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Oracle‟s EPM System and Strategy
John O’Rourke Sr. Director, Product Marketing – EPM Global Business Unit

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Larry Ellison – CEO of Oracle

• • • • Oracle’s EPM System Vision Oracle/Hyperion Product Integration Strategy Driving Customer Value Summary and Questions

It is intended for information purposes only. The development. and may not be incorporated into any contract. release. and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is not a commitment to deliver any material. code. . or functionality.

EPM Market Drivers Alignment Predictability Consistency Transparency Immediacy .

Business Intelligence Customer Challenges • • • • • Siloed Fragmented Inconsistent Restricted Unintuitive Hasn’t the promise of BI been there for the past decade? .

Oracle‟s EPM Vision • Link strategic goals to operational decisions • Transform financial management processes • Monitor execution in real-time • Deliver consistent. reliable insights to drive action • Lower costs and reduce system complexity • Single version of the truth Set Goals Align Insight Performance Action Plan Report Analyze Monitor .

Siebel.Introducing: Oracle‟s Enterprise Performance Management System Web Office Desktop Mobile Embedded in Applications Performance Management Applications BI Applications Business Intelligence Foundation Fusion Middleware OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart OLAP SAP. Custom Excel XML Business Process . Oracle. PeopleSoft.

Plans & Actuals Financial Close Process Cost and Profitability Management Define Costing Methods Data Cleansing Internal Reporting & Analysis External Reporting & Compliance Report & Analyze Perform Allocations Consolidate Define Cost Drivers .Market-leading Suite of Finance and Strategy Performance Management Applications Strategic Planning Set Strategic Objectives Treasury Strategies Corporate Development Long-Term Planning Forecasting Allocate Resources Planning and Budgeting Cascade Targets Detailed Budgeting Master Data Business Rules Metrics/KPIs Targets.

Available Inventory Supply Chain Supplier Performance Spend Analysis Procurement Cycle Times Inventory Availability Employee Expenses BOM Analysis Financials A/R & A/P Analysis Human Resources Employee Productivity GL / Balance Compensation Sheet Analysis Analysis Customer & Product Profitability Cycle Time Analysis Backlog Analysis Fulfillment Status Customer Receivables HR Compliance Reporting Workforce Profile Turnover Trends Return on Human Capital P&L Analysis Expense Management Cash Flow Analysis Prebuilt adapters: Other Operational & Analytic Sources Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition .Most Complete Suite of BI Applications Auto Comms & Media Complex Consumer Sector Mfg Energy Financial Services High Tech Insurance Life & Health Sciences Public Sector Travel & Trans Sales Pipeline Analysis Triangulated Forecasting Sales Team Effectiveness Up-sell / Cross-sell Cycle Time Analysis Lead Conversion Service & Contact Center Churn Propensity Customer Satisfaction Resolution Rates Service Rep Effectiveness Service Cost Analysis Service Trends Marketing Campaign Scorecard Response Rates Product Propensity Loyalty and Attrition Market Basket Analysis Campaign ROI Order Management & Fulfillment Order Linearity Orders vs.

SAS Oracle EBS.. Data Access Oracle RDBMS Oracle OLAP Option Microsoft SQL Server & Analysis Services IBM DB2 Teradata Essbase SAP BW XML. SPSS. PeopleSoft. Excel.. JD Edwards . Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Security Oracle Kerberos iPlanet MSFT AD Novell Custom Others .. Siebel.. Data Integration Oracle Data Integrator (Sunopsis) Oracle Warehouse Builder Informatica Ascential Others . SAP. Text Others . Outlook.Hot-Pluggable With Existing IT Investments Portals Data Mining Applications Desktop Tools Any JSR 168 Portal Oracle Data Mining. . Lotus Notes .. Excel.

Custom Apps Files Excel XML Business Process . Personalization Multidimensional Calculation and Integration Engine Intelligent Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart OLAP SAP. Oracle PeopleSoft. User Management.Pervasive Information Access Through a Unified BI Foundation Desktop Gadgets Ad-hoc Analysis Interactive Dashboards Search Reporting & Publishing Proactive Detection and Alerts Disconnected & Mobile Analytics MS Office & Outlook Integration Common Enterprise Information Model Integrated Security. Siebel.

Customer Benefits • • • • • • Faster Close & Financial Planning Cycles Improve Confidence and Predictability Aligns Decisions with Strategic Goals Compare Operational Results to Plans in Real Time Drive Insight to Action With Lower Cost & Less Complexity .

<Insert Picture Here> Hyperion/Oracle Product Integration Strategy .

Product Integration Milestones 1 Align and Certify 2 Unify and Integrate 3 Extend and Evolve .

