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“Holographic Environments And Storage”

Bhaskara D

Mrs.Nasreen Taj M B
BE,M Tech Asst Prof,Dept of ISE

 Introduction
 History  Associated technologies  Advantages of technology  Current trends  Working  Application  Conclusion  References

Employees from New York. Paris. London.Introduction • Holographic environments are simulated environments that will allow you to interact with people that located thousands of miles away. • This technology is also called as tele-immersion. Bangalore will be able to meet in a tele-immersive environment and shake hands with holographic images of their coworkers. .

History Of Tele-immersion • Tele Immersion was first invented and developed by Jaron Lanier (often titled “father of virtual reality) • Lanier is the founder of VPN or virtual programming language. Although it only transferred graphics. . • He first developed a system called RB2 which made virtual reality travel long distances. it was able to transfer the motions of people conveying a sense of reality. • Tele-immersion takes virtual reality to the next level.


• The computer projects those images on a stereo –immersive surface. .Steps in constructing a holographic environment: • The computer recognizes the presence and movements of people and objects. • The computer tracks those images.

Associated technologies  Internet2:.  Haptic Sensors:.These will allow people to touch the projections as if they were real.This would replace the current internet infrastructure. . This new network will have a higher bandwidth and speed’s 1000 times faster than today's Internet.  Display Technologies:.These would perform the trillions of calculations needed to create a holographic environments.Stereo-immersive displays would have to present a clear view of the scenes being transmitted.  Desktop Supercomputers:.

Areas Of Use  Business meetings or conferencing  Education  Medicine  Research and Development  Even the restaurant industry .

resources.gesture .converse and see each other. . tele-presence and virtual reality teleimmersion will enable teachers to interact with 3-D models point .Advantages of the technology  Cut down on our transportation needs.  Reduction in the worldwide consumption of natural  Education field  It has a great advantage in the by combining tele- conferencing.

Virtual surgery .Medical field .

“Holographic Data Storage” .

Most computer hard drives only hold 10 to 40 GB of data.A double-sided. a small fraction of what a holographic memory system might hold. Data from more than 1. . double-layer DVD can hold 15.Holographic Memory vs Present Storage devices CDs .000 CDs could fit on a holographic memory system.can hold 783 megabytes of data DVDs. Holographic memory offers the possibility of storing 1 terabyte (TB) of data in a sugar-cube-sized crystal.9 GB of data.

How Holographic Storage Works Here are the basic components that are needed to construct an HDSS:  Blue-green argon laser  Beam splitters to spilt the laser beam  Mirrors to direct the laser beams  LCD panel (spatial light modulator)  Lenses to focus the laser beams  Lithium-niobate crystal or photopolymer  Charge-coupled device (CCD) camera .




 Virtual object simulators.Current trends  Virtual office interior -business conference. .  Remote supercomputer.

 Holographic media must satisfy • stringent criteria • high dynamic range • high photosensitivity • dimensional stability .Challenges  Development of suitable storage materials.

 The ability to pass billions or trillions of bytes of data via the internet will make “world wide wait” a thing of the past .  Consider having your entire music collection on a single disc or storing 100 movies on a small crystal.Areas Of Use The areas of application of holographic storage are endless.  Also the 3-dimensional data required to be transferred in tele-immersion would require this kind of storage.

Conclusion Holographic environment  There are many beneficial results from this technology ranging from teaching to business conferencing to medicine etc. .  Tele-immersion is a huge breakthrough in technology because it will make the entire world closer together Holographic Storage  Once released its definitely going to change the way we store and access data.  As many as 100 movies could be stored on a single disc or your entire music collection could be stored on a small crystal.

sciencentralnews.References      How holographic environments and holographic memory will work by Kevin Bonsor Website of lucent technologies (Bell Labs) by Joyce Gramza Website of NTII (National Tele-Immersion Initiative) Tele-Immersion by David Gentry .