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Made By:Kanika Sharma Noopur Jain Sandhya Yadav Smrati Shukla
KBCSS 4/6/12

VISION:  The basic idea of KBCSS is to provide an environment for the students and faculty of a university to enhance their technical skills and to share their knowledge with their fellow students or faculty/researchers/industrial experts. KBCSS 4/6/12 .

e. learning by mining(i. now exists in such a way that Industries are now not part of the education system.Key Features  Today most of the educational institutions in India are understaffed and does not have a basic interaction with industry.. 4/6/12  It KBCSS . It also aims to provide a platform for mutual cooperation between different kinds of users. previous discussions are a source which is studied). Providing an environment for students/faculty/researcher/industry experts will drive us to make up an online knowledge centre for education and research.

from faculty to students to a bidirectional way i.. previous discussions are a source which is studied).e. also from student to faculty.It also aims to provide a platform for mutual cooperation between different kinds of users.e. learning by mining(i. • KBCSS 4/6/12 .e. •We strongly want to replace the existing elearning systems of many universities and colleges which are unidirectional i...

grant permission to users to generate and view reports. Faculty. research Admin has the authority to add/delete users.SCOPE: • • • • There are four basic users : Students/research scholars. All users have their own profiles in KBCSS. KBCSS 4/6/12 . Industry experts/HR managers. Administrators. Students/Faculty can search and post any paper.

DB2. Java.SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:  Client  Web on Internet .Web Browser. Servlets. Operating System (any)  Data  Development End-RAD (J2EE. WebSphere(Web Server) KBCSS 4/6/12 . OS (Windows). AJAX). HTML. XML. Java Bean. Operating System Server-WASCE. Operating System (any) Base Server-DB2.

Software Interface KBCSS 4/6/12 .

5 GB (Includes 500 MB free space on Pentium III 450 MHZ disk)  Processor: KBCSS 4/6/12 .HARDWARE REQUIREMENT:  RAM:  Hard 512 MB (Recommended) disk: 3.

TOOLS USED:  Application  Web architecture – JAVA. J2EE tool –RAD server – WASCE platform – DB2  Development  Database  Design tool – Rational Software Modeler KBCSS 4/6/12 .

Data from previous discussions are organized as notes. A secured mechanism for accessing information based on groups. Discussion forums are enforced and posting materials/research papers are organised.FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT: • A well defined expert group and user groups are designed keeping in mind of transformation from one group to other. Statistical report generator for individual assessment of a user (student/researcher/faculty) and also for colleges to propose ratings. 4/6/12 • • • • • KBCSS . Expert division based on branches and interests.

The development of the application is achieved by using the control based construction approach. The application is developed within short time period.PROCESS MODEL  We ü have adopted rapid application development model to make our project. Control is given by JSP. Our project follows linear sequential software development model. ü ü KBCSS 4/6/12 .

Advantages of RAD • Rapid application development model is very use full for very sort time period. It advocates the use of reusable components. The following activities are being performed while developing the software. The activities are shown below. It following a modular approach for development. • • • KBCSS 4/6/12 .


KBCSS 4/6/12 .




KBCSS 4/6/12 .

can do online recruitments certification  Providing KBCSS 4/6/12 .Future Enhancement  We  We can link it with officially reputated websites .