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Instant Noodles
( Nestle – Maggi )

Antonio Helio Waszyk, Chairman & Managing Director, Nestlé India

Instant Noodles market

1300 crores

3000 – 3500 crores


Market share

Market shares



2009 2010 2011-12

Horlicks Foodles
• GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSKCH) came up with Horlicks Foodles in late 2009. It targeted a mix of health-conscious consumers The company, through its communication, put scientist Bhaskar at forefront to give its TG a reason to say ‘yes’ to Foodles. GSKCH priced Horlicks Foodles at Rs 15 for a pack to differentiate the product from the other brands.

• •

Sunfeast Yippee
• • • Not concerned about no. 1 position in the category. Important strategy is how to get at the top. focus at growing as a sustainable and profitable franchise.

• • To keep these brands alive in the minds and hearts of consumers. Targeting consumers in Indian complexity due to high disparity in behavior, class and beliefs.

• • • Understanding the changing Indian society. Regionalization, digitalization, merchandising. To Identify the real Indian consumer.

• • • • Approaching six to seven prominent regions, and having a regional approach rather than having one national spot on a national channel has worked better for Nestle. The use of Bollywood stars in television campaigns and simultaneous digital campaigns on social media sites is helping the brand connect with the audience. “How so much communication you do, what matters is the ‘last square feet’. The placement of the product in the shelf, the communication of the values of the product at the point of sale are important factors contributes to the awareness of a brand.

• It has been successful in maintaining its leadership in the instant noodles category despite the entry of new players.

( ITC – Vivel )

Sandeep Kaul, Chief Executive, Personal Care, ITC

• • Not growing at very fast pace Some of the questions plaguing the company at the time of launch are.. “ In an environment of decades old brands how do we get noticed, how do we get accepted, how do we make the maximum impact?”

• • • • ITC has its own set of concepts, principles, & practices You have to reinterpret yourself. The concepts of above the line & below the line have merged. It is through the line communication for the company’s personal care products.

• • • ITC spends 10 % of its advertising budget on research & consumer tracking. The company also makes it mandatory for all to spend time at consumer’s home & not just depend upon research agencies. In terms of advertising, ITC managed to bring about unique element of classical functional advertising into a very image driven category.

• According to market reports, ITC has around 6 % market share in soaps & 3 % in shampoo, which is quite impressive in such a short span of operations.

( Britannia )

Neeraj Chandra, COO, Britannia Industries

Market shares

40% 38% 6%





• Biscuits with butterscotch cream with actual granules in the cream, strawberry cream with flavour-enhancers and orange-flavoured marie. Signed up big film stars like Shah Rukh Khan and southern star Surya as brand ambassadors for Sunfeast. Branded the WTA tennis tournament with promos starring tennis stars, Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza.

• • • Largest selling glucose biscuit brand in India. Signed Aamir khan as a brand ambassador for parle - G biscuits. Came up with slogans like “G- means GENIUS” ki taakat”. and “Hindustan


Ways to cater behavioral changes in consumer’s lifestyle and growing aspirations in rural sector. Customization of its products and positioning them so as to appeal to differentiated needs.

• • • Focus on Innovation Entered diabetic friendly space by introduction of Britannia nutrichoice gaining a stature of “health and nutrition” brand. Focus on more segmentation. For e.g. :- introduction of Rusk an unbranded product in India. Came up with new product Choco-decker.

Positioning innovation
• Britannia repositioned some of its brands For example : 1) Bourbon
– It was pulled out of treat category and was repositioned to adults – It helped bourbon grow by 50%

2) Tiger
– It was repositioned and strengthened on basis of nutrition for kids.
– Britannia came up with slogan “India Ab Banega Tiger”

Soft Drinks
( Sprite )

Srinivas Murthy, Vice President – Marketing (Flavours & Thums Up), Coca-Cola India

Market Share

• According to 2010 survey:

16 %

11 % 8%

Lime and lemon


Orange flavor

  

Brand of Coca-Cola company Lemon flavored aerated soft drink with slight ginger flavor Marketed in India and partly in U.S
Recent Tag line was changed to “Doobo Taazgi Mein”

Survival strategies
• • Positioned itself as Indian brand Started a campaign “Land of Limca , Lime and Lemony Limca.”


