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HCL & Shiv Nadar Foundation  It is a welcome move that the Centre has allotted Rs 1.000 crore for skill development this year.Shiv Nadar. With the added budget allocation. we expect the Centre and states to come up with more partnership programmes with the private sector to reach the common goal of improving employability of the youth in India . This will provide more opportunities to accelerate the skilling of labour for various sectors of the economy. compared to Rs 500 crore last year. Chairman.

com)  We have targeted growth rate of 7.  The telecom sector has been completely ignored.  The rise in service tax from 10% to 12% is the biggest blow to all of us. there seems to be no clear road map to achieve it.  I suggest to abolish the income tax system altogether and encourage the domestic market to grow. wont touch it due to the contoversy surrounding it. The govt.6 %.Mr. . Binny Bansal (CEO & Founder – Flipkart.

Panasonic and Videocon primarily source their TV panels. prices of consumer electronics like LCD TV. airconditioners. will have little impact since there was already nil custom duty for imports from Japan and Korea from where major companies like LG.  The other announcement .  the budget does not bring any relief to the consumer electronics industry. refrigerators. LED TV. which has been reeling under the impact of rising input costs and rupee depreciation in recent times.exemption of basic custom duty for LCD and LED TV panels. washing machine and microwave ovens are going to go up by 2-4%.impact of budget on electronic business  an increase in excise duty by 2% from 10% to 12%. Samsung. .

 Boost in government spending on infrastructure will translate to healthy order book for infrastructure companies. 5 .  The road development companies will see higher order inflow & more project flow by NHAI.Mr.  This will allow infrastructure companies more avenues for financing their projects. Rajiv Talwar (Group Director – DLF)  I think the budget has laid down a path for fiscal discipline.

 Also. catheters and cannulae makes them available at cheaper rates for the patients.  The provision of NIL excise duty and exemption of customs duty on raw materials required for manufacture of Coronary stents/ Coronary stent system will led to available of these stents to cardiac patients at cheaper rates. the reduction of excise duty and customs duty on specified raw materials for manufacture of syringe. .impact of budget on hospitals  The increase in investment-linked deduction to 150 per cent (previously 100 per cent) on at least hundred-bed hospital is the key positive. needle.