Green: The new color in Information Technology



Introduction The positive (or least negative) relationship between the physical computer and its impact to the environments in which it moves through from cradle to grave. .

not just the product on our desks Looks at: Manufacturing Usage during lifetime Disposal and Reallocation .Cradle to Grave Approach Full life-cycle analysis.

screen savers consume power) .Green Computing – Why? Growing public environmental awareness Increasing impacts on environmental and human health Corporate social responsibility Computer energy is often wasteful leaving the computer on when not in use (CPU and fan consume power.

..Green Computing – Why? Cont. Printing is often wasteful how many of you print out your emails or meeting agendas Printing out partial drafts For a “paperless” society. we tend to use more paper today than before computerprevalence Pollution Manufacturing techniques Packaging Disposal of computers and components .

the top item is not necessary. and the screen saver is not necessary on a flat panel display oUse hardware/software with the Energy Star label o Energy Star is a “seal of approval” by the Energy Star organization of the government .Reducing Energy Consumption oTurn off the computer when not in use. even if just for an hour oTurn off the monitor when not in use (as opposed to running a screen saver) oUse LCDs instead of CRTs as they are more power efficient oDon’t print unless necessary and you are ready oUse power saver mode o In power saver mode. but screen savers use as much electricity as any normal processing.

Energy Conservation Implementing power management options on machines Reducing the overall “on” time of the system as a whole Reducing the overall “on” time of the monitor in particular .

Energy Conservation Strategies Survey current computer power management policies and practices across campus Coordinate participation of IT personnel in an energy reduction plan Develop configuration standards. with IT personnel. to reduce energy consumption of computers .

Approaches to GREEN COMPUTING Algorithmic Efficiency Power Management Video Card Display Materials Recycling Telecommuting .

• Use of EUPs help in different aspects of the computing world help in recognizing the areas for improvement.To summarize • Green computing is a novel and an innovative trend in the world of computing which has minimum or no impact on the environment. . • Green computing has introduced a range of equipments and technologies which help in limiting the impact on the environment.