OS.11 Compliance • Certify with 11gR1 Database • Certify with 10gR3 Fusion Middleware • Align License Keys to Oracle Practices • Re-brand GUI and Documentation 1 Align and Certify . Processor Coverage • Align Language Support & Internationalization • Align Security & 802.Product Integration Milestones • Align browser. JDK.

Product Integration Milestones • Common User Interface & Workspace • Common Identity Management • Common Application Server • Common Data Integration • Common Data Access & Search • Interoperability across BI Foundation • Integrated Access to Applications 2 Unify and Integrate .

Product Integration Milestones • Evolve Enterprise Information Model to support Financial Performance Management Applications • Semantic layer calculation extensibility • Extend integration between Hyperion Planning and Oracle Operational BI Applications 3 Extend and Evolve .

<Insert Picture Here> Driving Customer Value .

Financial Performance Management Product Strategy • Expand EPM System common components • Continue Hyperion application innovation • Lower TCO through better integration • Oracle platform and applications • SAP R/3 and BW • Introduce new packaged applications • Support and migrate existing Oracle and PeopleSoft customers Web Office Desktop Mobile Embedded Financial Performance Management Applications Operational BI Applications Business Intelligence Foundation .

reporting and administrative content .EPM Workspace Integrates Management Processes into a Common Environment • Single sign on • Planning and HFM process integration • User interface filtered by security • Tabbed view of content • One place for applications.

EPM Architect Unifies Application Creation and Deployment Dimension Library Common. extensible components Dimension Mapping Link Applications Data Synchronizer Process Synchronizations Application Library One Control Center .

Hyperion Financial Management FEATURES • • • • • • • Simple to Customize Easy to Integrate Financial Data Quality Complete Audit Trails Flexible Workflow Powerful Reporting Finance owned & operated BENEFITS Financial Consolidation. Reporting & Analysis • • • • • Confidence in the numbers Reduce cycle time Automate collection & validation Lower cost of compliance Speed and agility .

1 • Capabilities • Support for XBRL 2.1 Specifications • Support for schema. context and units • Define any text in report as XBRL fact • Benefits • Improves transparency • Eliminates rework and potential for errors • Compliance with SEC Voluntary Filing .Improve Finance Productivity and Shorten SEC Filing Process with XBRL Hyperion Financial Management 9.3.

SAP. Other Application Access Controls Tax Calculations Financial and Mgmt.Integrated Governance Risk and Compliance Transactions CFO Dashboard Oracle GRC Manager Application Configuration Controls ERP: Oracle. Legacy. Reporting Reconciliations Tax Filing XBRL/SEC Reporting CFO Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Hyperion Financial Management Infrastructure Services CIO Oracle/Hyperion Partner .

BI Tools • Drill-back to transactional systems • Integration with Oracle GRC offerings . ERP Integration and Scalability • Hyperion Financial Management – System 9 • EPM Architect Enhancements • Common Calc Manager • Lifecycle Management • Delegated User Management & Admin • 64 Bit Platform Support • Reporting Accelerator • Oracle Platform Integration • Identity Management. Portal.Roadmap Focus on EPM System.

Hyperion Planning FEATURES • • • • • • Strategic Planning Modeling & Simulation What-if Analysis Excel Integration Enterprise Collaboration Native Reporting & Analysis BENEFITS Planning & Budgeting Applications • • • • • Speed Accuracy Align finance and operations Accountability Visibility to past. current and future business performance .

Capital Expense Planning Application New with Planning 9. retire. and improve assets • Directly linked to main plan • Interfaces with external systems .3 • Packaged application • Plan for asset purchases and asset related expenses • Transfer.

Integrated Business Planning Topology Analysis and Reporting Goal Setting Business goals Metrics and Scorecards Financial Modeling Long Range Targets Integrated Business Plan Financial Planning & Budgeting Annual Targets Aligned Plans Strategic Operational Planning Operational Policies Baseline Plans Functional Operational Planning Execution Plan Execution Status Functional Execution Application Foundation .

Interlace Dynamic Planning Server Planning. Analysis and Reporting • Review exception messages • Analyze the plan • Change assumptions Strategic Operational Planning Server Application and Process Layers Impact Analyzer Scenario Manager Federated Modeling Model Designer • Evaluate Scenarios • Approve Changes • Update Plan of Record Change Based Modeling Engine • J2EE based technology • Data and User driven modeling • Intelligent Scoping for Recalculation Relational Databases (Oracle 9i and 10g. SQL Server) .

