Chapter 18 Automatic Account Assignment

To ensure a real-time, integrated Sales Cycle, the system contains functionality which will automatically determine the proper General Ledger Accounts to be posted to when a Goods Issue and a Billing Document is created.
Chapter Objectives – Gain an understanding of the configuration used in automatic account assignment for Accounting Documents created in the Sales Cycle.


Automatic Account Assignment

Material Account Assignment Overview Goods Issue Account Assignment Area Inventory COGS X X 4.2 Automatic Account Assignment .6fi_18.

4.6fi_18.3 Automatic Account Assignment . $30 / Pc.What is Valuation? Stock Value Stock Quantity Material Price $120 = 4 Pieces x $30 / Piece $120 4 Pcs.

Selecting the Valuation Level Valuation Level Valuation Area is a Plant Valuation Level is Company Code 4.4 Automatic Account Assignment .6fi_18.

5 Automatic Account Assignment . Previous Month.6fi_18. Future 3 4. Previous Year.Accounting Data in the Material Master 1 2 Valuation Class Price Control Price Raw Material Finished Product Standard or Moving Average Price Current.

Valuation Grouping Code Case 1: Valuation Area = Company Code Valuation Grouping Code 0001 Company Code Chart of Accounts 0001 0002 GKR 0002 0003 0003 0004 IKR Automatic Account Assignment 4.6 .6fi_18.

6fi_18.Valuation Grouping Code Case 2: Valuation Area = Plant Valuation Grouping Code 0001 Valuation Area 0001 0002 0002 0003 Company Code 0001 0002 0003 GKR Chart of Accounts 0004 0003 4.7 0005 0004 IKR Automatic Account Assignment .

8 3100 0004 3200 Automatic Account Assignment .Linking a Material Type to a Valuation Class Material Type FERT Account Category Reference 0001 Valuation Class 7900 3000 HALB 3010 HAWA ROH1 0002 0003 3020 3030 3040 ROH2 ROH3 4.6fi_18.

Transaction / Event (Process) Keys BSX .Offsetting Entry to the Stock Posting 4.6fi_18.9 Automatic Account Assignment .Inventory Posting GBB .

How Does the System Find the Relevant G/L Accounts? 1 Chart of Accounts 550000 2 Transaction Key (Process Key) 81000 231000 140000 4 Account Grouping (Account Modifier) 3 Valuation Grouping Code 4.10 5 Valuation Class Automatic Account Assignment .6fi_18.

Cr. 300000 191100 4.6fi_18.Performing a Simulation of the Account Assignment Movement Type: 231 Plant: CSPL Material: RES-A Plant CSPL Valuation Grouping Code Posting Strings: Transaction Key BSX GBB Material RES-A Chart of Accounts Valuation Class Movement Type 231 Value String G/L Acct . 300000 191100 G/L Acct.11 Automatic Account Assignment . .Dr.

12 Automatic Account Assignment .Revenue Account Assignment Overview Billing Document ACCOUNT ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA A/R Sales X X 4.6fi_18.

13 Posting Block Release Automatic Account Assignment .6fi_18.Interface to Financial Accounting SD Billing Document FI Accounting Billing Document Accounting  4.

00 ERL Discount 10.6fi_18.00 ERS G/L Account Account Key ERL = Revenue ERS = Sales Deduction 4.Account Assignment Criteria in the Billing Document Billing Document Chart of Accounts Sales Organization Customer Account Assignment Group Material Account Assignment Group Account Key Company Code Assigned to Payer Master Record Material Master Record Pricing Procedure Price 100.14 Automatic Account Assignment .

15 Records for Condition Type KOFI No valid record exists Valid record exists (search ends) Account Sales Deduction Automatic Account Assignment . Charts of Accounts 2. Determination Procedure KOFI Condition Type: KOFI Access Sequence: KOFI Billing Document Type Item 10 Price $10 Discount (10%) $1 Sales Deduction 1 Material Acct. Charts of Accounts 4. Group Customer Acct.6fi_18. Charts of Accounts Sales Organization Sales Organization Sales Organization Sales Organization Sales Organization Account Key Account Key Account Key Account Key Customer Acct. Charts of Accounts 3. Group General 4. Group Condition Tables Specific 1.Revenue Account Determination Acct. Charts of Accounts 5. Group Material Acct.

6fi_18.Automatic Account Assignment Chapter Summary • Key Terms – Valuation Area – Valuation Class – Valuation Grouping Code – Account Category Reference – Transaction / Event Key (Process Key) – Account Modification code – Account Determination Procedure 4.16 Automatic Account Assignment .

Automatic Account Assignment Chapter Summary • Key Terms – Condition Type – Access Sequence – Condition Tables – Account Assignment Group (Customer) – Account Assignment Group (Material) – Account Key 4.17 Automatic Account Assignment .6fi_18.