 Marketed under tag line “ THIRSTY TIME, LIMCA TIME.”  Also publishes “Limca Book of Records .”  A promotional campaign “ Limca do pal Taazgi ,har Ghate Touch Pad “ was launched.  “OOH Campaign” (2008) Targeted customers from North India

7 UP
• • • • Brand of Pepsi Co. in India Lemon flavor non-caffeinated soft drink Marketed by Dr. Peeper in U.S and Pepsi Co. in rest of the world Available in Can , RGB , PET Bottles , Fountain Glass in various quantity.

• • Positioned as cool drink for youngster under tag line “Keep it Cool.” Adopted Fido Dido as icon

New Strategy
• • • • • • • Launch 7 Up curvy bottle in 2006 Appointed Mallika Sherawat as Brand Ambassador Failed due to half hearted effort and internal competition Changed the tag line to “Bheja Fry, 7UP Try “ in 2007-08 Featured the drink as Lemon Drink Published the drink as one having 100% natural flavors Signed up with C.S.K

Mountain Dew
• • • Citrus drink Launched in 2003 in India Positioned as drink associated with adventurous , rough and tough Campaigned under tagline “ Cheetah Bhi Peeta Hai”

• • • • Salman became the first celebrity to endorse in 2011 Aim was to increase reach nationwide Free samples distributed to 1000 potential consumers Launched experiential activity “Daar Ke Aage Jeet Hai”

• • • Non Carbonated lemon drink launched in 2009 by Parle Agro Marketed as natural lemon freshener Sold under tag line “ Energy Lemon Freshener”

• • • Special LMN carts to connect to potential audience Followed a 360 degree marketing approach Tied up with T.V shows and events

• • To continue to be a challenger brand Widen its market share and lead over its nearest competitor

• • Branded it freshness and created name among youngster with catchy lines Tried to campaign routine life style of today's Teenagers

• Launched a virtual space “University Of Freshology”

Focused on routine problems of teens

• • The drink gained popularity in Urban as well as Rural sector “University Of Freshology” concept have helped to connect with TG as well as consumer of different age groups.

Beverages – Tea, coffee
( Wagh Bakri)


Parag Desai, Executive Director, Wagh Bakri Tea Group

Market shares

Tata Tea


Godraj Tea

Brooke Bond

The Challenges

The Strategy

The Implementation


Home Care
( Dettol )

Chander Mohan Sethi, Chairman & Managing Director, Reckitt Benckiser

Good Knight
• • Launched in 1984 Godrej acquired good knight in 1994 from TDPL. Initially mats were introduced in market getting tough competition from mortein.

• • Mortein (RB) All out (SC Johnson)

• • Innovation Emotional association of ‘Nurturance’ and ‘Total Protection’ Complete range Promotion through newspapers, TVC’s, outdoor ads etc. Brand value

• •

Surf Excel
• • • Competition from organized and unorganized players (Rin, Tide, Nirma, Ghadi) Pricing war Brand recall

• • • • Rin Tide Nirma Ghadi

• • • Brand extension (surf excel bar, quick, matic) Sachets Shifting from rational appeal to emotional appeal (dag achhe hain, dag dhoondate reh jaaoge etc) Showing environment concern ( save two buckets of water campaign) Creating strong distribution network

• • Company – Reckitt Benckiser Brand journey

• • • “creating cult brands is difficult, sustaining a cult brand is herculean”. Chander Mohan sethi Competition Changing consumer demand.

• • • Repeat purchase Continuous evolution Brand focus to consumer focus Strong resonance Brand equity

• •

Strong resonance


“ A brand initially used for cuts and wounds has today successfully evolved as a brand that has a place in every home in various forms”.

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