M. kavitha MBA.

, Department of management studies RANIPPETTAI ENGINEERING COLLEGE Walaja , Vellore District


“Knowledge is intangible, dynamic, and difficult to measure, but without it no organization can survive.” Tacit : Individual experience Eg: Subjective insights, intuitions. Explicit : Formal knowledge - Packaged as information. Eg: reports, articles and manuals, patents, pictures, video images, sound, software.

.KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM WHAT IS “KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT” ? Knowledge management is a systematic and organized attempt to generate knowledge within an organization that can transform its ability to store and use knowledge for improving performance.

creation of supportive organizational structures. facilitation of organizational members.KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM DEFINITION COINED BY THOMAS BERTELS “Knowledge management is the management of the organization towards the continuous renewal of the organizational knowledge base .this means e. putting ITinstruments with emphasis on teamwork and diffusion of knowledge into workplace” .g.

It's a revolution.KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM WHAT IS PARADIGM SHIFT ……. “There is a transformation of the industrial economy into a knowledge based-economy in 21 st century” ---.PARADIGM SHIFT . but rather it is driven by agents of change With the emergence of LPG the business environment has become dynamic. It just does not happen. a transformation. a sort of metamorphosis.? Paradigm Shift as a change from one way of thinking to another.

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM WHO IS A KNOWLEDGE WORKER……? Contributing Planning Acquiring Distributing KNOWLEDGE WORKER Searching Programming Storing Organizing Analyzing .

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM  Knowledge workers are people who use their heads more than their hands to produce value. their judgment and their designs. They add value through their ideas. their analyses. Works with Knowledge Creates Transforms Results DEVELOPS AND USES KNOWLEDGE WORKPLACE Converts .

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM CHARACTERSTICS OF KNOWLEDGE WORKERS …… I Good Thinking & Analytical Power Independent thinking Innovative Skills Creative Techniques II Continuous Learning Learn Unlearn Relearn Collaboration Cooperation Coordination III Team Spirit .

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM Knowledge workers are calculated Risk Takers as well as ‘Emotional intelligent’ People Knowledge workers are ‘Action Oriented People’ Knowledge workers have Proper understanding of ‘Computer and Telecom Technology’ Eg…. ADITYA PURI –Managing Director HDFC BANK Businessman of the Year 2009 of .


benefits etc) Overcome Sound Infrastructure and hi-tech information technology Sharing of Knowledge: Effectively between Multiple Knowledge Workers and Knowledge team Overcome Proper alignment of the demand of knowledge.KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM Expensive Affair: Money invested in HR (Recruitment Training. availability of knowledge. distribution and sharing of knowledge . compensation.

pay packages and benefit. Managing Expectations : Challenging jobs. growth opportunities.. quality of work life.Continued……. Overcome Organizations need to provide the best possible facilities to them .

EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT OF KNOWLEDGE WORKER Appropriate Selection Retention Strategy Knowledge Sharing Active Learning Quality of Work life Compensation and Rewards Counseling and Mentoring Training Sound IT Infrastructure Creating an Innovative Culture Effective Leadership .KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM HUMAN RESOURCE STRATEGIES FOR -------.

Eg: WIPRO believes in hiring the best people RETENTION STRATEGY Giving promotion. Appreciation.. WIPRO etc . TCS. Incentives. Knowledge seeking individuals. Infosys.KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM APPROPRIATE SELECTION Focusing on Recruiting Bright. Rewards and Appraisals whenever required Eg: Due to “POACHING” IT companies strengthened its retention strategies.

Guest Lectures etc. Brainstorming. Eg: Infosys have well-developed software's and knowledge repositories for creating and sharing knowledge ACTIVE LEARNING Teach their employees “Learning To Learn” Eg: Toyota Launched e-learning in the year 1999 . Seminars. Workshop.KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM KNOWLEDGE SHARING Conducting GDs.

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM QUALITY OF WORK LIFE Welfare Provisions (ESI Schemes. Club membership etc.) Work life balance. were giving high pay packages and ESOP options.) fringe benefits (canteen. Bonuses and special prizes for teams or individuals Eg: In 1990 various IT companies like WIPRO.. interest. .. free loans etc.. COMPENSATION AND REWARDS Monetary Awards. Polaris etc. Stress management. flextime etc. house rent.. Satyam.

Coaching and Mentoring The company believes in the principle of “Respect for People” and “Continuous Improvement” TRAINING Provides a Platform for Learning and also maintains Team Spirit .KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM COUNSELING & MENTORING Manager should play the role of counselor and mentor in order to motivate employees and remove obstacles in their path of achievement. Eg: Toyota focusing on developing human capabilities through Training.

. Whirlpool & Nokia etc. innovation and knowledge culture .KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM SOUND IT INFRASTRUCTURE Organization should have sophisticated and user friendly software systems that would help in documentation and streamlining of data and process Eg: Infosys and Tata Steel have knowledge repositories and Hi tech software's for knowledge sharing CREATING AN INNOVATIVE AND KNOWLEDGE CULTURE Foster and environment of Innovation and Change Eg: WIPRO. focus on integrating creativity.

Eg: WIPRO initiated the training program “Winds of Change” aims @ improving leadership skills .KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP Leaders who come up with New ideas and Vision that inspires others to act and also participatory leadership style should be followed.It created FIVE different training programs like ELP – Entry level program NLP – New leader’s program WLP – WIPRO leader’s program BLP – Business leader’s program SLP – Strategic leader’s program .

If the HR department recognizes the importance of these strategies and follows them. then no one stop the organization from continuous knowledge enhancement. incremental productivity and success.KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A NEW PARADIGM CONCLUSION So Managing knowledge workers is one of the greatest challenge encountered by HR managers. Productivity of knowledge workers can be enhanced. only if organizations understand the techniques of managing them. If the department follows proper techniques and ways of managing knowledge workers. then the productivity of knowledge workers can be enhanced and overall efficiency of the organization can be improved. .