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Discus Technical Training Session Goals

Vésteinn Hafsteinsson

2. Make sure hips are strong and stable. Keep feet fixed during the backswing. 10. 4. Find your comfortable stance. 5. Shoulders are leveled at all times. .The Swing 1. Breath in at the end of the backswing. Arm is loose. Make sure the low point of discus is straight in front of you. Separation between arms is very important. Head follows Shoulders. but is mostly centered between feet. 3. 7. 8. 9. Weight is shifted from left to right. 6.

Right foot stays fixed. Lift the right leg slightly up at the back of circle. Start turn on left foot when the discus is comfortably extended backwards. 8. 2. low heel. 5. 7. Do not roll around it. 6. The left knee goes down towards the circle. 4. Turn the left foot. Go around the hip axis. .The Turn 1. Lead with the inside of the right thigh. Get on the toe of the right foot and thrust the hip out. 3. 9. Create a reverse V position in the back of the circle. Stay high on your toe late.

Lift it up so it is highest in the power position when aligned with the left sector. 7. 8. Get a natural reaction of the left arm in relation with getting off the left foot. 2. Left shoulder axis with left foot turn and wide right leg. Stay high on your toe on the left foot. Left leg moves quickly in an automatic fashion toward the front of the circle. 6. Get off the left automatically. be squared. 4. Thrust your hip forward with a wide right leg. Go slightly backwards into the sprint. . standing C position 3. right foot down. 5. Head follows shoulders. 9. keep it a little back.The Sprint 1. Keep right arm down in the sprint face.

4. 3. The reverse position is created here within legs in a dynamic position. Right foot high on the ball of the foot. . 6. 8.The Power Position 1. 5. Left arm slightly bent and in front of you. 7. Second sink. no breaking. Look horizontal. Left foot lands open with the whole sole of the shoe in the ring. Hip is under you. 2. Land with arm back and high point towards the left sector line.

is the most important factor. 7. 4. . Push forward with right foot/leg.The Release 1. Right foot/leg turn and push. 8. 5. Fight the reverse by turning right foot and stopping left side. 2. Maximum speed is most important at the moment of release. 3. Release Torque and tension. 9. The Reverse happens as late as possible. The release should be automatic. 6. Hit the brick wall with your left side. in that order. and up with left leg. Discus is kept away from body.