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Course : MIS & ERP

NlC was come to existence to deuce the congestion at Karachi Port in sixth august 1978. Has mega construction project in Middle east, Qatar, Afghanistan engineer working there. This has resulted planned expansion of its in Turkey and Iran.

Integrates & Automates Business Processes And Information Systems Covering All Functional Areas.

What ERP Do?

Improve sales forecasting which allow company to inventory at optimization level. It centralizes the business data in one application software. Real time information flow to all departments in a business. Analysis the things much better for long-term planning purpose. Cost saving activities and reduces human resource and increase ROI.

An ERP System includes Business Processes that ERP software supports, Users of ERP systems Hardware and Operating Systems that run ERP applications ERP software,

Note: The failures in one or more of those four components could cause the failure of an ERP project. The failures of multi-million dollar ERP projects are reported once in a while even after 20 years of ERP implementation.

Electronic Commerce

Supply Chain Management Sales Force Automation

Material Requirement Planning





Manufacturing Resource Planning (+Capacity)

Enterprise Manufacturing Resource Resource Planning Planning (+BPRHR Logistics (+Cash flow) Service..)

Internet Integration

Business Intelligent

Knowledge Management

Customer Relationship Management

Oracle launched its application suite with financials software in the late 1980s . refers to the non-database of Oracle Corporation software portfolio.

Modules are: Human Capital Management. Supply Chain Management. Advanced Procurement. Financial Management. Project Management. Transport Management etc.

The Data was not timely share and one department is not giving the data to other department.

Heterogeneous Hardware & Software platforms & practices. Poor connectivity between different organizational locations. All these arise to poor customer services for NLC.

Integration of Systems across the Functional

Departments in a Company as well as across the

Enterprise as a Whole.

To introduce proper systems and processes which will not be

man dependent.

Better Customer Services. Data Visibility all department. Faster Business Processes. Get the Competitive advantage.

OTM give NLC robust transportation planning and execution to shippers and third party logistics providers. NLC through OTM integrates transportation planning, execution, cargo payment, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, Freight Services, Liquid services, dry cargo and its related parts.

BENEFITS Improve Sales Visibility Increase Customer Satisfaction Expedite Sales Cycles

Order Management. Shipment Execution. Supply Chain. Financial. Marketing. etc

These all Modules and sub Modules are integrated with OTM.


Pre Training

Change IT Structure. Training

Key Members from each department Training about how to operate. Post Induction Training Training of all other employees to work on ERP

Putting all data in Oracle ERP Test the process Eliminating old data



Problem has been overcome due to the complete ERP package providers like Oracle. Hardware Software Integrated Systems Peripheral devices

Lower Trip Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction

Managing less-than-truck-load scenarios where more than one customer/shipment will share the vehicle and by providing a web based order entry and tracking facility to customers, customer satisfaction will increase.

Reduce order-to-cash cycle

Closely monitor and control the customer orders delivery cycle as well as it's own accounts receivable position

Key Performance Indicators monitoring

The right information available at the right time, the managers can define KPIs for their respective processes, assign responsibilities and monitor performance, Include processes not only within the organization but processes involving outside entities like suppliers, business partners and customers.

Decrease in Operating expenses