BI Tools • Integration with operational planning modules .Planning Roadmap Focuses on EPM System Components and New Planning Modules • Hyperion Planning – System 9 • EPM Architect Enhancements • Common Calc Manager • Lifecycle Management • Planning for Banking • Delegated User Management & Admin • Hyperion Strategic Finance – System 9 • Smart View Integration Strategic Finance. Portal. Performance Scorecard • Integration with Crystal Ball • Oracle Platform Integration • Identity Management.

channel. Relational Store) Web Analysis. customer.Hyperion Profitability Management • What it does: • • • • • Cost. brand etc Customer segment analysis. region. Financial Reporting & Visual Explorer Pre-defined “templates” for reports/vertical content . revenue & profit reporting and analysis Cost management: ABC. Traceability Maps Profitability by product. Customer cost-to-serve Profitability planning and resource optimization • What‟s in it: • • • • • Allocation Engine for Costs and Revenues (new) Traceability Map (new) System 9 Technology (Essbase.

<Insert Picture Here> Oracle BI Foundation .

integrated platform architecture • Unified enterprise information model • Pervasive Information Delivery Layer • Common workspace • All styles of reporting and analysis • Range of real-time and event-based capabilities • Hot-Pluggable with Existing IT Investments • Transaction systems • Database • Middleware Web Office Desktop Mobile Embedded Financial Performance Management Applications Operational BI Applications Business Intelligence Foundation .Business Intelligence Foundation Product Strategy • Comprehensive BI Foundation • Common technology for EPM. BI Applications and Data Warehousing • Single.

Oracle PeopleSoft. Custom Apps Files Excel XML Business Process Financial Performance Management Applications Hyperion Essbase .Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus Pervasive Information Delivery Interactive Dashboards Ad hoc Analysis Proactive Detection and Alerts Microsoft Office Reporting & Publishing BI Publisher Financial Reporting Interactive Reporting SQR Production Reporting Web Analysis Common Enterprise Information Model Oracle BI Server Set Goals Plan Insight Performance Action Report Monitor Align Analyze OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart SAP. Siebel.

Essbase is a Core to Oracle‟s BI Foundation Richest Business User Experience Most Highly Advanced Calculation Engine Best Custom Analytic Environment • Superior Tools for the Business User • Broadest Analytic functionality • “Speed of Thought” response • Superior Calculation Power • Comprehensive library of functions • Extensive Financial and Time Intelligence • Optimized Storage • Enterprise scale Forward Looking applications • Premium Performance .

3.1 • Trickle Feed into a “persisted” ASO cube • Disk-based cubes • With any and all aggregations • Cube is online through the process • Read & Write can co-exist with trickle feed .Near Real Time Essbase Cubes Hyperion Essbase 9.

Week.Complete Time Flexibility Hyperion Essbase 9. Month.3.1 • Supports Any Calendar • • • • Gregorian Retail Manufacturing Promotion • Fiscal Year Support • Time intelligent functions • A variety of time periods: Day. Quarter • Years viewed as 12 months or 13 periods .

3. filtering and sorting • Dynamic time series • Advanced member selection • Duplicate member names .Enhanced Hyperion Essbase Integration Hyperion Interactive Reporting 9.1 • Shared members • Ragged hierarchies • Attributes • Server-side ranking.

Fifth Third Bank • Hyperion Customer Welcome Reception • Pre-marketing • OOW Guide to EPM/BI Sessions • 40 demo stations • Customer Videos . 80 sessions in the Hyperion progam • Key Customers: Alcoa. Office Depot.EPM/BI Activities at Open World • 180 sessions. Verizon. Cisco. BT. Toyota.

Alcoa and others BT Group plc Symantec Dell/Deloitte . John O’Rourke Oracle Srikant Gokulnatha Oracle S291730 S291708 S293041 S292739 S292741 S293042 Customer Panel: EPM at Work Implementing BI and EPM Best Practices in EPM Improving the Quality of Information Verizon. BT Group.Suggested Sessions – OpenWorld „07 Session # SS291712 S291720 Title Introduction to Hyperion Financial Management Enterprise Planning with Hyperion Planning and Strategic Finance Introduction to Hyperion Profitability Mgmt Oracle’s Roadmap for Hyperion EPM Products Speaker Dominick DiPaolo Oracle Ivo Bauermann Oracle Don Bean.

Extended support for Hyperion products 7. Improved integration with Oracle applications 5.e. If red is your favorite color – you’ll love Oracle 1. Access to the industry’s most complete EPM system 9. Improved integration with Oracle platforms 6. Hot-Pluggable with other environments – i. SAP 4. How else can you see Larry Ellison. Over 90% of Hyperion staff have been retained 3. Billy Joel.Top 10 Reasons the Oracle Acquisition is Good for Hyperion Customers 40. Stevie Nicks and Lenny Kravitz all in one night! .000 new friends 2. Continued/increased R&D on Hyperion products 8. Attend Oracle OpenWorld .


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