Visual Merchandising (VM) is the art of presentation, which puts the merchandise in focus. It educates the customers, creates desire and finally augments the selling process


 Mr Prathish Nair, Head, Marketing, RAMMS India, a Bangalore-based retail consulting company, says that visual merchandising (VM) is seeing some big spends this year. While large department stores are spending about Rs 30-40 lakh per season on VM, malls are spending close to Rs 15 lakh for every changeover that happens and this is at least four times a year.

Retail Image
 A shopper should be able to determine a store‟s Name Line of trade Claim to fame Price position Personality  Visual Merchandising is the art of displaying merchandise in a manner that is appealing to the eyes of the customer.

The Elements of a Retail Image 5 .

and enhance physical behavior 6 . stimulate shopping behavior. integrated atmospherics approach to create a certain look.Visual Merchandising Proactive. properly display products.

vending machines. 7 . Web sites.Atmosphere  The psychological feeling a customer gets when visiting a retailer Store retailer: atmosphere refers to store‟s physical characteristics that project an image and draw customers Nonstore retailer: atmosphere refers to the physical characteristics of catalogs. etc.

What VM does?  Enhances the Shopping experience  Is a Communication Tool  Supplements creation of right environment  Helps customer make buying decisions 8 .

The Elements of Atmosphere 9 .

the branded apparel market — is now worth nearly $ 1 billion.CORPORATE EXAMPLES Displaying Robes Without Using Mannequins Industry experts believe that apparel sales in retail stores posted a growth of between 25-30 per cent in 2003 and according to an estimate by McKinsey. .

there are five key considerations to keep in mind: space.  Whether real or artificial. type. size. coverage and lighting. vice president of merchandising for seasonal living at Lowe's. . "Lowe's experts at each store have helpful tips about how to choose a tree that is just the right size and shape. plus ways to decorate and care for a tree so it will be beautiful throughout the season. when shopping for a Christmas tree." said Patti Price.

Mario Prada started the Prada label by selling leather handbags. and trunks.USE OF LIGHT AND GLASS In 1913. he started two boutiques in Milan Today Prada is now a worldwide empire. You can't find a celebrity that is not wearing Prada clothes . Following his gaining experience in the United States and Europe. It has stores throughout the western world. shoes.

examines four basic product categories in this dynamic market: casual shoes. Casual shoes account for 52% of the market. athletic shoes for 31%. and rugged and dress shoes for the remaining . athletic shoes. dress shoes. and rugged shoes. Market for Footwear.RACK DISPLAY The U.S.

dress forms are cost effective Ex Westside.MANNEQUIN DISPLAY Mannequins and body forms are essential for enhancing the appeal of the merchandise.Ebony Globas etc .Beside s traditional life size mannequins alternatives such as torso forms.

Pantaloon.Trent etc .Seasons. Ebony. Lifestyle.WRAPPED GIFT DISPLAY Gift Wrapping is an add on offered by many players in apparel retailing and specialty product retailing For ex Shopper‟s Stop. Levis.

ANIMATION DISPLAY Animation Displays are used in merchandising products for kids like Toys R Us .Gini and Johnny. Mattel.Life Spring .

“Visual Merchandising is a field that demands the attention of the best creative minds in the country." THANX .

“Visual presentation has an advantage over broadcast and print advertisements… over 60% of all women get their clothing ideas from store displays.” 18 .

Exterior Planning  Storefront (structural alternatives)  Signage  Marquee  Store entrances  Display windows  Exterior building height  Surrounding stores and area  Parking facilities 19 .

Store Entrances  How many entrances are needed?  What type of entrance is best?  How should the walkway be designed?  Does it create shoppers‟ interest? 20 .

escalator. stairs)  Dead areas  Personnel  Merchandise  Price levels  Displays  Technology  Store cleanliness 21 .General Interior           Flooring Colors Lighting Scents Sounds Store fixtures Wall textures Temperature Aisle space Dressing facilities  In-store transportation (elevator.

Allocation of Floor Space  Selling space  Merchandise space  Personnel space  Customer space 22 .

Basis  Assortment display  Theme-setting display  Ensemble display  Rack / Case display  Cut case / Dump bin 23 .Interior (Point-of-Purchase) Displays .

