Integrated Telehealth Solution

Presentation to Customer Care April 2012 Rama Kumble Caroline Parker

About Us

o Largest provider of technology solutions and software in New

Zealand primary healthcare and second largest in Australia
o 85% of New Zealand General Practices use Medtech’s practice

management and electronic medical record solutions
o Products widely used in several countries including Ireland,

India, Singapore, Brunei, Unites States and the Pacific Islands
o Products developed by working with healthcare professionals

Medtech Product Suite
• • • • • Online appointments • Repeat prescriptions • View lab results • Secure communication with doctor Goal tracking Recalls Health assessment SMS reminder • • • • • •

MT 32
Clinical Notes Accounts Immunisation Drawing Screening Prescribing • • • • Advance Forms Third Party Apps Health Assessment Multi-location



• • • • • • •

Demographics Screening Filters Medication Filter Disease Filter Immunisation Filter APCC Integration Data Export

• • • •

CPI Reporting Cross Tabulation Advance Filtering Recalls, alerts

• • • •

GP/Specialist Accurate diagnosis • Record consultation Medical Data

capture Portable

About Customer

VitelMed Remote/Patient End

Simple User Interface

Call History

Patient Information Links

Rich list of Devices

VitelMed Ambulance Solution
Care Reach

Network connection UMTS/3G/GPRS/WLAN


• • • •

Robust All in one box No extra cabling needed Storage for medical peripherals

Medical Devices

Nationwide Healthcare Delivery


Primary Health Center

IP Network

Ambulances Network Data Server Hospital

Community Health Center

Voice/Video Medical Data Services

Paper records to Digital Records-Digitization EMR Implementation, MTE, ManageMyHealth Connect PHC’s and Hospitals Creating Health Information Exchange Providing analytical tools CAT, MDA Health registry, Epidemiology and Surveillance Immunizations and Govt. Health Programs Connected Care – Telehealth Solutions

Emergency care
Biomarker Database State Health Statistics 14

ManageMyHealth™ Vision
Patient & GP

Patient & Allied Health

Patient & Hospital

Patient & After Hours and/or A&E

Patient & Specialist

Patient & Pharmacy

Patient & Emergency Services

Healthcare Delivery Model

Population Health

ManageMyHealth™ Modules

Clinical and Patient Portal

SEHR - After Hours and ED

Emergency and Ambulance

Clinical and Patient Portal
Clinical and Patient Access
o o o o

Online Appointments Lab Results Recalls Secure Mail

Clinical and Patient Portal

Repeat Prescriptions
Health Summary


SEHR - After Hours and ED Portal
Health Provider Access Clinical, Nurse, and Reception roles
o o o o o o
SEHR - After Hours and ED

Access to Patient Health Summary Conditions or Problems List Allergies Medications prescribed Immunizations Lab Results

National Emergency Portal
o o

o o o o

Ambulance Call Centre Access only Access to Patient Vitals Record Conditions or Problems List Allergies Medications Patients Doctors Next of Kin and/or Emergency Contact

Emergency and Ambulance

National Emergency Access – 24/7

A look at the Patient Journey:
o Patient is found unconscious o Ambulance is called

o If you are a MedicAlert® member, Paramedic is able to contact

Call Centre with MedicAlert® number on the patients bracelet o Call Centre is able to Access Patient Vitals and pass the right information to the Paramedic at Point of Care.

Medical Results visible to Clinician
Patient Checks Blood Pressure (or other medical devices) at Home or work
Results transferred electronically or manually to Home PC and into Patient Personal Health Record (PHR) on ManageMyHealth™

Clinician views patient record in Medtech32 or externally by secure web access

Emergency Access

Emergency Access

Benefits – Practices
 ManageMyHealth is a secure online health solution that extends the

capabilities of your practice management system to take advantage of the internet  Enhance efficiency and productivity by having integrated care environment  Reduce the cost of administration (Appointment booking, Lab Result Notification, Repeat Prescriptions, Recalls)  Reduce the cost of communications (Recalls, Secure Email, SMS)

Benefits – Clinicians
 Enhance efficiency and productivity of clinicians by having access to

the right information at point of care  Encourage Patient Self Service where possible to better utilise scarce health workforce  Enable the safe and secure sharing of patient medical information with other care providers
 After Hours, ED, Community Health Workers

Benefits – Patients
 Enhance Patient Journey and access to services  Enhances patient experience and continuity of care  Enhance patient safety by ensuring all clinicians have access to access to

the right patient information at point of care  Offer convenience – online appointment booking, lab result notification and order repeat prescriptions  Encourage participation in Health promotion activities  Improve quality of health information available to patients

Technical Features
o Patient Centric platform o Integrated with Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution PMS and

Interoperable with any other PMS o Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Supports Web Services

o Based on latest Microsoft .NET Technologies and Web 2.0 internet


RSS Feeds, Forums, Blogs

o Secure Site – Uses VeriSign® Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

Privacy Considerations
o Hosted in your Data Centre

Complies with Australian Privacy Laws

o All data in Data Centre is encrypted for additional security o Detailed Audit Trail – Audit Trail of Record Views o All personal and health data is browsed over a secure internet

connection (e.g. https://)

Telehealth Solution Benefits
TeleHealth/Home Care


Healthy, Independent Living Chronic Disease Management Doctor‘s Practice

• • •

Reduced Care and Medical Cost Improved Care Quality Aging at home


Elderly Care
Assisted Living Skilled Nursing Facility

Acute Care
Specialty Clinic Community Hospital ICU




Cost - $



VitelMed Applications
• • • • •
Health Check up camps can now be conducted using VitelMed Rural primary health Reduces the cost of post operative care for the patient and is convenient for the doctor Insurance company health check ups made easy Workplace/Home health assessment

Integrated Solution
o ManageMyHealth is the Patient Centric portal to manage

Patient in a collaborative care
o MT32 is the PMS for the Clinics and is tightly integrated with

o VitelMed provide the Telehealth capability o Clinical Audit Tool provides the clinical analytics