Taxicab Number and Interesting Aspects

Presented by Kangkeun Rhee March 13th, 2010 at Pepperdine University

Presentation Outline  Two mathematicians to introduce  The story behind Taxicab Numbers  What is a Taxicab Number?  So-far discovered Taxicab Numbers  Aspects about Taxicab Numbers  Cabtaxi Numbers and Information .

Number theory without Hardy is like a car without an engine. I should be sorry you were going to die. -"If I could prove by logic that you would die in five minutes. series. but my sorrow would be very much mitigated by pleasure in the proof" .Highly celebrated mathematician in India. Mostly seen in number theory. and self-taught genius with no training in pure mathematics.Two Mathematicians to introduce  Ramanujan (12/22/1887 to 04/26/1920) . H. and functions  G. Hardy (02/07/1887 to 12/01/1947) .

“Actually it is an interesting number BECAUSE it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two positive cubes in two different ways.” says Hardy. I have not seen anything interesting.One Story Behind Taxicab Number  Taxicab with a number of 1729. . .“I looked at this number and apparently. .” says Ramanujan.

So what exactly is a Taxicab Number?  In mathematics. Ramanujan G. Hardy . Taxicab number 7 has not been discovered yet as of now. H.  So far 6 Taxicab numbers are discovered. generally denoted as Ta(n) or Taxicab(n). is the smallest number that can be expressed as a sum of two positive cubes in n distinct ways.  The last Taxicab Number was discovered just two years ago by Hollerbach. the nth taxicab number.

following the work done by Calude in 2003 . March 8.Discovered Taxicab Numbers 2 discovered by Hardy and Ramanujan. confirmed by David Wilson in 1999 6 announced by Hollerbach. 2008. called Hardy-Ramanujan Number 3 discovered by John Leech in 1957. 4 discovered by Rosenstiel in 1993 5 discovered by Dardis 1994.

Ta(5). . Taxicab number is hard to discover. Hardy and Ramanujan are not the first publishers of 1729. .Advancement in technology such as calculators and computers  Even with technology. Bernard Bessy is the first publisher.Interesting Aspects of Taxicab Numbers  Unfortunately. One thing to note is that Ta(4). the proof is no use in finding the number. (1657)  It is quite clear that most of the Taxicab numbers are discovered in the last century. and Ta(6) were discovered in the last few decades.  Although it is proven that the nth Taxicab number exists (Proven by Hardy and Wright).

.Cabtaxi number is the smallest positive number that can be written in n ways as a sum of two (does not have to be positive cubes.The name is derived from the Taxicab Number (Explained above) Why can’t I be Either one? .There is also a Cabtaxi Number  What is a Cabtaxi Number? . cubes can also be negative) cubes.

Cabtaxi Number (1) .

Cabtaxi Number (2) .

Cabtaxi Number (3) .

following the method from Daniel Bernstein. was discovered by Duncan Moore  Christian Boyer.  Cabtaxi number 8 was discovered by Daniel Bernstein. . 6. reported Cabtaxi 10 to be an upper bound and Hollerbach later verified to be Cabtaxi 10 in 2008.  Cabtaxi number 5.  Cabtaxi 9. four years ago. 7 were found by Randall Rathburn.Information about Cabtaxi No.

Personal Acknowledgements  Dr. Kendra Killpatrick of Pepperdine University  People who attended the Tuesday Tea Talk on February 16th  Pacific Coast Math Conference . Brian Fisher of Pepperdine University  Dr.