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The city of Bangalore is agog, not with scorching sun, not with frequent power cuts, not with two and four wheelers jostling for space on the overcrowded roads, but with head-hunters scouting around for MBAs. The 1990s witnessed an alarming rise in number of institutes, schools, and colleges offering management education both at the undergraduate as well as post graduate levels. There are about 90 of them offering BBM courses and 30 running MBA programmes. All these need at least 200 MBAs to be appointed as teaching faculty. Mere MBA is not enough. The candidates must have cleared NET (National Eligibility Test) or should be doctorates. All the students who join B schools are not locals. They come from the northern parts of India and some from Dhaka. Teaching in English to these boys and girls is like talking to the wall. They need to be instructed in Hindi or Urdu. MBAs who are also linguists are highly preferable.

Managements are worried. They realize that only good faculty will attract good students where to find qualified and eligible MBAs? Most join industries after graduation. Only a few come for teaching and those that venture into it in great demand. They do not want the demand to slip by. They are in one college today and are found teaching in some other institutes tomorrow. Suddenly, retired executives, ex serviceman not so successful consultant have found themselves in great demand. With brief cases in hands, these old men shuffle from college to college and are laughing all the way to the banks. On retired bank manager confessed that he is able to gross every month Rs. 18000 by teaching at half a dozen colleges. Assume that you were given the responsibility for developing a recruitment strategy for all the colleges and schools-

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a qualified person for a Job. All companies in any industry can benefit from contingency or retain professional recruiters or outsourcing the process to recruitment agencies.

The case is related with the recruitment problem in Bangalore citys b schools and colleges. As there is a large number of b schools and colleges are coming specially for BBM and MBA courses, the MBAs teaching faculty is not enough , eligible or qualified for the courses. As the most students are coming from northern region, so the colleges require good faculties to attract good students. But the MBA students are moving towards industry due to this some executives, or bankers after their retirement are gaining high by teaching in number of colleges. Thus there should be good recruitment strategy should be adopted in order to resolve this problem.

Thus, from this case it comes to know that there is a problem of booming b schools and lack of good faculties in Bangalore because most of the students who have completed their MBAs are joining industries. This thinking has put in their mind while doing their MBA because it only talks about the industry, managers so the students are thinking of that only. Make students aware that the teaching field after MBA is as good as working in an industry. Always thinking from profit point of view is not correct. When we will share our knowledge with the students our satisfaction level increases that we are doing something for the betterment of others. As there is a mind set among the MBA students that they will get huge salary after completion of their MBA. Thus salary increment is another strategy which the colleges or b schools can adopt. Different incentives and facilities to be provided to the faculties of B schools so that more candidates will be attracted towards teaching field especially in MBAs.


Promotion Transfer


Advertising PEA (Private Employment Agency) Employment Exchange Educational Institution Employee References Trade Union etc


In order to get qualified and good faculties, we can recruit through external sources. It will provide requisite type of faculty for the B schools and management colleges. Since recruitment from large market, the best selection can be made without any distinguish of caste and colours. These sources are: 1. Advertising in newspapers, T.V., professional journals, etc are the most important method of recruitment. 2. Private employment agencies, consultancies can also be used for recruiting the faculties for B schools 3. Friends and relatives of the present faculty members are also a good source from which teachers may be recruited.

While recruiting the candidates for the post of lecturer o many blocks are founded which are as follows: 1. There may be good knowledge among the candidates but they are lacking in communication skills and vice versa. There is a less expressiveness among them, they are not capable of expressing their views, ideas in front of the recruiter 2. Lack of practical knowledge or experience in teaching field or in respect to that they are not able to crack the interviews 3. The recruiter is getting less time to judge the knowledge, personality of the candidate 4. The candidates are not matching with the standard or not having those qualities or qualifications which are necessary for the post of teacher.