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CADBURY CASE STUDY Group members Meena Mrudula Shamith Presented to: Prof. Saroj Joshi What’s The Case All About??? Cadbury chocolate infested with worm and fungus Unpleasant Birthday How Company Responded??? The company refused to give compensation and in its defense following points were brought to notice of the concerned authorities Company’s Stand • • • • • It is multinational company Public health institute for analysis Prevention Duty of maintain hygienic condition Bad storage Decision • The decision given at the forum in favor of the consumer Question 1. Identify ethical issues involved in the case systematic : fault in system company individual /personal Question 2. Does the manufacturer’s duty get over once the product is distributed in the market Organizational issue : Moral responsibility Ethical responsibility Question 3. What are the responsibility of consumer specified in the case Personal / individual : 1. retailer , distributor 2. licensing authority 3. consumer How Did We Do It??? •Media Coverage •New Advertisements •Consumer Restoration: EMOTIONS