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From Duckwalking a Perimeter |#

Congested Space by Diane DaCruz-DiDonato

Congested Space by Diane DaCruz-DiDonato

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Not an epiphenomenon, I don‟t want to hear you say that again, understood? Don‟t want to hear anything that might imply that this dragnet is acceptable intellectually, emotionally, pedagogically 

They call this art? I came here to see faltering players killed in the midst of their indecision, not hear random explanations by retired fat guys drunk on power and vodka.

I can taste the subatomic particles that decay in nanoseconds Heaving the bulging suitcase over the wall that then crumbles when climbed

I began to cut away my unneeded giblets and to tear up my copy of the contract.

A stylized, hypnotic performance of the data is all we ever were, right?


Note the tone of resignation in the electorate when they speak into mic, filmed on street.

(photo by Hairy Hippy)

Fill in this space with whatever occurs to you under torture

When they bark at you do they smell Buddha-nature? Stay still. Let the animal relax before it attacks you 

Yet time is of the nonessential, the rubbed-

together sticks outside the written history. This toy Iraqi is going to die in an explosion in the living room, its own fault for being so damned Iraqi, got it with a special offer inside the grandma‟s tea, chipped a little now as can be seen.

 plastic military collection | packaged toy soldier #

Plastic Afghan Action Figure

Cars speed away from black hole before they can be sucked in and those of us trapped here take one last look at each other.

The slur of my words gave me away to the security guard. In the heat of following evenings we dug deep in the basement, threw bodies in one by one, placed lime upon them, then sealed whole sick mess in cement. Ten arbutus trees – called madrone by others – define the perimeter of the compound. They can‟t just dump us where no one will find what remains, can‟t just erase us from the record completely, Can they?

nature break –

arbutus or madrone tree

You have taken all of the fun from statistical analysis with your constant harping upon the feral children of Oregon. None of this gore will satisfy the audience nor will this goon know what‟s good for it, feeding ore unceasingly into the machine that refines it into equilateral triangles.


The 2011 Progress Report: The Status of Children in Oregon, shows that Oregon has made improvements in children‟s access to health services, despite seeing an increase in child poverty.

Yet, if one‟s not mistaken, the kulaks were insufficiently suppressed.

“Let‟s annihilate the Kulaks”

It looked like random litter but it spelled out a message. Ethnic cleansing brought the state into being. A kind of perpetual rhythmic gymnastics, seeking accreditation. Yet the bottles that landed on heads were tactical, is all. Eviction served as reminder and a sort of alternative biological syntax. Better a secret drinker be than ringleader of the jamboree. Thus in the interstices of sociology was a new world formed of the overrated old.

Memory break update :
Same place, in the Catskills, in March 2012 - Congested Space by Diane DaCruzDiDonato

You will want to do good, will want to help the world be all that it can Be, an army of one big onion soup mix suddenly available through the agency of World Bank-sponsored microloans. Slim Pickens‟ ruthless climb to the middle of the characteractor heap – the bizarre codicils of his will.

“Nestled amid the sagebrush along the California side of the U.S./Mexico border is a small DIY drone airfield.”
(Jordan Crandall, Drone Desire, Rhizome News 20.02.12)

subverted by duckwalking -- the perimeter of capitalism, militarism, heroism
iRobot Predator Drone firing a Hellfire missile

Get your hands up Hector, I ain‟t foolin!

Hector‟s body‟s being carried back to Troy.

That place where when you go there they have cast you out

... Lots of people are in charge of timing actions and seeing that certain schedules are followed within a reasonable deviation, and this strikes one as desirable work. Better than actually having to perform the timed tasks, more managerial, of a second or third order of relation to the actual garbage, say

Literal détournement – a rotating billboard transformed into a merry-go-round.
(a takeover of public space)

detail, détourned „Memoires‟ by Guy Debord

détourned „Memoires‟ by Guy Debord

detail, détourned „Memoires‟ by Guy Debord

... Sat there walloping each other with the physical equivalents of analogies. I kept trying to see my ass, and so spun till dizzy. All named from anagrams of racial fighting words we‟d sprung from. More on this later, after the rupture, before the rapture

Sure, you sit there long enough, you‟ll understand everything if that‟s what you want.


“Not to care.” In one ear and out onto the village common, counting the steps it takes to arrive at the information booth. ...

A cunning series of clues planted early in the narrative and meant to imply a great catastrophe later on, if one keeps reading and pays the toll

Kevin Davies – photo by Ben Friedlander

A stylized, hypnotic performance of the data is all we ever were, right?

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