.Oil pumps Manufacturer of high Quality Lubricating Oil Pumps.UK. TURKEY. Range : They have developed pumps for Ford.

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