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Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Under the Guidance of Mr.R Kiran Rao, M.Tech Asst.Professor

Presented By Srishti.P 08E31C0489 IVth Year, ECE-B

Analog Communication
Sampling Theorem Pulse Amplitude Modulation Pulse Position Modulation Pulse Width Modulation

 Pulse And Digital Circuits
High Pass Filter Low Pass Filter Attenuator Clampers

Electronic Devices And Circuits
Forces ,Fields ,Electric Potential, Intensity. PN Junction Different types of Diodes Rectifiers

Cellular And Mobile Communication
Frequency Management Set-up Channels Channel Assignment Handoff

Analog Communication Sampling Theorem “A continuous-time signal may be completely represented in finite samples and recovered back if the sampling frequency is fs> 2fm” .

Pulse Amplitude Modulation .

Demodulation of PAM .

Pulse Position Modulation .

Demodulation Of PPM .

Pulse Width Modulation Modulation OF PWM .

Demodulation Of PWM .


PWM .Comparison of PAM .PPM.

Sinusoidal Input Step Input .Pulse And Digital Circuits HIGH PASS RC CIRCUIT The circuit which attenuates low frequency signals and transmits only high frequency signals is called a high pass circuit.

Ramp Input Pulse Input Square-Wave Input .

LOW PASS RC CIRCUIT A low pass RC circuit is a circuit. Sinusoidal Input Step Voltage Input . which transmits only low frequency signals and attenuates or stops high frequency signals.

Pulse Input Square Wave Input .

ATTANUATORS A circuit which reduces the amplitude of the input signal is called as the attenuator. .

NEGATIVE DIODE CLAMPER .NON-LINEAR WAVE SHAPING “The process where by the form of a sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal signal is altered by transmitting through a non-linear network is called as non-linear wave shaping”. CLAMPER CIRCUITS Clamping is a process of introducing a dc level into a signal.

POSITIVE CLAMPER Voltage Doubler .

Electronic Devices and Circuits Charged Particles Field Intensity E The electric field intensity can be defined as the force per charge on the test charge. .

Electric Potential Due to Point Charge Electric Potential at a point P= work done in bringing a point charge from infinity to point P Force and Motion in Magnetic Field .

The PN junction Formation of Depletion Layer .

Forward Biasing of PN Junction Diode Reverse Biasing of PN Junction Diode .


Cellular and Mobile Communications Frequency Management The function of frequency management is to divide the total number of available channels into subsets which can be assigned to each cell either in a fixed fashion or dynamically. The 42 set-up channels are assigned as follows: Channels 313-333 block A Channels 334-354 block B • The number of voice channels for each system 312. one in the low band and one in the high band. • The 666 channels are divided into two groups: block A system and block B system. Numbering the channels and Grouping into subsets • The total number of channels is 666 channels. Since there are 21 set-up channels for each system . • Each block has 333 channels. A channel consists of two frequency channel bandwidths.

Voice channels One way of dividing the total voice channels into 21 sets. The assignment of certain sets of voice channels in each cell site is based on causing minimum co-channel and adjacent-channel interference. K=7. Set-up channels There are 21 set-up channels assigned each cell in a K = 4.or K = 12 frequencyreuse pattern.Channel Assignment In a fixed channel assignment there are two types of channels assigned: set up Channels and Voice Channels. .

Fixed Channel Assignment Adjacent-channel assignment Channel sharing and borrowing .

HANDOFF Handoff Initiation .

Intersystem handoff Cell site handoff scheme .

The user not knowing how to get the best reception from a portable unit (needs education).Dropped calls The definition of a dropped call is after the call is established but before it is properly terminated. The user operating the portable unit in a vehicle (misused). . The definition of “the call is established” means that the call is setup completely by the setup channel The perception of dropped call rate by the subscribers can be higher due to: 1. 3. The subscriber unit not functioning properly (needs repair). 2.