Sustainable Green Urban Planning : The Green Credit Tool

Cilliers, E J; Diemont, E; Stobbelaar, D J; Timmermans, W
Wageningen University of Applied Sciences

Friday, 9 March 2012

Green open space is an area that give a space for many kind of plant. . Green planning is going to be an important things in developing urban spatial plannings because of it’s benefits.Abstract.... In this presentation I will tell you about Green Credit Tool which is related to Sustainable Green Planning as a new approach towards the planning of green spaces.

Urban space has given a big positive effect for urban planning.Introduction. Urban green space management is essential to quality of life and sustainable urban development... We need a new method to gain the sustainable green planning within urban development. and the answer is “The Green Credit Tool” .

Find out what The Green Credit Tool is ? 2.Find how The Green Credit Tool give it’s effect to the Green Space Planning ? .See what the components of The Green Credit Tool ? 3.. The objectives is to : 1.Objectives..

3 components/elements of GCT: .The collection of values .The Green Credit Tool is evaluated as a method to quantify the value of green spaces and to determine how these green space values can be replaced or compansated for within urban spatial planning projects.Compensation .Values Matrix .

The Green Credit Tool is also change the personality of residents to be A Green Community with all their contribution .The Green Credit Tool give it’s effect by evaluate the needs and wants of the community/residents and ensure public participation and meaningful stakeholder involvement in green open space development within urban planning.

recognizing its economic value and incorporating it into economic development strategies and policymaking. .Discussion.. and . facilitator and stimulate coordinated municipality act as catalyst.address theunique characteristics and elements of the specific area in terms of quality of place.take green-space-planning seriously.ensure facilitation of the stakeholder analysis. The Green Credit Tool can be implemented internationally.focus on quality planning. .. . quality of environment and quality of life. but authoritie should aim to: . .

thequality of life as it focuses on integrated planning(evaluating all sustainable development elements). The green credit tool is a part of a greater green space planning vision.the quality of environment as it focuses on "experiential" aspects (evaluating landscape and tranquillity). . The vision compares of three tools. The Green Credit Tool functions effectively as it incorporates all values of: . ...the quality of place as it focuses on the development it self (evaluating spatial planning issues).Conclusions. and . The green credit tool is the first step towards this integrated and multi-disciplinarry approach towards sustainable green urban planning.

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