Life story of a successful Entrepreneur


Colonel Harland David Sanders
Founder, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

his father died. • Dropped out of school in seventh grade. while he took care of his three year old sibling. Kentucky Fried Chicken • September 9. thus making him a master of a range of regional dishes. • At six. • He had to do much of the family cooking.Colonel Harland Sanders: Founder. thus mother worked.December 16. 1890 -. 1980. .

fireman and farmer. motel and cafe at Corbin. insurance salesman. • He soon became famous for his special taste. including steamboat pilot. • 1930s: Bought a service station. • It was here that Sanders began experimenting with different seasonings to flavor his chicken for travelers. .Early life… • Sanders tried many jobs. a town in Kentucky.

. cooking chicken for restaurant owners and their employees. he traveled the United States. But when the highway was removed.• During the next nine years he developed his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices with the basic cooking technique which is still used today. • If the reaction was favorable Sanders entered into agreement on a deal which stipulated a payment to him for each chicken the restaurant sold. • He sold his chicken on the highway.

• 1964: Sold the KFC corporation for $2 million to a partnership of Kentucky businessmen headed by John Y. the KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN (KFC) • 1950: Began developing a distinctive appearance. a mustache. a white suit and string tie. • 1938: Estd. Brown. . goatee. Jr. The deal did not include the Canadian operations.Steps to Success • 1935: Got the honorary title "Kentucky Colonel" by Governor Ruby Laffoon.

Kentucky. • He used his stockholdings to create the Colonel Harland Sanders Trust and Colonel Harland Sanders Charitable Organization. • 1980: Died in Louisville. which used the proceeds to aid charities and fund scholarships. His trusts continue to donate money to the social causes. .• 1965: Moved to Mississauga. Ontario to oversee his Canadian franchises and continued to collect franchise. of pneumonia on December 16.

The success of KFC… • KFC: stretches worldwide with more than 13. • $13 billion brand based in Louisville. Kentucky. • The leading Quick Service Restaurant around the world. of which KFC is the largest brand.000 restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories around the world serving up the Colonel’s Original Recipe. • Yum! Brands own 5 brands. .

across the globe… Colonel Harland Sanders SAURABH SHASTRI . his animated image is still used in the KFC logo and restaurants.As a tribute.