Service management, Indigo airlines


• Indigo Airlines currently has a fleet of 52 Airbus A320 , with seating capacity of 180 in each aircraft. • 180 x 52 = 9360 total seats. • Perfect network planning helps indigo to Carrie 30,000 passengers daily out of its full capacity i.e.1,00,000

Fig in million

Demand, capacity & load factor – chart of indigo

6 5 4 Demand 3 2 1 0 Jan Feb March April May June July August Sep Oct Nov Dec (2011) Capacity Loadfactor

• LCC-model: low cost careers • LCCs currently are the drivers behind the growth of the aviation industry, • Using only one type of aircraft to minimize Maintenance overheads. i.e. A320 • Lean Operating Strategy to maximize efficiency • Employee welfare and resultant loyalty

Innovation cntd…
• Indigo was among the first airlines to have the aircraft taxi to the terminal with one engine, shutting down the second engine to save fuel. • Indigo has no loyalty programs, yet half of those flying are repeat customers.

Promotional Strategy
Communication Objectives-Indigo is promoting the below three things majorly as part of its advertising programme— 1) On-time performance , 2) Affordable fares and , 3) Hassle free passenger experience.

Advertisement Strategy
 Hoardings at airports with focus on Best on time

  

performance Advertisement through social networking mediumFacebook, Twitter, YouTube etc Collaboration with Multiplexes in major cities to promote the airline and its special offers Advertisement hoardings in multi-storeyed buildings and offices Advertisements in magazines targeting Urban population

Advertisement Strategy contd..
 Sponsoring fashion shows, talent hunts, New Year parties

 

etc. Collaboration with consumer banks, credit card companies, hotels, ticketing websites to promote special offers, discounts and cash back. Giving Indigo promotion a local flavour by promoting in regional languages in respective sectors Sending special offer details to frequent fliers by sms, email etc Targeting foreigners in Tourist circuits

Advertisement through Social Media

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