N. it started its operation at Kanjurmarg. Talwar [HUFs]. A. . Talwar & Mr.      The NITCO Group came into existence in the year 1956 with the formation of partnership firm at Delhi under the name of The Northern India Tiles Corporation [Delhis] for manufacturing mosaic tiles. In 2002. In 1984. it started one more marble processing unit at Slivassa. P. Mumbai for processing & distribution of imported marble in India. Company was converted into a public limited company with effect from January 25. Maharashtra & started the commercial production of ceramic tiles in 1997. 1996. Talwar. Growing further. in 1995. Mr. N. it began the implementation of green field project for manufacture of ceramic floor tiles at Alibaug. The partners of this firm were Mr. W.N.

Comp. name has been changed from Nitco Tiles Ltd to Nitco Ltd. Currently. 2006 -Nitco Tiles enters into CMA with Foshan Lungo Ceramics 2008 . vitrified/wall tiles. our product portfolio comprises of ceramic tiles. .   In 2004. it scaled up operations of outsourcing vitrified tiles from China. cement terrazzo tiles. pavers and marbles etc.

Pran Nath Talwar is the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Nitco Limited. Mr. Vivek Talwar is the Managing Director. Alok Goel has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Nitco Ltd Mr.G. B. Compliance Officer. Secretary of Nitco Limited. Executive Director of NITCO Limited .    Mr. Mr. Borkar serves as Chief Financial Officer.

K. Mr. Bhardwaj is Non-Executive Independent Director of NITCO Limited. . Poonam Talwar Whole Time Director of NITCO Limited.    Ms. Mr. Gaurav Burman is Non-Executive Independent Director of NITCO Limited. S. Atul Sud is Non-Executive Independent Director of NITCO Ltd. Mr.

continually improving every aspect of our operations. It plan on continuing on this great path of ceaseless improvement and sustainable growth. has long been known for its corporate values/ethics as well as its formidable product quality and customer service. The great quality and innovation of our tiles has been officially recognized through the receipt of many awards. Because Nitco is in a league of its own.   Nitco Ltd. it are always competing with ourselves. as well as international certification. .


therefore. is the resulting product. up to this very day. one needs to bake a mixture of clays at a very high temperature. the process is still very much the same. which is called the “bisque” and the surface. for the creation of all ceramic materials. which is called the “glaze”. meaning "a potter" or "pottery”. fired at a high temperature and cut to size.   . “Ceramic” comes from the Greek term Keramos. A ceramic tile consists of two parts: the body. Since the infancy of ceramics. pressed. after a mixture of clays have been treated appropriately. A ceramic tile.

  . Vitrified tiles allow for a “full body” tile. The advantage of this is that the tiles become incredibly strong.1%. Their hardness and polish is achieved by virtue of the pressing together of very hard materials. Vitrified tiles are extremely strong and durable and processed in such a way that they allow for very little water absorption. Vitrified tiles have a water absorption of < 0. but runs throughout the entire tile. which means that the design is not merely on the surface of the tile. Vitrified tiles are non-glazed tiles.

 Mosaico is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass. no matter how large or complicated these may be. stone.    . stone and Ceramic/Vitrified tile pieces. Mosaics by Nitco normally use three materials. Mosaico manufacturing line. Very special about mosaico facility. or other materials. is that the customers are able to chose their own designs. marble. based at Kanjur Marg in Mumbai works hard every day to create the finest mosaic designs conceivable.

 Shall maintain and promote the Company by maintaining highest degree of Corporate Governance practices. Shall ensure that they use the Company's assets. information and intellectual rights for official purpose only and/or as per the terms and conditions detailed in their letter of appointment. Shall act in utmost good faith and exercise due care. Shall not divulge and maintain absolute confidentiality of information entrusted by the Company or acquired during the performance of their duties and shall not use it for personal gain or advantage. properties. diligence and integrity in performing their official duties.    .

regulations and statutes. Shall not seek. disqualify him/ her from his/ her association with the Company. 1992 as also other regulations as may become applicable to them from time to time. payments or favour or induce anyone else in whatsoever form from the Company's business associates.  . which if not complied with may. any gift. which can be perceived as being given to gain favour or dealing with the Company and shall ensure that the Company's interests are never compromised. accept or receive. otherwise. directly or indirectly. except through the designated spokespersons unless authorized otherwise. Shall not communicate with any member of press or publicity media or any other outside agency on matters concerning the Company. laws. Shall ensure strict compliance with SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations. rules.   Shall ensure strict compliance of the prescribed safety & environment related norms and other applicable codes.

.  Nitco's widespread network includes 18 depots. the company also has 4 factories and various offices in India. 750 direct dealers and over 5000 sub dealers spread across the country. Apart from a closely interlinked network. with its headquarters located in Mumbai.


The in vogue branding of the stall attracted many visitors. no matter what. The “Wall Tile Persona” series. This makes the tile extremely strong and durable. also received much praise. The tile has a natural finish and is unique because the same color. which are designed to reflect one’s personality. texture and design run right through the tile: from the surface to its very core.     The title brings together the beauty of nature and the strength of rock. enabling it to retain its natural beauty. .