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Subject: Principles of Management Topic: Management Ethics & CSR


wazir (55380) Adeel Ahmed Kirmani (55510) MBA- Evening Presented to: Sir Khan Kashif Class ID: 55019

What is ethics? What is business ethics?


is the study of standards of behavior which promote human welfare and the good Business Ethics is the study of standards of business behavior which promote human welfare and the good Ethics involves learning what is right or wrong, and then doing the right thing

What is ethics about?


is about how we behave about the standards we hold ourself to Ethics is about relationship, how we treat each other, even those we dont know

Ethics is not . . . .


feelings The same as religion Just following the law Following what every body does Technology or sciencewhat can be done

Levels of ethics
How we act as an individual How we structure our organization & their work How we structure our society, our laws, our system

CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.(By Mallen Baker)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Obligation: A firms engaging in social actions
because of its obligation to meet certain economic & legal responsibilities

Classical View: The view that managements only social

responsibility is to maximize profits.

Socioeconomic View: That managements social

responsibility goes beyond making profits and includes protecting and improving societys welfare.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Responsiveness: A firms engaging in social actions in response to some popular social need.

Responsibility: A business intention beyond its

legal & economic obligations, to do the right things and act in ways that are good for society


number of environmental disaster brought a new spirit of environmentalism to individuals, groups and organizations. Increasingly managers have begun to consider the impact of their organizations on the natural environment.

Different Environmental Approaches LEGAL APPROACH


simply doing what is required legally. They obey laws, rules and regulations without legal challenges and thats the extent of their being green.



market approach respond to environmental preference of customer. Whatever customers demand in terms of environmentally friendly products will be what the organization provides



organization works to meet the environmental demands of multiple stakeholders, such as employees, suppliers or community.



looks for the ways to protect the earths natural resources. The Activist approach reflects the highest degree of environmental sensitivity.


There are three levels of moral development: Preconventional:

1. 2.

3. 4.

Sticking to rules to avoid physical punishment Following rules only when doing so is in your immediate interest Conventional: Living up to what is expected by people close to you Maintaing conventional order by fulfilling obligations to which you have agreed


There are three levels of moral development: Principled: 5. Valuing rights of others and upholding absolute value and rights regardless of the majoritys opinion 6. Following self chosen ethical principles even if they violate the law


The social responsibility of management, it is now recognized that besides taking care of the financial interest of owners, managers of business firm must also take into account the interest of various other group such as employees, consumers, the government and the community as a whole.

KPMG Global CSR Initiative

"There are many underprivileged people living in our own community who have not had the same opportunities that we have had, I see it as my responsibility to give them a helping hand."
Carlson Tong Chairman, KPMG China

KPMG Global Green Initiative

With our global goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 25 percent (from a 2007 baseline), we have completed our internal carbon emissions assessment for the calendar years 2007 to 2009

KPMG Global Green Initiative

The two KPMG ambassadors witnessed first-hand the impact of climate change on Antarctica's fragile ecosystems and wildlife and shared their experiences.

Pakistan State Oil CSR Initiative

Education: PSO has undertaken a wide range of initiatives to support several educational programs. Such initiatives include instituting gold medals, cash awards and scholarships for top students of leading professional institutes including IBA, LUMS, UET, NED University

Healthcare Community Building Women Empowerment Special Children Welfare Sports Development Relief Activities

PIA CSR Initiative

HSE Management System (Health, Safety & Environment)
Training and Education PIA Training Center PIA Model Secondary School PIA Training Center Medical Services

As part of this program, PIA conducts organization wide HSE trainings, development of HSE objectives, implementation of HSE system procedures and management reviews to assess the continual effectiveness of the HSE system. These accomplishments will make PIA a safer airline.

Social Services PIA Planetariums PIA Horticulture

Is CSR the same as Business Ethics


is clearly an overlap between csr & business

ethics Both concepts concern values, objectives and decision based on something than the pursuit of profits and socially responsible firms must act ethically The difference is that ethics concerns individual actions which can be assessed as right or wrong by reference to moral principles