motion graphic or interactive media sequence. animation.Storyboards are graphic organizers such as a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture. including website interactivity .

A storyboard is a technique for illustrating an interaction between a person and a product (or multiple people and multiple products) in narrative format. or pictures and sometimes words that tell a story. . which includes a series of drawings. sketches.

•Is a way to gain early-stage design feedback •Does not require programming skills •Does not require artistic skills •Provides a quick way to sketch design ideas •Complements verbal scenarios •Provides support for scenarios •Provides a way to organize use cases into a coherent description of users' actions Helps stakeholders to visualize an experience .Advantages •Is more meaningful than flowcharts and other more technical diagrams for conveying the user experience.

interactive storyboards are more desirable.Disadvantages •Interaction between the storyboard and a user is limited . but take more time to design and program. •Project team members may be reluctant to hand-draw if they feel that they are bad at it. . there are few data on the effectiveness of storyboards for user interface design. •Traditional storyboarding as done for movies is a linear process. •While the storyboard method has face validity. •Not practical for detailed design or covering all use cases. Since computer products and Web sites can be non-linear.

Appropriate Uses Storyboarding is useful for: •Making early concept sketches •Simulating functionality without worrying about how to implement it •Providing visual aides .

StoryBoard Artist. •(Optional) Software tools specifically designed for storyboarding such as. and StoryBoard Quick. and Illustrator. •Papers and pencils for sketching frames.Materials Needed Storyboarding can be done almost anywhere and requires few materials: •A room with a large whiteboard to brainstorm ideas. Comic Life. •(Optional) Software tools that can be used for storyboarding such as PowerPoint. Photoshop. .

Consulting firms teach the technique to their staff to use during the development of client presentations. commercials.BUSINESS USES Storyboards are used today by industry for planning ad campaigns. . a proposal or other business presentations intended to convince or compel to action. frequently employing the "brown paper technique" of taping mock-up presentation slides to a large piece of kraft paper which can be rolled up for easy transport.

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