Shop Displays  Window displays (Exclusive windows. Open windows)  Live Displays (Dummy / Model display)  Marquee Displays  Freestanding / Island Displays (Gondola setting)  Counter displays  Brand Corners  End Cap Displays  Cascade / Waterfall Displays 24 .

and information  Can be customized to the individual customer  Can be modified frequently  Can promote crossmerchandising and impulse purchasing  Enables a shopper to enter and exit an online store in a matter of minutes Disadvantages  Can be slow for dialup shoppers  Can be too complex  Cannot display threedimensional aspects of products well  Requires constant updating  More likely to be exited without purchase 25 .Online Store Considerations Advantages  Unlimited space to present product assortments. displays.

Who uses VM  Retailers: Make merchandising desirable Make merchandise easy to locate in the store Introduce and explain new products Promotes store image Entice customers into the store Show merchandise assortment .

…„the eyes of the store‟  Window:     The window is also know as the eyes to the interior of the store Reinforce brand image Introduce brand/ product line to new or existing customers Strengthen traffic and sales  Types of windows: Closed back  Advantage: • • Less background distractions Could appear as a barrier.  Advantage: • • • Customer can see into the store Distraction from store merchandise Cant use screens. curtains. Intimidating  Disadvantage: Open back. plants etc  Disadvantage: . banners.

It is therefore mandatory to choose the right colour for the right theme of display.VM design elements  Colour  Can immediately create a mood  Lighting: Should accent focal point. In today's ultra competitive market place it is of paramount importance that retailers understand the basics of visual merchandising. One simple visual element. if possible  Customers entering a store are greatly influenced by the visual information they gather in the first split second. can catch a shopper's attention and also greatly affect their mood.  Texture     Surface treatment or feel Smooth surfaces appear lighter Textured surfaces appear darker Can be suggestive:  Feminine versus masculine .  A right choice of colours in the display can turn walkers into stoppers and significantly convert them into customers. such as colour.

height. strong  Balance  Symmetrical: Formal  Asymmetrical: Informal/ often more interesting  Dominance:  By colour. restful  Curved: Grace. feminine  Diagonal: Action. size or position  Attracts the eye first  Usually the merchandise  Contrast:  Show a sharp difference between objects  Can use colour or texture . force. pride. dignity  Horizontal: Easy going. Line  Vertical: Strength. charm.

line. or weight  Baby shoes next to a huge teddy bear???  Attracts attention  Promote and idea or look  Fragile versus weak  Rhythm:  Movement from element to element  From dominant object to subordinate object  Use of line. colour. scale. Proportion:  Relationship of size. lighting  Circular  Triangle  Repetition  Colour. shape  Creates importance and dominance .

Window examples… .

.Case study.. ..

Adidas .

The colour used in the background is blue signifying the cool and sporty look.  Creativity : The tagline being used is quite motivating for women of this era and would assure her that anything is possible. . The straight mannequins also suggest forcefulness and rigidness of the women‟s attitude.Adidas  Clarity of thought : The window display focuses on the women wear and accessories specially for the sports.

. Why did it work : It forces female customers to ponder what the store holds for them.Adidas Effectiveness : The display of upside down women signifies the freedom and independency of women which will motivate them to walk in the store.

Marks & Spencer .

Marks & Spencer Clarity of thought : The window display clearly shows that the sale season is going on for the apparels and accessories offered by the store. Creativity : The red color is used to indicate sale period which can be discovered from a far distance. it portrays excitement/ impulse purchase decisions. . Red colour is psychologically attached to the customers.

Marks & Spencer  Effectiveness : A customer interested would surely walk-in to avail the discounts as the display is shouting out for the sale season. .  Why did it work : The entire display used the red color tints and shades indicating sales period & also providing an opportunity to avail extra reduction. The big banners as well as mannequins wearing similar t-shirts talking about sale are also very helpful.

Fendi Oasis Burberry Zara .


it won't go away •The new thrift sits with green and eco-retailing •A return to local values •People looking for meaning in what they buy •Visual merchandising . Top 10 VM trends: A/W 10: •Luxury .WGSN..think local..a return to handcrafting •Greater emotional connections with shoppers at all levels •Don't be global .doing more with less •Visual merchandising . act local .