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March 2010

Scope:  Birthday Celebration Preparation  Proposed  CNS LOI as the most Senior Celebrant .

.Situation:  Hqs Philippine Navy & Hqs Service Group is having its traditional Birthday Celebration every month in which the Flag Officer-In-Command as the guest.

.Mission:  Undertake necessary preparations and other related activities in order to ensure the success of this activity.

cutting of birthday cake. 2.Execution: a) Concept of operation: 1. Ledesma Building which starts usually at 1530H and to be attended by the Birthday Celebrants and all available hands from all HPN Offices with a simple program which include blowing of candle. . some entertainment and gift giving to the birthday celebrants by the Flag Officer-InCommand. This activity will be conducted in the Multi-purpose Hall in front of Gen. Food will be catered (buffet style) by PNOC Catering Service. PN.

3 Food will be catered (buffet style) by PNOC Catering Service. .1) UPR for program preparations. 1.Execution: b) Tasks: 1.2) Undertake other tasks as directed. 1. Commander. HPN & HSG: 1.

etc) 2.2) Ensure the presence of available Officers. 2.3) Undertake other tasks as directed.Execution: b) Tasks: (continued) 2. HPN Staff Offices: 2.1) Ensure availability of personnel that will perform during the Fellowship as part of the entertainment (singers. dancer. EP and CE as buffer crowd. .

S-1: 1. .3) Undertake other tasks as directed. 1. 1.2) Issue appropriate orders for the detailing of Emcee and performers during the Fellowship part. AC of S for Admin/Personnel.1) SPR for the Birthday Celebration Program.Execution: b) Staff Support and Supervision: 1.

1) Overall monitoring staff. 3. 3.2 Undertake other tasks as necessary.2) SPR for gift giving to the birthday celebrants in coordination with MFO. 3.Execution: b) Staff Support and Supervision: (continued) 2. Management and Fiscal Officer: 3.3) Undertake other tasks as directed .1) Provide the necessary fund support for this activity. S-3 2. AC of S for Operations. 2.

 Lateral coordination among tasked units/offices  Changes/addenda will be made though FRAGO.As appropriate .Uniform of the Day Civilian . d)   Attire: Military .Execution: c) Coordinating Instructions:  Effective for planning and execution upon receipt.

PN Singing of Birthday Song (Everyone) Lighting of Cake Candles by CMS Herman R Dela Peña PN(M) MCPO. PN – F1MR Manuel C Gavina Jr PN.PROGRAMME Invocation COL TIRSO A DOLINA CHS(GSC) The Naval Chief Chaplain Opening Remarks/Presentation of Birthday Celebrants COL AARON T FETALVERO PN(M)(GSC) Commander. HPN &HSG Candle lighting by the Celebrants Blowing of Candle – RADM FELICIANO A ANGUE AFP CNS. PN Remarks/Greetings VADM FERDINAND S GOLEZ AFP Flag Officer In-Command. OTNA . HPN & HSG FOIC. NSO – Ms Teresita R Hidalgo CE.

PN w/ RADM FELICIANO A ANGUE AFP. PN w/ Birthday Celebrants Cutting of Birthday Cake FOIC.PROGRAMME Birthday Toast FOIC. CNS and VICE COM) Slideshow “Then & Now” Gift Giving VADM FERDINAND S GOLEZ AFP Flag Officer In-Command . F1MR Manuel C Gavina Jr PN & Ms Teresita R Hidalgo CE Fellowship Frolics (Presentation of Hosting Officers) Pictorial (Celebrants will pose with the FOIC.

BIRTHDAY VENUE ARRANGEMENT STAGE VIPs facing towards the celebrants VIP Buffet VIPs Cake Officer’s Buffet FOIC’s Area of Movement Celebrants Audience Buffet Buffet .