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“Social Obligation is much bigger than supporting worthy causes. It includes anything that impacts people and the quality of their lives.” - William Ford Jr. Chairman, Ford Motor Co.


4/8/12 .

Pillars of TATA’s CSR Arts Tata Trusts 4/8/12 .

women-children welfare and more. increasingly. principally in India. The community development endeavours of Tata companies cover many areas. from health and education to livelihoods. in different parts of the world.Community Initiatives The many companies of Tata are involved in a wide variety of community development projects and programmes. But also. 4/8/12 .

Community Initiatives Tata council for community initiative Tata index for sustainability Training for tomorrow Strong Bonds The power to change Making adults literate 4/8/12 .

Environment • Tata ethos places a special emphasis on environmental and ecological issues • Tata companies work on projects that include repairing green cover. maintaining local ecologies and improving long term corporate sustainability • A focus area. in this context. reducing effluents and emissions. is the climate change crisis 4/8/12 .

INITITATIVES Reaping the whirlwind Reduce. reuse and recycle Saving gentle jaws 4/8/12 .

without sacrificing merit or quality.Affirmative Action To exercise positive discrimination in employing personnel from historically disadvantaged communities and in engaging them as business partners. 4/8/12 .

Affirmative Action Initiatives • Group policy – 4 E’s 4/8/12 .

N. Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the Allied Trusts The Lady Tata Memorial Trust • • 4/8/12 .THE TATA TRUST • J.

RECENT ACTIVITIES • Learning to Learn Wealth in Water • 4/8/12 .

SPORTS Tata's commitment to helping India find a place in the sporting sun has spawned academies for different sports and support for numerous talented sports people 4/8/12 .

SPORTS INITIATIVES • Sporting Samaritan TATA roll call of Champions • 4/8/12 .

increasing awareness and determining best practices • 4/8/12 .CLIMATE CHANGE • Tata group is facing the challenge of climate change and making it integral to its processes Across the Tata group. there has been considerable progress in terms of developing abatement strategies.


and remains. research. the creation and sustaining of exceptional institutions of learning.INSTITUTIONS Tata's endeavor to strengthen the fabric of India has manifested itself in multiple ways. knowledge and intellectual capital. A crucial component of the Tata idea of nation building was. 4/8/12 .

Institutions Initiatives • TATA INSTITIUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE (Shaping a society with social purpose) TATA MEMORIAL CENTRE (More than a hospital) 4/8/12 • .

ARTS Art historian Priya Maholay Jaradi chronicles the rubric of Tata patronage that has enriched the tapestry of Indian culture. 4/8/12 .

ARTS INITIATIVES • A Homage to Heritage National Centre Performing Arts • 4/8/12 .

RECOMMENDATIONS 5 point approach : ABCDE 4/8/12 .

com www.BIBLIOGRAPHY • • • • • • • • 4/8/12 Tata Sustainability Report 2011 Markathon Report October 2011 Harvard Business Review www.

then this is going to be written about. we can make a tipping point out of it. 4/8/12 Tex Gunning . So I an very optimistic that if a few businesses can set an example here . Because nothing is transferred than a success story in business. studied and publicized.“If a few of us can prove that it makes good business sense not just to be socially responsible but to make serious social mission intrinsic to one’s business.

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