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 When the need is urgent or delivery must be quickly completed.  To move goods between continents. .Air transport  The appropriate mode of transaction generally depends on market location.but quic delivery costs more. sea or air transport are  When speed is essential air transport is prefered . resorted to in most cases. speed and cost. air transport serves the purpose.

 The fixed cost of air transport is low compared to rail.Conti……  Air transport capability is limited by lift capacity (load size constraints) and air craft availability.  Air transport ranks second only to highway with respect to low fixed costs.water and pipe line. .

 Air transport extends the use of mobile production facility. .air transport.  Apart from providing a high level of customer service.particularly helps in savings in distribution costs.Advantage of air transport  It creates new market or brings new market withien reach and extends nmarkets.  Packing cost for air transit are relatively lesser then ocean transport.

.high fashion clothing.  Because of the lesser time in transit.partes. Sending of samples for quick decision making.  Air transport comes handy in delivering perishables in prime condition. perishables like fresh fish and other such urgent demands can be fruitfully met out by using air transit.Conti……….the locking of funds in the inventory in transit is minimized and inventory turn over is also fast.

.  Simplified documentation system is followed with importance given for one document namely.air waybill.the IATA air waybill is.  Major airports world wide tend to be situated in the centre of commercial/industrial areas compared with the major seaport. Acceptable on any IATA airlines thereby permitting flexibility .Conti….

.  Service is vulnerable to disruption when fog prevalis.  Very high operating expenses and initial cost of aircraft when related to overall capacity.Constraints in air transport  Limited capacity of air freighter and overall dimensions of acceptable cargo together with weight restrictions are constraints on air cargo.

.  The total exports and imports of India in 1995 and 96 by air was 286000 and 129000 tonne respectively.Conti…………  Air freight relies on road primarily as feed distributor service .  For air export Delhi continues to be the main gateway. but as for imports are concerned Mumbai emerged as the hub. which clearly highlights the substantial imbalance in the movement of goods by air.


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