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. NEEDS • To find out and develop prospective customers. • To know level of expectation of customers. • To create awareness among new customers. • To find out the competitors.OBJECTIVES • To estimate market potential.

It has a business over 4. with a shareholder base of over 12 million. the Reliance . • Reliance is the largest in India.COMPANY PROFILE • The Reliance – ADA Group is among India’s top three private sector business houses on all major financial parameters .500 towns and 300. and 5 continents across the world.ADA Group touches the life of 1 in 10 Indians every single day. among the largest in the world. • Present in 168 branches covering 147 locations • To add over 190 more branches by the end of next year • A strong Sales force comprising of over 60. .000 villages in India.000 advisors • Through its products and services.

• Research was done for developing new plans.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY • Research has been done on the basis of questionnaire. • Research was done for finding out. • Analyzing competitors. • Customer satisfaction. • Interest of customers towards new product. • Market potential. .

games. puzzles. . online jokes. an online community that offers quizzes.COMPANY MEASURES • The company is looking at expanding its product suite. • Reliance Life Insurance launched a new product called “Reliance Child Secure Plan. • Another offering is a ‘playground programme’. contests and redeemable e-points for achievements. • Reliance Life Insurance has introduced a new insurance policy with a minimum premium of Rs. • Plans to soon file a health insurance product with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. 5000 with a sum assured of 20 times of the premium amount.

4%. So I found that remaining 3% are not aware about Reliance Life Insurance. but the nearest competitor of the Reliance in private sector are ICICI. I found that 97% people are aware about the Reliance Life Insurance. • From the analysis. 2% respectively.FINDINGS • From analyzing the data we come to know that 45% people are investing with Reliance. . Bajaj Alliance & Bharti Axa which having investors are 13%.

Only existing customers are aware about it. This will affect the future demand. there are some hidden terms which are not been informed to the customers while investing. . Only advertisement or any other activity is not enough as convention factor. • 17% people are aware about allocation charges which are going to be deducted from their investment. Means proper information is not been provide to the customers. • 57% people are not aware about new product which is launch by the RLIC.• From the total sample size 52% people are convince by the company executive. so a company representative is plays a very much important role in the market. • From the existing customers 43% people are aware about new Product.

.SUGGESTIONS • Insurance Business is based on the relationship so Reliance Life Insurance has to develop appropriate network for better awareness like advertisement and promotional activities which are only source of creating awareness and develop relationship among company and customers. • For increasing the satisfaction level of the customers they have to give the proper guidance to the investor before investing. • Give advertisement for the product promotion.

e. • Reliance Life Insurance is on the 3rd position in private sector insurance industry. It is a fastest growing organization with a market capitalization of Rs.CONCLUSION • During my training program I learned how people think and react about investment with any insurance companies. • As Reliance life Insurance is a partner of a middleclass person it is very much help full for the lower level income group to get better returns by investing small amount of their investment. . • From the research I found that the hypotheses is been satisfied i. market potential of Reliance Life Insurance is higher than their competitors. • RELIANCE LIFE INSURANCE has obtained a very important place in Insurance sector. 325.000 crores. I am fortunate to have training in this organization.