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She is running.

He is reading a book.

he is writing.

He is laughing.

She is singing.

It is flying.

He is swimming.

She is dancing.

She is smelling the flower.

It is raining.

It is snowing.

What is she doing?

She is swimming.

What are they doing?

They are swimming.

What is he doing?

They are dancing.

Is he cooking?
Yes, he is.

Is the cow drinking milk?

No, it isnt. It is eating grass.

He is riding a motorbike.

Present Continuous

We use the Present Continuous for things which: are happening NOW. Its raining today.

Present Continuous Positive +

Im working
he she s working it we you re working they

Present Continuous Positive +

I am wearing Im wearing

He is Hes She is wearing Shes wearing It is Its we are were you are wearing youre wearing they are theyre

Present Continuous Question ?

am I working?
he is she working? it we are you working? they

Present Continuous Negative Im not working

he she isnt working it We You arent working They

Present Continuous Negative

I am not wearing
he she is not wearing It we you are not wearing they

Im not wearing
he she isnt wearing it we you arent wearing they

Present Continuous to work

+ Im working Hes Shes working Its we youre working they ? am I working? he is she working? it we are you working? they Im not working he she isnt working it we
you arent working


Present Continuous
Im wearing am I wearing? Im not wearing

He Shes wearing it We Youre wearing they

he is she wearing? it we are you wearing? they

He She isnt wearing it we you arent wearing they

REMEMBER Non-Continuous Verbs/ Mixed Verbs It is important to remember that Non-Continuous Verbs cannot be used in any continuous tenses. Also, certain noncontinuous meanings for Mixed Verbs cannot be used in continuous tenses. Instead of using Present Continuous with these verbs, you must use Simple Present

Examples: She is loving this chocolate ice cream .Not Correct

She loves this chocolate ice cream .Correct

The present continuous is usually used with doing verbs (verbs of action) not with verbs of state. The following verbs are not used in the continuous form:

Conditions: belong, cost, need, own, seem Feelings: like, love, hate, want, wish Beliefs: believe, feel, know, mean, remember think understand

Some verbs ( know,understand, need, own, forget, remember) can never be used in present progressive tense. We use them in simple present tense. Do you understand what Im saying? I remember my wedding day very well. The little boy doesnt know my name.

Some verbs ( have, think, smell, see, taste, sound, feel, weight)can sometimes be used with present continuous tense: I think you are a good person. Im thinking about my summer holiday.

Spelling of -ing
Watch watching Study studying Verb ending e, it drops and then we add ing come coming Write writing -ie , it becomes ying Lie lying Die dying

Consonant + vowel + consonat, last letter doubles Run running Sit sitting Stress on the first syllable, there is no change Open opening Happen happening

is waiting

He is lying They are having

are playing

She is sitting

is cooking are standing is swimming are staying

is having
are building

am going

is sitting on the floor She isnt reading a book She isnt playing the piano She is laughing.

She is wearing a hat.

She isnt writing a letter.

are you going now?

is it raining?

are you Is enjoying the film? that clock working?

Are you writing a letter?

isnt watching is watching arent eating are eating isnt reading is reading arent drinking are drinking

isnt wearing is wearing