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which includes their assistant. Message Options 4 5 3 4 5 Mark Message Private Voting Options Request read receipt 2 . other addressees do not see the names listed here 2 1 CC: BCC: (*) Managers and VPs have a 'grp'-mail address. then Ctrl + K 2. Click on "To". in addition to their private e-mail 2 3 1(a). then choose 3. Last name. Three ways to insert names: 1. Creating a new E-mail message 1 From: To send messages on behalf of someone else (if you have the permission) To: Fill in addressees(*).E-Mail 1. Insert the entire email address Carbon copy Blind carbon copy.

Inbox) 2. Press Shift + Del To recover the deleted items: 1. Go to Tools menu and then select “Recover Deleted Items” 3. 2 Go to Actions Menu and then select the option “Recall This Message” to open up the dialog box Select the available options in “Recall This Message” dialog box 1 2 3 . Recovering a deleted item Ways for deleting an item permanently: 1. Go the folder from where the item was deleted (eg. Press Del key and empty the Deleted items folders 2. Click 2 to put item in the original folder.E-Mail 2. Recalling Messages 1 3.

Go to Tools menu and then select the option “Out of Office Assistant” to display the dialog box. its time to turn on your Out Of Office Assistant. 5. 2. 1. FAX/SMS What about fax/SMS? BCG offers the possibility to send fax/SMS via the Outlook The specific format to use is: [SMS:+32475xxxxxx] (max 160 characters. Be sure to delete your signature!) [fax:+3222xxxxxxx] (your mail will be transformed into a cover sheet and attachments will be sent along) 4 . Out of Office Assistant When you are out of office for an extended time . Type your personalised AutoReply and click on OK.E-Mail 4. Some Quickies 1 Right Click Menu 1 In Outlook the navigation to reach certain functions has been simplified and shortened by using the right click of your mouse 5a.

Overview 1 2 2.Calendar 1. Scheduling your Personal Appointments Right click on timing and choose ‘New Appointment Fill the details as required: such as subject. 1 2 1 Easy features to share calendar 2 Side-by-Side colour coded view Check to make appointment private 5 . start and end time etc.

Send the Cancellation 6 Check to make meeting private . 2. 3. Quickies 4 Update a meeting request 1. Update the details as desired. 3. 4. Right Click the timing in your calendar and choose ‘New meeting request’. Enter the MeetingPlace Details as required. Fill in the required information. 2.Calendar 5 3. 5. Double click on the meeting in your calendar. Add additional information. Scheduling tab allows you to scan the attendees agenda. Cancel the Meeting Request 1. Double click on the meeting in your calendar. Go to Actions Menu and select ‘Cancel Meeting’ 3. 2. 3 4. Meeting Requests (MeetingPlace) 1. You are done.

While in Contacts. press Ctrl + N to open up a New Contact. A New Contact will be generated with name and email will be automatically inserted. Right Click on From Field and select ‘Add to Outlook contacts’ 2. Creating a New Contact 1.Contacts 1. 2 7 . 2. Creating a New Contact from an Email 1. 1 2. Fill in the desired details and click ‘Save and Close’.

com 2.Your Mailbox 1. No Sending after 150 MB The limit for the mail box is 150 MB You will receive notifications 125 MB At 150MB you will no longer be able to send emails.Check the mailbox size frequently Attachments No attachment more than 15 MB Use send.Create Personal Folders (as in the IT-Quick Start Guide) 8 . Mailbox Size Every item in Outlook is stored on the Email for bigger files It allows you to upload a file to their server and email and generates an email with download link to recipients that you Recommendations 1. however you will still receive emails Check the mailbox size more frequently by clicking on the ‘Folder List ‘ icon and then selecting the ‘Folder Sizes’ Remember send.

No Backup for PSTs larger than 3.0GB Advisable to keep them small or create multiple PSTs 9 .