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In Pricol Ltd

Manesar, Gurgaon

By Manjeet Kumar MBA-3rd sem 1012031

Company profile
Pricol is known as premier instruments and control limited was established in 1974. It is made for manufacturing of automotive products. It was the dream of Mr. Vijay Mohan.

Job satisfaction is important technique used to motivate

the employees to work harder. It is often said that A HAPPY EMPLOYEE IS A PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEE. A happy employee is generally that employee who is satisfied with his job. Job satisfaction is very important because most of the people spend a major portion of their life at working place. Moreover, job satisfaction has its impact on the general life of the employees also, because a satisfied employee is a contented and happy human being. A highly satisfied worker has better physical and mental well being.


INDIVIDUAL FACTORS: Level of education: 2. Age: (3) Educational Level : Organisational Variables (A) NATURE OF JOB: 1. Occupation level: 2. Job content: (B) SITUATIONAL VARIABLES: 1. Working conditions: 2. Supervision: 3. Equitable rewards: 4. Opportunity: 5. Work group:

Job satsfaction theories

There are 3 major theories of job satisfaction. (i) Herzberg's Motivation - Hygiene Theory. (ii) Need Fulfillment Theory. (iii) Social Reference-Group Theory.


PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To assess the job satisfaction level of employees in Pricol Ltd., Manesar (Gurgaon). SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: To identify the factors which improves the satisfaction level of employees? To find out if they are satisfied with their job profile. To study whether the nature of work and working condition motivate the employee to perform better. To identify whether the organizational helps in self development of employees.

NEED OF THE STUDY: This study is being done to analyze the degree of job satisfaction of employees with the aim of reducing employee turnover and absenteeism and thereby increasing overall productivity. SCOPE OF THE STUDY : This study is helpful to the organization for identifying the areas of job dissatisfaction in the employees and helping the management in making correct decision


The research exercise was conducted within a limited duration.

The result would be varying according to the individuals as well as time. Some of the respondents were apprehensive of answering some questions.

The findings and conclusions are based on knowledge and experience of the
respondents sometime may subject to bias.

Research design in a plan to carry out the study in an

orderly and systematic manner. The research design may be exploratory, descriptive or experimental For the present study descriptive research design is adopted. The main aim of the present study is to understand the job satisfaction of employees of the organizati

DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUE: Data was collected from both primary and secondary source. (A)Primary Data: The primary data is the first hand source and collected through structured questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 24 questions, with a combination of open ended and close ended questions. (B)Secondary Data: Secondary data is information that is collected for the purpose other than to solve the specific problem under investigation. The secondary sources of data collection were information obtained from books, magazines, websites and articles on the topic etc. In the study, the researcher would use the secondary data to supplement the primary data. .


This chapter is allocated for analysis and interpretation of data. Preparing percentage analysis, weighted average and chi-squire test does the analysis of job satisfaction, which is directly extracted from the questionnaire. The variations in the extent of the employee satisfaction can be measured with the variables such as job secured, promotional opportunity, relationship with management, and satisfaction factors of the respondents.


Organization should try to adopt certain measures to enhance team spirit and co- ordination among the employees. Management of the bank should be friendly with the employees. Work should be assigned according to the qualification of the employees Promotional policy must provide for a uniform distribution of promotional opportunities throughout the company. The basis for promotion should be clearly specified. Due weight age should be given to seniority, merit and future potential of an employee. Detailed records of service and performance should be maintained for all employees. The policy should be fair, impartial and consistent, i.e., it should be applied uniformly irrespective of the person concerned. Divide jobs into levels of increasing leadership and responsibility. A team can be established comprising all the departments who can deliver genuine suggestions or ideas for the development of organization.

From the study, the researcher has come to know

that most of the respondents have job satisfaction; the management has taken the best efforts to maintain cordial relationship with the employees. Due to the working conditions prevailing in the company, job satisfaction of each respondent seems to be the maximum. From the study, the researcher has come to know that most of the employees were satisfied with the welfare measures provided by company.


1) NAME:

2) AGE: (a) 20-30yrs (b) 30-40yrs (c) 40-50yrs (d) 50 & above

3) GENDER (a) Male (b) Female


5) EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: (a) SSLC/HSC (b) Under Graduate (c) Post Graduate

6) MARITAL STATUS (a) Married (b) Unmarried

7) Do you feel that your job suits your educational qualification? (a) Yes (b) No

8) Are you satisfied with your pay package? (a) Highly Satisfied (b) Satisfied c) Neutral (d) Dissatisfied (e) Highly Dissatisfied

9) What is your level of satisfaction regarding superior subordinate relationship?

(a) Highly Satisfied (a) Yes (b) Satisfied c) Neutral (d) Dissatisfied (e) Highly Dissatisfied

10) Do you face any stress in your job?

(b) No (b) Satisfied c) Never c) Qualification d) All the above c) Neutral (d) Dissatisfied (e) Highly Dissatisfied

11) What is your level of satisfaction regarding the work environment?

(a) Highly Satisfied a) Often

12) How often do you work on holidays?

b) Sometimes

13) How are the promotions usually based?

a) Seniority (a) Yes b) Performance (b) No (b) Sufficient (c) Insufficient (c) Motivating c) Neutral (d) Secured (e) Highly Dissatisfied

14) Does the company provide you flexible working hours? 15) Are the benefits extended to you by the company is sufficient?
(a) Fully Sufficient (a) Challenging

16) How do you view this job?

(b) Responsible (b) Satisfied

17) Are you satisfied with the present position in your company?
(a) Highly Satisfied (a) Yes (a) Yes (a) Yes (b) No (b) No (b) No (b) Satisfied (b) Satisfied c) Neutral c) Neutral (d) Dissatisfied (d) Dissatisfied (e) Highly Dissatisfied (e) Highly Dissatisfied (d) Dissatisfied

18) Is there any opportunity for you to use new technology?

19) Do you feel that the employees individual contribution is being recognized?
20) Whether the company clearly communicates its goals and strategies to you? 21) How satisfied are you with your team-spirit in your work environment?
(a) Highly Satisfied (a) Highly Satisfied

22) How satisfied are you with your overall job security?